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Everyday Makeup Tutorial for Deep Skin | COVERGIRL

Everyday Makeup Tutorial for Deep Skin | COVERGIRL

Hi dolls, this is Nyayan Koung and I’m so excited to be collaborating with COVERGIRL today to teach you how to get the perfect shade match using the COVERGIRL’s TruBlend Matte Made Foundation. So, if you want to know how I got this flawless look, please continue watching.

So guys, we’re starting this look on a clean and moisturized face. That is all I have done today. So next, I’m gonna go in and start using the Matte Ambition Mattifying Skin Primer from COVERGIRL. This is their Full Spectrum line.

This is a very, it’s not like a harsh matte, it’s a very liquidy like a moisturizer-like primer. So, but it does get tacky, which I think will make it a great base for the foundation to go on. Next, I’m actually gonna be using the COVERGIRL TruBlend Business Base primer, and this is the illuminating primer.

I’m gonna use just a touch of this on the high points of my face just because I want a little bit of glow to peek through. So I’m just gonna tap that into the high points of my cheeks. Right here to about a lot of shine there.

I’m gonna do a little bit down the bridge of my nose. The cupid’s bow. And just on the chin as well. Then whatever is left we’re just gonna massage onto the cheeks. You want to find your foundation and today I’m using the COVERGIRL TruBlend Matte Made Foundation.

This is, has been, my favorite foundation for a while. So the Matte Made Foundation has finally expanded its family. It comes now in 40 shades and this shade right here – D90 or Espresso – is the new addition to those shades.

This is a comfort matte and they have amazing technology that makes it. That it’s like a layer of skin and it moves and works with your skin. So it has a nice soft film and you get that matte look without feeling dry or super like harsh on your skin So this is what I love about this foundation.

I’m just now gonna work that. Now, what’s amazing is that also all the foundations have been categorized into undertones. So, the D90 or Espresso is actually in the cool undertone. So, to get your best shade match in this foundation you have to figure out what undertone you are.

And that could either be cool, warm, or a neutral undertone. And I’m in the cool family. I will actually put a map just so you guys can better pick your shade of the foundation to figure out what undertone you are.

And you could also go into the store and match yourself. This is a drugstore, but you won’t be able to open the foundation. But you can go ahead and like test some things out. When it comes to foundation I think it’s the most important thing because if you mismatch you could have a shade that you think matches you.

But it’s not your correct undertone and it can not be a match at all. And that’s something I just started to learn cause back in the day, you just used to go based, I used to based off the darkest shade.

So it’s amazing when even drugstores have started expanding their shade range. Because I’ve loved COVERGIRL. But I think, this is literally, the Matte Made Foundation, is their first foundation I’ve ever tried And they’re, like, just because they finally have something that fits, which I think it’s amazing for a drugstore.

So it’s like an amazing price and you can have so many options to pick from. Today I’m going to be using the Full Spectrum All Day Idol Brightening Concealer. And I have it in the shade deep cool. I’m just gonna put a little bit of that.

And I like it because obviously it has brightening technology built into it so it will correct. If you have those dark circles, like this is a peachy orangey shade, so it will be correcting any dark circles.

I’m gonna use it as a prime, primer for the lids. Now I’m gonna be taking the COVERGIRL Full Spectrum and this is also in Deep Cool #4 and this is their pressed powder. Look at how chocolatey that looks.

I don’t know – the camera is picking it up a bit lighter, But I’m gonna be using it to set everything. It is setting my skin so nicely. This matches it so well. So I’m gonna be taking the Reverence Full Spectrum Palette.

And I’m gonna be taking this brown shade right here, that light shade. I’m gonna be using it as my transition color. I’m gonna do a bit of a smokey eye, so I’m just gonna put that all over the lid. So I’m gonna be taking the Full Spectrum Defining Moment Blackest Black Eyeliner, to go ahead and do a low line.

Going to take a little smudger pencil brush and just really smudge that out. Next, I’m gonna take Another brush And take that darker brown shade and Pack it kinda all on top. What we just did it to kind of make it a brownie smokey eye.

And just like that, I want it to be a very subtle smokey eye. I’m gonna be using now the COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Exhibitionist, I can’t say this. Okay, I’m gonna be taking the COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Waterproof mascara.

Go ahead and coat these lashes. I legit don’t have lashes But you’ll see what happens. This is a lot of work. Okay, so now this is the Sculpt Expert in Rose Rush and I’m going to be using that as the highlight and blush situation.

Ooh, it’s quite pigmented. So then, I’m going to be taking that gold shade in the middle and that’s gonna be my highlight shade. I like the way that it sits on the skin, like I feel like it’s melting.

That is so pigmented, like, we’re easy. Then now, I’m going to take that dark brown shade right there from this palette that I used to smoke out, I’m just going to use it to chisel out my cheeks a little.

Just gonna do a little contour on the sides of the nose. For lips today I wanted to do something a little vampy, So I’m gonna be taking the Full Spectrum Matte Idol Lip, and this is in the shade Fortune.

I’m going to be using that. I’m going to put on big, bold lips. These lipsticks are so nice and lightweight. And very, very pigmented. Okay dolls, this right here is the completed look and I hope you go ahead and get your hands on your COVERGIRL’s TruBlend Matte Made Foundation.

To go ahead and find your perfect shade match.


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