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[ENG/JPN] 일상같은 할로윈 메이크업! 마스카라와 새도우만으로도 쉽게 분위기 변신가능한 Happy Halloween Makeup! TOP3 쌤들이 알려주는 EASY 메이크업!

[ENG/JPN] 일상같은 할로윈 메이크업! 마스카라와 새도우만으로도 쉽게 분위기 변신가능한 Happy Halloween Makeup! TOP3 쌤들이 알려주는 EASY 메이크업!

‘Shu’-hi, ‘Shurins.’ [What’s this unexpected concept..] Why a sudden concept? – Halloween concept! – It’s a Halloween concept, huh? I was surprised. [Happy Halloween Shurins~] [Gloomy about Halloween because of COVID-19] Actually, it’s hard to try things because of the situation.

It used to be really fun, have you tried dressing up? [Who do you think I am?] Sure. What have you tried? [For some reason] I think there would be tons of things. I’ve done princess Fiona before.. [Looks like Fiona even when doing nothing.

.] Awesome! [Even Power Rangers?] Power Rangers with me as the main.. [What?] [No way.. Power Rangers is too much] – Power Rangers? – Wearing a tight suit [Holding back much to say, lot’s of new tries.

.] even with a helmet on. [So prepared in celebration of Halloween!] So, I’ve prepared for today. [Very welcome] Yes. Open it. [Hands become busy opening present] – Tonymoly is a brand I love so much. – Right.

[Agreed / Street brand with the hottest items] There are several hot items here. [Jungyo is so for Tonymoly] This year, Tonymoly has prepared 3 kinds of Halloween edition sets. Blonde Hero, Black Hero, and Halloween Pumpkin sets.

[#SwellingCare #Vitality #Toning / Includes pumpkin extracts full of fiber and beta-carotene that makes the skin tight and toned in texture to soothe swelling] The Pumpkin Juice Half Cream is supposed to help soothe swelling.

[Pumpkin Juice Half Cream (\18,000)] – So cute! – Oh, it’s so cute. [Blonde Hero Set – The Shocking Foundationless Tone-up Cream, Back Gel Eyeliner, The Shocking Cara, Crystal Blusher, Lip Market Matte Tint, Double Cover Daily Puff] [Plentiful composition including daily puff] [Including favorite mascara, “The Shocking Cara”!] – Huh? This is the mascara that the chief uses.

– It’s a mascara that I actually use well. [The Shocking Cara (\14,800) 03 Milligram Volume] For this, it has a brush that thinly and neatly, without clustering, gets applied. So it’s a product that I use well daily.

[Tonymoly’s steady-seller Back Gel Eyeliner!] This is a popular product, eyeliner brown. Contour! [Crystal Blusher 07 Bronzing Brown (\6,200) – Soft color that naturally melts into skin tone / Its powdery texture even perfectly covers cool-toned skin with day-long lasting contour] [Tonymoly’s essence all-in-one] I think they’ve composed the set with just the popular items.

That’s why it’s named hero. [Awesome naming sense~] But chief, when do we do the demonstration? Now. [Hurry because we can’t wait] Let’s do it now. I’m going to express a feeling that goes along with Halloween.

What are the characteristics of Halloween makeup? [Like Halloween makeup should be] To express a bold Halloween feeling [Perfect Eyes Mood Eye Palette (\22,800) 02 Burgundy Mood] a bold color shade for the first color [Cover the whole eye with the color Deadstar] Tonymoly Perfect Eyes Mood Eye Palette Burgundy Mood.

[Bullseye for women’s tastes] The color is pretty! [Bolder, broader touch than usual] Exaggerate more than usual, the area at the end also broader than usual. Some redness like that looks pretty in Halloween makeup.

The color applied as the main is really pretty. Right? [Also good as a point color for daily makeup] I thought it would be hard to use daily, but It could be okay if applied on smaller area.. [How are the pigmentation and colors like so?] [Even the spreadability is superior] And it spreads out better than expected.

A little more up, Cheek Tone Mood On Blusher. With the G02 Sweet On color, [Smudge eyeshadow line with blush] all the way to the eye hole. There’s more pearly shine that if you put it on it gives a glowing, slightly glossy look like this.

[Traffic Jam(Purple) & Do Anything(Brown) MIX] And by mixing purple and brown colors [Cover double-lid lines with the mixed color] [Emphasizes eye tail line part] Do it like this towards the back to make it a point.

Some gold tone in the middle. [Point for the center with the My Luck color] [Eye liner is Tonymoly’s star item] This is very well known. [Back Gel Eyeliner 02 Gel Brown(\8,500)] [Back Gel Eyeliner 02 Gel Brown – Known for its use in natural makeup, brown smoky makeup / Steady-seller gel eyeliner that’s soft but has strong waterproof function] By drawing out the front tail I’ll connect the line with the eye’s upfront under, as well.

All the way to the end of the under, to the triangle zone with this gel liner. Leaving the center empty a bit [However, except the center of the under] [What is this speed] You do makeup really quickly.

[Be careful, it may be over in a blink] [Eye makeup finished in a sec] Have the under done first like this [So curious] Could you look at us one moment? [Ta-da!] [Halloween vibes~] [Not over yet!] Next [Apply on the end of the under line with Traffic Jam] Gradation with this purple color first [Dead Star & Microcut MIX] And with a small brush, mix with the beige color with strong pearls I’ve used awhile ago, [Locate the mixed color on the under’s center] to go on the under.

The shadow’s composition and combination are really good. [Any combination possible with just one palette] – It’s so good. – Yes, it has colors that go well together.. Just used a couple of that shade, but it softly.

. And, the purple shade and reddish brown mixed are harmonious with a more mysterious feel. Hmm~ Pretty. After that, with the deepest color [Eye tail gradation with Map Your Head] I’ll do some mini line gradation.

[The brush did everything~] [It was the hand not the tool that did everything~] Perhaps it’s because I’m holding it, huh? [Let’s just say it is~] I’m going to do mascara now [The Shocking Cara -1 Extreme Volume] – This has long volume durability.

– It lasts 24 hours. [A volume powder larger in size than normal volume powder combined with bamboo stem powder to express full mega-volume] It has the best volume among the mascara here, as you can see the brush is slightly curved in a cone shape [Clinical trial for the 24-hour curling endurance approved] You know those things, when you use a mascara [Many cases of sagging after using mascara due to gravity] Some of them make all the curling just sag.

[Focused on the Tonymoly products no matter what he’s saying] But this one on the other hand [Only one working hard as always / A product that complements curled eyelashes] helps the curling made by a curler lift even higher.

[A mega curling brush that gets thinner towards the end] What I especially like about this brush is that the shape itself is bent in the shape of a cone [Can handle both top and bottom lashes] and using the thin bit at the end makes it easier to apply on the bottom lashes.

So I think it’s a good mascara. But I would like to recommend this for those who like doing intense makeup, and they like to focus on the eyelashes [A mascara with rich volume and long-lasting effects] I recommend this.

And it’s really black. Oh look at the volume. [The rich volume is noticeable] This is really nice. [The Super Star Makeup Artists TOP3 are all over the mascara] Wow look at this, can you look over there? Do you see the volume? [Can you see the rich volume?] But it doesn’t fall down, with this much of curling.

[The Shocking Cara 03 Miligram Volume – feels light with no clumping and brings up clean volume / perfectly waterproof made with the smart proof #feather volume] And this one’s #3 Miligram volume, and the brush is quite thin.

[Perfect for some volume on the bottom lashes] So I thought it would be good for the bottom lashes If you don’t like too much volume, [People might think these are lash extensions~] but you like clear makeup, then this might be good for you.

[The volume doesn’t make it look like they are natural lashes] The volume is no joke, it looks like extensions. [Dedicated to sell the Tonymoly mascaras] – You’ve taken off all the fake lashes, haven’t you? – Yeah.

I like this. [The power mascara holding the lashes together] It really brings them all together, and just holds them in place. You know this liner is just a brush like this. [Back Gel High Tech Flat Liner 01 Black – The flexible flat brush quickly draws neat lines / Using the gel ink tank way to constantly apply the ink] If you look at it closely [The high tech dual brush allows even beginners to control thickness easily depending on the eye shape] can you see it’s little flattened like those brushes that we use? – It’s flat like this – Oh it is, huh? Details! That would be nice to draw a straight line.

So the brush isn’t round but it’s rather flat which makes it so much easier to draw straight lines [What about the next step, blusher?] The eyes are done, next is the blusher [Little blusher near the eyes like the tipsy makeup] So that you look a little tipsy.

. [If you don’t have much fat under the eyes, using a blusher can conceal dark circles, which makes you look more lively] [This Halloween makeup is getting more vivid] – It’s good to conceal the dark circles – It brightens it up.

Oh that’s pretty, the cheekbones are glowing. [07 Bronzing Brown / Natural contouring using the Crystal Blusher] And continue the contouring with the blusher. [Dries quickly and lasts long as the initial color / Stays very tight and highly pigmented matte finisher tint] Using the Tonymoly Lip Market Matte Tint 09 Autumn Persimmon Starting from the inner parts.

I wonder what the color is like. [The vivid effect by adding vitality to the autumn vibe] – That’s so pretty. – Right, so the pumpkin Halloween makeup is done. [Name given – successfully turned into a sexy vampire] It’s great, looks really good on you.

[‘HALLOWEEN LIVE with HERO’ event – venue: Lotte World tower World Park Lawn Plaza / A Lotte World Tower Halloween day event with HERO selling the Halloween limited edition along with a Halloween Makeup live show] Tonymoly is holding an event for 3 days from the 30th of October to the 1st of November at the Lotte Tower, so I hope you show your interests.

Manager Jungyo and I will take the 31st of October and the 1st of November each to do a beauty class and I ask for you attention and interests. Don’t forget to subscribe, give this video a thumbs up, and turn on the notifications for the channel.

Bye everyone~


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