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Everyday Makeup Tutorial | One Brand Tutorial | Benefit Cosmetics Greece

Everyday Makeup Tutorial | One Brand Tutorial | Benefit Cosmetics Greece

hey guys so in today’s video I’m gonna be showing you how do you know that I’m wearing right now it’s very simple very easy everyday glam and I just I have some exciting news for you guys and I can’t wait to share them with you okay so I collaborated with a brand and that brand is baby we came up with this bag it has my name on it and inside we included my three favorite benefit products let’s just open it see what it has inside so the first thing that you see is a card with my face this is a drawing of me and on the back there is photos of me showing you how to to use the things that we included inside the product that we have and here are my favorite product we have the dandelion highlighter I love it I’m wearing it today we always should have their roller lash mascara which you guys have seen me use it so many times in my videos and I think that we all agree that brows nowadays are really important I just can’t imagine doing a makeup look without touching my eyebrows without doing anything to them so we also included the corral these products are absolutely amazing in the back itself it’s also really convenient because it has a pouch here where you can put your things and obviously no one can see what’s inside it has one more pouch where you can obviously see what’s inside and a third one where you can put more product and store your makeup of course we have some place here for your brushes and they’re gonna be nice and protected here and one more pocket where you can put more things because makeup lovers know that the more makeup the better so it’s really nice and convenient it’s perfect for traveling this is available only in Greece and for those of you who are in Greece – You can find this kit only on Sephora.

gr I’ll have the link down in the description box,so you can click it and it’ll bring you there! It’s limited edition and its initial price is 115€ But because of our collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics Greece You can purchase it for only 65€! Don’t forget that you can find this kit only on Sephora.

gr I’m so glad we’ve collaborated with Benefit and you can get yourself something from me! It’s just wondeful! It feels so strange talking in Greek right now. I’ve almost never spoken Greek in my videos But the moment has come So I want to thank you so much for everything And now we continue with the tutorial for this look! alrighty guys so I’m gonna start off by priming my face and I’m gonna use the professional mattress to primer by benefit it looks like that it’s like blue really think and I’m gonna work that with my fingers all my face if you’re getting oily throughout the day I recommend you to try out this primer and I have some visible pores in this area right here so I’m taking the professional this is their I think that this is their most popular primer so I’m gonna take some of it on my finger is I’m taking just a very small tiny amount of it and I’m gonna place it right here where I have a little bit larger pores just pressing it in okay so now that my face is all nice and primed I’m moving on to the foundation and I’m very excited because this is going to be the first time that I’m going to use their hello flawless foundation I have these in the shade ivory so let’s see it’s very liquidy look at that well it looks really natural on the skin it’s medium coverage I think though we didn’t cover up some of my blemishes right here but it gives a very nice healthy dewy finish to my skin but as I said it’s like I barely have anything on my face it’s not cakey at all so for concealer I have this one here this is the point concealer and I have it in the shade one again I’m going to use my finger stuff white let me try to cover up some of my blemishes with it once you kind of warm it up with your finger it’s getting very very creamy and it makes everything disappear so that’s nice I’m also using that under my eyes to cover up my dark circles all right huh I feel alive again I mean I think some concealer under your eyes and coloring the darkness there it makes such a huge difference I mean you can definitely tell but I look a lot more awake now all right so moving on to the brows I’m gonna use the brow fo conditioning primer the applicator is so much fun let me just focus for you guys so you can see it up close look at that it’s not just the usual spoolie you know that makes it so much more interesting and I’m gonna use it to brush my brow hairs upward and put them in place I used to love this product but somehow I lost it somewhere I couldn’t find it anywhere and then the really kind team of benefits sent me a new one and I was like you guys I have really long brown hairs and you know what drives me crazy these little guys is stacking out like that I don’t know if you guys can tell but okay now I feel better all right now to fill in my brows I’m gonna use a brush we actually included in the cake and it’s the cab brow brow gel I mean this is absolutely amazing let me just take it out to show you guys this is it and as you can tell the packaging’s or the benefit products are so cool so what didn’t actually do is you can take out this little thing here put it like that and then use it to fill in your brows this is actually a small tiny brush so let me just dip it in and make my brows look nice and full and flawless it’s very easy to work with it because it’s not like Joe it’s more like like a creamy gel formula I know how to explain to you guys but you can never like use too much of it you can you can actually control it which is really important when you’re filling in your brows because sometimes with some Dell products they’re very pigmented this is the exact amount of pigment that an eyebrow needs they did some kind of a magic when they were creating this this product but I have no idea what it is no idea how they do it the only thing that I know is that I love it now I’m taking this day don’t stray eyeshadow primer and I’m gonna just apply that right here on my eyelid I’m not gonna use any eyeshadow today but I just want to even up the skin tone on my eyelids and I also kinda want to clean up my eye brows with it let me just go in for you guys so you can see what I’m doing better I know if I told you that guys but lately I’ve been really enjoying the smoked out eyeliner because if you mess it up a little bit it’s not a big deal you know you don’t have to be really precise you can just smudge it there and it’s gonna be fine you know so I find it a lot quicker than doing just a regular winged eyeliner where you have to be a little bit more precise today I’m going to use the Dare real push-up liner by benefit this is a very very black eyeliner like it’s very dark the dip looks like that I mean it’s a little bit more unusual but I think that you just need a little bit more time and practice to get used to it and once you’re used to working with it it’s very easy so let me just prepare my smarting bar because this is drying out really quickly which is a good thing but if you want to smudge your eyeliner you might need to be a little bit quicker with that it gives you some time but is it you need to be quick I need a mirror alright what I’m doing is I’m placing the product very very closely to my lashes I’m giving it in the outer half of my eye then I’m switching to my smudging brush and I’m going on started moving it around and just making it look more smoked out if you guys don’t have a smudging brush it you can also use a q-tip it’s gonna do great job as well now if you’re working with a brush and you feel like it’s kind of getting full of product and you can’t really smudge very easily just make sure that you clean your brush in the back of your hand as you can tell this is exactly what I did and that will make sure that most of the product is you know out of your brush and you’ll be able to smudge better so keep that in mind next we’re moving to the lashes and the mascara is one of the products that we also included in the kit you guys can see me use the roller life so many times in my videos I absolutely love this mascara and that’s one of the reasons that it was included in the back now I’m gonna show you how I use it and how I find that it’s working the best for me so what I’m doing first is I’m placing it very close to the roots of my lashes I’m looking down like I’m always closing my eyes and I start rotating it there and I’m just wiggling it and coding the rest of my lashes boom lashes I’m also coating this way the the lashes in the inner corner so let’s do the same on the other eye starting from the roots rotating and we link coding the rest boom I don’t even need a second layer and one of the things that I love about it is that the brush is not like loaded with ton of product I wasn’t really planning to our forces with this look and it’s totally fine if you want to skip them too but benefits send me some of their forces and they look very natural so I decided that why not it’s never a bad idea to add some extra hairs on your eyelids that sounded a little bit like oh yeah this is so cool you guys look at that look at that so this is how the packaging of the lashes looks and it has this little plastic thing here and then you pull it and it has the lash style and you can actually try it out I mean that’s so cool you can be like okay that looks good on me I wasn’t expecting that but it’s hmm really clever idea okay so I’m gonna wear this now called girly girly upwash just gonna put them on really quickly now setting my face with the hello flawless powder its I’m lightly dusting it all over my face switching to a smaller brush I also bring it under my eyes to kind of set that concealer in place and add some color to my face I’m going with the holo light I’ve mentioned this bronzer is so many times in my videos and it’s one of my go-to bronzers I just hit pan one more proof that I absolutely love this thing you guys know that I love it when my skin is looking glowy and dewy so we also decided to include a highlighter in the kit and this is their dandelion twinkle highlighter I also bring that on my brow bone and in the inner corners oh this brush is a little bit big I have this I think the desire lipglosses by benefits and they send me a couple of them packaging look like bubblegum you guys so cute so let me see which one I’m gonna use this color looks pretty it’s actually called ballgown so let’s go ahead and try it out and it’s a lipgloss but the consistency is not like very thick and heavy it’s it’s very smooth they also have a deep red one oh wow let me swatch that and this is a beautiful guys it’s very easy very simple and we had it Oh in today’s video we had first impressions I also imported some of my all-time favorites I mean it was so much fun and for those of you who are in Greece here I’m a Potter polypro flipadelphia monkey de millau lindakhaas of Tala here my parabola patellar beta versus erase a new graph they were pulley or a Brahma tychicus to instagram case to youtube statistic me my caboose to Renault keep it up Hara dhaniya cover me up for an excessive courtesy so y’all a flop anyway I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet go ahead click that subscribe button you can also follow me on my Instagram Facebook Twitter and visit my blog all of the links will be down in the description box I want to thank you guys so much for watching and hopefully I’ll see my next one bye you


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