first, I use Laneige Water Glow Base Corrector Green this product suits for reddish skin but this product works well on my skin so, I often use this primer to even my skintone and brighten up my face this primer is suitable for all skin type next, I use this cushion, Klavuu Marine Collagen, best and favorite cushion of mine high coverage yet still natural, its tone is not grey, and moreover flawless result this is super long lasting and has quite good oil control, you should try I usually skip concealer as my face looks puffy and I have clearly-seen dark circle so, I cover it with Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer, apply only to extra coverage area for my skin, I skip powder to create a bit glowy look go on to eyebrows, I really want to have my eyebrow embroidered, i look pale without eyebrows and I use benefit kabrow to fill in the empty space afterwards, I use mascara that has dried to eyebrows to make the eyebrow look feathery next, curl my eyelashes and apply mascara, so that my eyes are on point and less puffy pardon me, this is recorded in the morning, that’s why my face so puffy after that, use my favorite fake lashes i lost the box but I looked up on the internet, the brand is niche bloomin’ pretty fake lashes I don’t remember how many times I use this already, but it’s still really good and wearable next, I apply eyeshadow, I choose shimmery red one on my eyelids with finger blend till the shape is round and quite even anyway, after blended, I realize that the color of this eye shadow is splitted into two the front one is a bit pink, but the edge one is a bit brown, interesting then, I take matte maroon and put on eyelid to create the deeper double eyelid next, I just need to fill in the empty space in between the fake and real lashes with eyeliner to make them look better last, I just need to apply the maroon shadow to my lower lash line apply to one third of eye as to make your eyes rounder I also like to apply shimmery cream eyeshadow to my inner eye corner as to make the effect of dolly and brightened up eyes last, I will shade my face by applying it from the cheek, don’t be too bold heavy contour does not work on me in real life, it doesn’t look fresh, a bit older than the real age, and fierce, so I prefer the natural one but, not every person is same, some might suit the heavy contour, so please fit in to your own face for nose, I apply the softer shade to make it look natural next, blush on from maybelline fit me, moderate pink with shimmer this blush on is my favorite product lately, as this makes my skin look fresh then, I apply highlighter to apex and cheekbone and brow bone just apply a little I don’t like using highlighter as in real life, my skin can look glossy and greasy as Indonesia’s weather is hot, just apply a little my lips is a bit dry now, so I will use lipbalm then, remove the lipbalm last, I choose brick red color for lipstick from 3ce really like the color, the texture is matte but not drying then, I blend the lips line to make it natural cover the lips with red lipstick in the middle of the lips I like to mix my lips color as I look good with ombre lips so guys, this is the everyday cherry makeup a bit different for the result with the prior look I create but I still hope you guys enjoy this makeup tutorial thank you so much for watching! and see you on my next video bye!


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