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“Everyday” Makeup Tutorial

“Everyday” Makeup Tutorial

all right so jumping right on there with my bare face we’re gonna start with a brow so I’m doing a little bit of grooming beforehand and then I’m going to fill them in with Mac’s brow pencil and spiked now because this is an everyday look we’re not gonna do the the over-the-top snatched brows just simply fill in a man I’m not even messing with the shape of my brow in the beginning just messing with the tail end of it and of course we’re gonna do a little bit of highlighting and clean up the ground with our concealer so instead of foundation we’re gonna go on with a BB cream and this is the BB cream by a kiss and I’m just applying that with a flat top buffer brush and once to the concealer everybody’s been ranting and raving about the LA girl Pro concealer I am using that today to highlight and the usual place is up under my eyes chin Cupid’s bow forehead and down the bridge of my nose then I’m gonna take my knockoff beauty blender to blend all of that in no shade it’s a knockoff but it works just like the regular Beauty Blender and I got it from Walgreens to set all of that I’m going to use the same blending sponge and I’m going to set everything with my Ben Nye banana powder to set the remainder of my face I’m gonna use my mac studio fix powder foundation now on to the eyes I’m gonna use groundwork from Mac as a base we just apply that over the entire lid and using my same powder I used to set my foundation I’m gonna put that up under the brow as a transition color now taking this palette walking on eggshells from wet and wild I’m gonna use this color right here and apply that 3/4 of the way onto my lid and just leave that outer portion I’m gonna dip into the San Francisco palette take this pretty shimmery plum –is– color pewter II I don’t know and we’re gonna put that on the outer quarter that we left also taking this color from the San Francisco palette that’s gonna be our crease color we’re just using that to blend to everything out take any shimmer shades you have to put on your inner tear-duct that’s gonna give you that wide-awake look and for mascara falsies by Maybelline I love this mascara takes a few coats to get what you looking for but it does the job that’s how it should look and for some contouring which is completely optional but I like to do it I’m using my covergirl Queen collection bronzer and to add to my highlight I’m gonna use my highlight powder from Mac and it’s in Rose Olay just to go over the areas that I highlighted it so of course down the bridge of my nose chin forehead cheekbones all that chance and for blush i’m gonna be using orgasm by NARS just a very subtle color like I said this is an everyday look so it just gives you a hint of color just a wash of color the lips we’re gonna use a nude lip liner and my camera cut off while I was applying my lipstick but I used angel for Mack and natural lip gloss from NYX and this is the finished look I hope you all enjoy this is very simple good for your everyday look in the office or just you know when you want to wear something without looking like you got on a lot don’t forget to comment rate and subscribe and I will see you on the next tutorial


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