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[Eng sub] aespa 에스파 ‘Black Mamba’ WINTER MakeUp + 붙임머리까지 했어요🙋🏼‍♀️ㅣ다람쥐생활

[Eng sub] aespa 에스파 ‘Black Mamba’ WINTER MakeUp + 붙임머리까지 했어요🙋🏼‍♀️ㅣ다람쥐생활

[Yoning CheongDam / I received free sponsorship of hair dye from Yoning Mr. Kiu & hair extension from CTRL+V] [I finally bleached my roots] [It’s so refreshing since my roots are clean!!] [After removing the hair extensions, I dyed my hair in blue gradation (Ash color dying completed)] [Team Kiu, thank you (I’ll wash well with Anaze silver gray color toning shampoo)] [Mr.

Kiu is busy in the back] [Excited] [Calm look] [CTRL+V CheongDam] Hello~ Today I [Visited the day after dyeing] did a new hair dye [For Winter cover makeup] to get the hair extension again Thank you for your hard work~ Ah, it’s so pretty, really – Really – I will take a lot of pictures Okay [A round of applause] The pink hair was also pretty But this new hair is the prettiest~ New things are the best [Nod nod] [Great CTRL+V] Ms.

Bora, Mr. Seongyu, [Even though she’s not here] Ms. Seonju Thank you~ Complete~ Ta-da! [Thanks to Mr. Kiu for pretty hair dye and to CTRL+V teachers for pretty extensions!] I’m done with the hair extensions But every time I do my hair, I feel too.

. [What’s wrong with her?] [Change of mood] It’s so pretty, really I dyed my hair to match the color This is my hair and this part is hair extensions I wore blue today, so I took it off to show you the color [Haha] One two three [Clap] [This video includes products received as gifts from the brand] Hello, this is Bidan Today, I’m going to do the cover makeup of Aespa’s Winter, which I got a lot of requests So I changed my hairstyle as well Thank you for making me look pretty I refreshed myself, so let’s start right away Let’s start from the base Today, I’m going to use THESAEM’s True Fit Fixer Cushion Oat color I’ll make a clean skin Pat it like tap tap tap tap Oh It already looks bright I will do a bright base makeup This product has a soft finish I will brighten the dark parts with Benefit’s Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer 1 There are some shades Like the chin, below the cheek, and below the eyes You can think of it as brightening the curved area It’s a touch to have a uniform skin tone Tap it naturally Pat it gently Okay, then [Blooming Edition Skin Paradise Soft Focus Shine Control Powder] Use Dear Dahlia’s control powder to fix Only apply a little bit Let’s move on to shading With Too Cool For School’s Artclass By Rodin Shading, define the contour of the face I think it will be okay to apply it strong I’m going to put it darker than usual Do the shading on the edges except for the cheeks I feel like drawing Define the bridge of the nose, and make the end of the nose look round Round~ Stop once in the middle, and I made it look like this I’ll do the eye makeup after drawing the eyebrows I will draw it with Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil 2 She has straight brows than me So I trimmed my eyebrows I will draw them like this I will define the shape with concealer Even though it doesn’t look like a big change.

. it changes the impression Depending on the thickness of eyebrows Something like this [Magenta color] And I will brush the eyebrows with Benefit’s 3D BROWtones 2 I’m going to make the texture better Do the eyebrows like this Now, let’s move on to eye makeup [Eyeshadow Primer Potion] I will put on Urban Decay’s eye primer Take some out I will use LAKA’s Just Eye Palette Tangerine color First, I will put the base with this color Spread it wide on eyes And even reach the under eyes Apply it very widely It may look like dark circles, but you have to apply like this And apply the base again with this color Put it on top Be bold~ And I will use this color to fill in the outer corner eye And then I need a gold shadow [Urban Decay] I will use Naked Honey Palette, using this honey color and gold color to apply on my eyes I learned that this applies the best with hands Cover it on top You need to cover it with layers to apply a lot Add gold enough to make you wonder whether it is too much I’ll smudge it And fill in the corner with this drip color [What’s wrong with her] I want to make a joke Apply it on the ends of the eyes I made the front part look more open as well And for the under eye, I will apply Espoir’s Eyeshadow Sequin Wonder Wink color Apply like this, and I will draw the tail of the eye with WAKEMAKE’s Any-Proof Pen Eyeliner Black I’m going to draw it near the waterline for the front And towards the tail, move it slightly upwards I noticed that the ends look sharp [Y-CHU Eyelash 217 Clear Line] I will attach eyelashes like this Like slightly raised lashes If you do that, it gets attached upwards like this Now I’m going to apply mascara here I will use Maybelline Colossal Waterproof Mascara Apply mascara thoroughly Apply it under your eyes as well Put layers to mascara [Cheek Bouquet Palette Sprinkle] I think I should use this color from AMUSE I think she applied blusher in the center Like this~ I will apply highlighter It’s Innisfree’s Jeju Color Picker Saebyeol Multi Highlighter Night Sky On the forehead, bridge of the nose, end of the nose, round and round, end of the chin, and the cheekbone [EGLIPS Super Slim Auto Long Eyeliner] I will cover the spot as well Like this, and I will color the lips now With Benefit Boi-ing concealer, I will clear up the lip line Let me adjust the size a little Using MAC’s Powder Kiss Lipstick My Tweedy, I will color the base in a nude-toned color Fill the inside with WAKEMAKE’s Rouge Gun Zero Air 03 Air Sunset Break color Kind of like this Tap it to apply to make a gradation And slightly spread the upper lip line Like this Ta-da, do it like this The lens I’m going to put on today is OLens’s Jenith Gold 3Con Blue Winter was wearing blue lenses This is it for Winter of Aespa’s makeup How do I look? I’m embarrassed I tried my best on the makeup Thank you for watching today’s video Special you, have a special day today Bye~! [Not capable of dancing] I don’t think I can do this! [Still trying hard] [but fails] [Embarrassing gesture in the air] [Ending pose.

.] [Eyes shaking] [Please subscribe to culture, literature, history, and emotional stories of Park Bidan Goldong Literature Center Channel!]


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