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Hey everyone, it’s Liz, and welcome to my channel! Today I wanted to do this  mega pink, mega glam look. It’s kind of Barbie-esque. Starting with the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye   Redness Moisturizer, I’m giving my  makeup a healthy base to apply to.

Using the Fantasy Volume I  eyeshadow palette by Dragun Beauty,   I’m dipping into the shade “TRANSition”  and applying that to my crease. I’m really going to drag it  out today towards my hairline.

To cut my crease and cover my lids I’m using  the Fenty Beauty concealer in the shade 120. For my wing, I’m using the “hexxx girl” in the  Fantasy Volume II palette from Dragun Beauty. I’m applying the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in  “Milk” to my inner corners to brighten them.

Then I’m applying these Tatti Lashes in  the style “Molly Mae Everyday.” They’re   a really nature pair with a little flare on the  ends. They kind of give me old Hollywood vibes. For my base, I’m using the Too Faced  Born This Way Matte Concealer in   the Shade “nude” and the Milk Flex  Concealer in the shade “porcelain.

” Like usual, I’m applying the darker shade on the   outer portion of my face and the lighter  shade where I want my highlights to be. I tried something new for my nose  contour today, I used a really thing   paintbrush with my lightest concealer, and  I actually really liked how this turned out! I set all my highlights with the Maybelline Fit Me   translucent setting powder and dusted it  off with a small Real Techniques brush.

I made the line under my cheeks  extra sharp today just for fun. I   think it looks dramatic and takes  the whole look to another level. For gloss, I’m using the Too Faced Lip Injection  Lip Gloss in the shade “People Pleaser.

” And for blush, Colourpop’s pressed  powder blush called “Catch My Vibe.” I’m literally packing it as vibrantly as possible   onto the sides of my face where my  cheek meets the end of my eyebrow.

I’m spraying my face with the Glow Recipe   Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist to refresh  my skin and prepare it for highlight. I’m using the lightest shade in the Dior Contour  Palette on my cheekbones, nose tip, and bridge.

I also go over all of those points with the  Becca highlighter in the shade “Moonstone.” And that’s it! Please don’t  forget to give this vide   a ‘like’ and ‘subscribe’ if you enjoyed  it.

See you guys next time, byeee! <3


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