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[ENG/JPN] 세련미 뿜뿜! 분위기 가득 로즈 글로우 메이크업🌹 ROSE MAKEUP | 재유JEYU

[ENG/JPN] 세련미 뿜뿜! 분위기 가득 로즈 글로우 메이크업🌹 ROSE MAKEUP | 재유JEYU

[This video contains paid advertisement from Yves Saint Laurent] Hello everyone, it’s JEYU! [The weather has become so cold all of a sudden.. tears..] It feels like fall just flew by in a breeze and winter is already here.

. I’ve prepared a glowy, luxurious rose makeup that shows off the original glow from the skin that’s perfect for this late fall, early winter season 🙂 Shall we go see right away? [I did moisturizing skincare as I do usually!] [#Yves Saint Laurent Beauty #yslbeauty BLANC PUR COUTURE UV PROTECTION (73,000) *Provided for free] [I’m going to use Yves Saint Laurent’s glowy sun base to put on some moisturizing base!] [It’s a glowy base that is moisturizing and applies well] [Goes well with the cushion!] [I like it because it’s not too greasy looking :)] [Put it on like this] [#Yves Saint Laurent Beauty #yslbeauty LE CUSHION ENCRE DE PEAU 20 (89,000) *Paid advertisement] [This cushion was the cushion that I showed you in my ‘what’s in my bag video,’ telling you guys that I use it as a daily cushion!] [It’s Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s LE CUSHION ENCRE DE PEAU!] [The name is so difficult.

.] [You all know this cushion because it’s so~ famous already, right?] [The case is.. so pretty.. beyond this world..] [Such a luxurious and pretty case with its signature design chevron pattern + gold logo!] [I think this is the prettiest cushion case I’ve seen so far.

.] Even if the case is really pretty and it’s a luxurious brand, if the content isn’t so great then its hype doesn’t last too long. But the quality of this cushion is as great as its case so that is why I am using it for this makeup 🙂 I’ll put it on the back of my hand and show you guys! It goes on very thin and light, almost as if you haven’t put any on.

[At the same time, it’s not too glowy to the point it’s burdensome, nor is it too matte!] [It’s a cushion that enhances the original glow of your skin!] [It’s a product that made me understand why it’s famous when I tested it] [I’m using the shade number 20!] [The color isn’t too yellow or red so it’s pretty to use for both warm and cool tone people!] [Do you see how nice and light it goes on my skin, enhancing the texture?] [It has a moisturizing oil so it has moisture when you apply,] [and I wouldn’t have liked it if it was a product with just oil (I have oily skin)] [but this one has a fine neo powder so it’s moist but not too oily] [and expresses the skin as a subtle shimmer!] [I think it’ll be really nice to use daily, for a fancy-but-not vibe :)] [It makes your skin luxurious as if you haven’t put in too much effort!] [It’s like this when you apply a single layer!] [The coverage is pretty good too!] [I like it because it doesn’t apply very thick] [There’s a reason why it’s famous.

.] [I’m going to apply the 2nd layer to the parts that are not covered fully!] [It’s like this when you apply two layers!] [Normally, when there is a powder formula even if it’s very fine,] [it could seem blotchy if you apply two layers] [But maybe it’s because this cushion has an oil ingredient, it didn’t make my skin blotchy even when I reapplied it, so it was very nice for correction makeup too!!] [#The SAEM Studio Concealer 1.

5 Natural Beige (14,000) *Provided for free] [Next, I’m going to use a little bit of concealer on the parts that need more coverage!] [The cushion covered almost everything, so there was not much to cover!] [Finished with the concealer too!] [This video contains paid advertisement from Yves Saint Laurent] I’m not going to put powder on today because this shimmer is really pretty.

I’m going to use a thin brow pencil to fill in the empty spaces and focus on the edge! [#Peripera Speedy Skinny Brow 03 Natural Brown (5,500) *Provided for free] [I got a brow perm recently so the shape of my eyebrow is great.

I’m so happy..] [I don’t need to draw the front part of my eyebrows!] [Wow.. I drew it so nicely..] [The front part of my eyebrows is up because of the perm, but I’m going to brush it again!] [As I always say, don’t draw the upper line of the eyebrows but draw it in from the bottom as if you’re filling the bottom part :)] [How nice would it be if I could draw like this everyday.

.] [JEYU (26 / YouTuber happy because she drew her eyebrows well)] [#Peripera Speedy Skinny Brow 03 Natural Brown (5,500) *Provided for free] [Use the same brow pencil to draw the aegyo sal] [#CODE GLOKOLOR L.

Mono Browcara Grey Brown (9,000) *Provided for free] I’m going to use a little bit of browcara too! [Saying my eyebrows look great for the Five trillion five hundred millionth time] [Slightly.. like the actresses.

. (only the eyebrows)] [#A.BLACK Glam Change Multi Palette 02 Rich Rose (30,000) *Provided for free] The eyeshadow is from A.BLACK palette #2, Rich Rose! [I’m going to mix the two colors on the very top row without any glitter for the base over the eyelids!] Apply the base of the contour widely.

It is very pigmented so you can only apply a little bit. Use the amount that’s left in the brush to connect it to the outer v too. I’m going to use the brick brown color to put it on the crease as a key point!] I really like this style.

. I’m going to put this color on with my hands! Apply the amount left over to the outer v too! [Eye makeup is going so well today..] I’m going to use a deep brown color to make a darker key point! Use the shiny pearl for the center of your eyelids! We’re going for a luxurious style today so just put a small amount so that it doesn’t become too thick.

[It’s so pretty, right..?] [The vaseline shimmer is so nice every time I blink..] I’m going to use an unexpected(?) color for the aegyo sal. It looks like a really dark red, but it’s actually clear, jelly glitter! It’s not too dark but it’s actually closer to a pure mood so I’m going to put it right on my aegyo sal! [#MAKEUP FOREVER Aqua Resist Color Pencil 2 Ebony (30,000) *Provided for free] [I’m going to skip curling my eyelashes because I already have a perm! Fill in the waterline with a dark brown pencil liner] Just draw a tiny cat eye! Make it natural, like this! [#A.

BLACK Glam Change Multi Palette 02 Rich Rose (30,000) *Provided for free] I’m going to use the darkest color that I used as a deep key point to smudge the eyeliner! [The key is to use color, but not to the point it becomes too much!] [#CODE GLOKOLOR Superlasting Brushliner Brown (13,000) *Provided for free] Use the brown brush liner to draw a very thin cat eye! Draw a dot too.

I would’ve made the cat eye longer if this was a regular occasion, but I’ll skip for today.. [Obsessing over being sophisticated] [#CLIO Superproof Killlash mascara 01 Long Curling (18,000) *Provided for free] I’m going to use this CLIO mascara that I use all the time to put it up nice and thin! Use only about this much mascara! [If you put on too much mascara, it could break the balance so make it natural!] [#Innisfree Buy It This Month Vintage Edition Vintage Filter Blusher Palette (16,000) / #A.

BLACK Glam Change Multi Palette 02 Rich Rose (30,000) *Provided for free] For the blush, mix the color in the middle of Innisfree’s buy it this month and the eye shadow that we’ve used as the base earlier! Make it light~ [Isn’t the color so shimmery and pretty?] [This video contains paid advertisement from Yves Saint Laurent] [This makeup is great for any occasion, for blind dates, business meetings, wedding guests, etc.

] [500% satisfied with today’s makeup] [Touch up the parts that seem a little too pigmented after you put blush on with the cushion, and that’s it! [#Glint Highlighter 01 Dewy Moon (22,000) *Provided for free] [For the highlighter, I’m going to use one that I really use everyday, Glint.

.] [It’s so pretty..] [The highlighter is the bomb] There are days when your makeup seems nicer than usual, right.. These days are quite rare.. Skipping the highlighter for the inner corner of the eyes, to keep away from the I-put-on-makeup-today! feel 🙂 [#Etude House Graduation Contour Wheel #1 Natural Contouring (14,000) *Provided for free] Contour your nose slightly, so it doesn’t become too thick and just shapes your nose.

[Always doing my best for jaw contouring..] Tone down the lip color to about this color [#Yves Saint Laurent Beauty #yslbeauty Illicit Nude Waterstain #203 (46,000) *Paid advertisement] I’m going to use Yves Saint Laurent’s new water tint to make my lips look watery and rosy! This tint is so famous too, along with the cushion.

. Everyone seems to have this tint when I look in my friends’ pouches. They’ve released a limited edition to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of water stain 🙂 In my previous makeup video where I only used expensive products, I fell in love with ‘No Taboo Chili’ and this is #203 in the same line! It’s a beautiful nude pink, a rose color that suits both warm and cool tones! It’s a sophisticated color.

[My lips were not in great condition when I was filming this, but it’s a watery tint so my lips looked firm and pretty!] The color is so pretty.. Wow.. Everyone has to try this color.. #203.. so pretty.

. Its greatest advantage is that it applies firmly but it isn’t sticky like lip gloss! I prefer matte lips but I find myself using this product a lot. [I loved this makeup overall..] This completes today’s makeup! I’ll style my hair and be right back 🙂 Ta-da! I’m done with my luxurious, sophisticated makeup! I recommend this to subscribers when you have an important schedule and need to make your face look moisturized and give off the vibe that you are well-off(?).

Let’s meet again in the next video 🙂 See you. [This video contains paid advertisement from Yves Saint Laurent] [JEYU]


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