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hello and welcome to my channel so it’s  been a while and i felt like getting cute   so i decided to create this everyday ultra glam  makeup look focusing on the soft matte skin   velvet red lips bold winged liner and  lashes so let’s just jump right into it   so getting into primer which is a crucial step  to getting any makeup routine to last i’m going   to be using my baby skin instance or eraser  primer from maybelline and this primer really   lives up to all the claims my skin feels ultra  smooth and you can literally see it blurring out   my pores it’s crazy and hella cheap and it is  one of my all-time favorite drugstore primers so   recently i’ve started to experiment with setting  my primer with a translucent setting powder and   so far it works great although i have dry skin  it doesn’t make my foundation feel or look cakey   at all using the powder in my brows enables  my brow product to stick really really well   using a brow spoolie i’m going  to just brush out any excess   setting powder that’s sitting on my  brows right before i fill my brows in   very lightly with hair like strokes filling in  all the sparse areas for this look i opted for   a strong straight but natural looking brow and  i feel like that works really great for my face and going back and forth with my spoolie to  really disperse that brow product through my brows i’ll be using the got to be gel to  train my brows in an upwards direction and then pattern them down with  my finger once this dries down   your brows are not moving for the rest of the day so i’m going to clean up the bottom of my brow   i nearly said the butter of my brow but  i’m going to be cleaning up underneath   my brows using the too faced bone this  way concealer and the shade chestnut and for the top part of my brows i’m going  to be using my milani conceal perfect   foundation in the shade number 14.

please ignore my dirty brush i  just finished filming a video   and it’s my evita joseph multi buffer brush using  that to blend out the concealer really really well   20 21 no halo brows so i’m just going to  repeat the same process on my other brow   next i’m going to prime my lids using the same  too faced bone this way concealer to create   an even base for every single product  we’re going to be applying on our lid the next step is to set the concealer to prevent  it from moving or transferring i’m really looking   forward to trying a whole lot of new makeup  releases this year so comment down below suggest   some new makeup products that you would like  me to try out especially here on the channel   so leave your product suggestions in the comment  section down below so i could also check them out i’m going to be using the fluffy blending brush  that looks like this picking a little product at   a time tapping off the excess starting from the  inner corners of my eyes right above my eyelids   and a little above my crease also dragging that  color outwards shading in circular motions i’m   just going to pack that color and i feel  like that works really great for my face the nyx matte black liquid liner helps to  make drawing a winged liner so easy i want   my eyeliner to look as sharp and as feline as  possible and to create that i’m drawing a line   on both sides of my eye and connecting them in  an upward direction and i like to use the tail   end of my brows as a guide to see how far i want  my eyeliner to go once i’m satisfied with the   size of the winged liner i’m going to draw short  strokes exactly at the outer corners of my eyes   while trying to keep the liner as thin as possible  so if you’re in the market for a new liquid a   liner that doesn’t crack this liner is good it’s  not expensive it’s not hard to use it’s good i’ll be picking this matte  black color from my lancome   travel kit with an angled brush from evita  joseph and i’m going to be using that shade   to set the liner that we just applied and  also filling in any gaps that i see fit   and before i go in with my lashes i’m going  to apply my mascara and today the mascara i’m   going to be using is the mascara i use every day  which is the maybelline big shot colossal mascara   starting from the bottom of my lashes i’m  going to comb that product through my lashes so moving on to the skin my favorite part to  amp it up i’m going to go in with my foundation   and today i’ll be using my fenty beauty  pro filter foundation in the shade 450.

   i’m literally running out of this stuff  that’s just how much i love this foundation   and i’m going to be applying it using my evita  joseph foundation brush but you can use a blending   sponge or a kabuki brush if that’s what makes  you feel comfortable just evenly distributing   the product all over my face and i’m going  to bring the excess foundation down my neck so for concealer i’m using the too faced  bone this way concealer in the shade mahogany   only in the center of my face and then  i’m going to go in with chestnuts on   the outer parts to make my highlighter look  to brighten up my highlighter a little more   and also down the bridge of my  nose my chin and my forehead area for contour i’ll be grabbing my black opal  stick foundation in the shade black walnut   and i’ll be applying my contour on my  cheekbones using my hairline as a guide   i’m also going to be placing a little on my five  head we’re trying to get it down to a forehead so using a small brush and spending a little  more time to chisel out your nose contour is   really really great especially if you’re having  issues getting your nose contour to be really   to be straight that’s why i’m  using a small eyeshadow brush so mini story time i’m really thinking of creating  a complete back to basics makeup beginner series   on this channel where i’m going to be talking  about all the makeup terms you must have heard and   you don’t really understand such as baking setting  reverse contour you know those kind of things   because it looks like i’m just moving forward  thinking that everybody already knows what i’m   doing but usually some people especially if you’re  a beginner you have absolutely no idea where to   start from or where to end so i want that i want  that to be like your one-stop shop information   hub when you’re starting off makeup just let  me know what you guys think hit me up in the   comment section or maybe on social media let me  know what you think i reply to my dms too if you   feel more comfortable messaging me or talking to  me on there i do reply to my dms a lot digression   aside i’m going to be setting my face using my  mac prep and prime setting spray this stuff is   the go especially if you’re planning to have a  long night out do you see these lashes though i just graduated to make a phd with these 25 mm  lashes guys these are big so i got this pair of   lashes recently of a valley express a complete  waste of my hard-earned money if you ask me   though but nobody asked so but they do look  quite cute but they’re not very comfortable   honestly i’m not gonna lie they’re not comfortable  now leave the link to these lashes and all the   other products that i’ve used in my description  box so if you’re interested in checking out any   of the products that i’ve used is going to  be linked down below in my description box   for my lower lashes i’m going to be using  my maybelline push-up angel mascara because   it has this comb and it’s really able  to grip my non-existent lower lashes so to complete the whole feline look i  went in again with my nyx liquid liner   to to extend the liner into the inner  corners of my eyes using short strokes so i’m outlining my lips and slightly over  drawing them using my davis brow pencil if   you know you know i love this brow pencil and  it’s only dark brown lip liner that i always   use i really do love how the whole look came  together oh my god i’m already feeling myself   and i don’t even have any highlighter on  all the brown tones the skin the turban   so good i thought of just going in with a gloss  and then throwing in the towel but but i’m going   to take this look one step forward with my fenty  beauty liquid lipstick in the shade stunner the packaging the formula of this liquid  lipstick how it glides onto your skin the overall   color pay off guys this is the red lipstick  for you no matter your skin tone it has a   blue undertone which makes it perfect for every  skin tone it doesn’t transfer it doesn’t crack   and it does not make you regret putting on  a liquid lipstick this liquid lipstick is   comfortable because it’s not going to come  off it’s not going to transfer or anything   but i genuinely do love how this whole look turned  out it’s exactly what i envisioned in my head so   go ahead and hit the subscribe button  if you’d like to join my little online   family and turn on your post notifications  so you never ever miss another video from me   so thank you guys so so much for watching this  video up to this point also give this video a big   thumbs up if you found it helpful in absolutely  any way all the techniques everything i’ve   showed you in this video give this video a thumbs  up so that other people can get to see my videos   here on youtube so i’m definitely going to catch  you in my next video next week but until then bye i think your button-down sweater is kind of gnarly  now you used to taper down the fade with this i   like it better those guys are true religion hardly  faithful harley down no time for storming out i’ll   contradict the weather this is soothing love i  want this [ __ ] forever forever this is groovy   yeah i want this [ __ ] forever i find it better  when the both of us together this is food and love   i want this [ __ ] forever forever me i like it  better when you’re different hard to say resist


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