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Face Feminisation Makeup Tutorial

Face Feminisation Makeup Tutorial

I’m Archie, and I’m going to show you how I feminise my face with makeup. Oooh. So I’m gonna take you from this. To this. By the way, this is a disclaimer. I’m not tryna say this is what the feminine face should look like.

I’m just basing this off, the archetype mask that surgeons use for face feminisation. And, personally for me, how I feminise my face. So, I’m not trying to say this is for everybody. So lets get cracking.

So I already have my base on and I have it two shades darker than my actual skin tone. So the camera can pick up the contour and highlighting that I’m about to do. So don’t think…don’t think I haven’t matched myself properly cause I’m not like that.

Anyway. So I’m gonna start with the eyebrows, and usually female eyebrows are further away from the eye. There’s more space here. So as you can see I’ve already shaved off half my eyebrow so I can do this.

And this is what I do all the time, cause I always draw my eyebrows. So I going to take a pencil like this, and map out the shape of my eyebrow. So now that my eyebrows are done and on fleek, I’m gonna start highlighting my face.

So I’m going to get a brush like this…is it focusing…is it focusing. I’m going to dip it into a shade two shades lighter than my actual skin tone, just to highlight round my eyes. Take it right under my eye here, and make a right-angled triangle like this.

And as you can see I’m bringing it closer to the nose here, and what this will do, this will make the nose thinner. Male noses are wider than female noses because the cartilage in their nose keeps growing during puberty, puberty, puberty.

And I’m going to bring it under the nose here, but not too far down because you want to make the space between the nose and the lip smaller. Masculine traits, the space between here and here, are much larger than a female.

So you just want to make that smaller. So just bring it up here. Take the fine bit of the brush, see the little bit there. And I’m just going to take it down the nose. I’m gonna bring it up here, between the eyebrows and what this will do, this will flatten my brow ridge here.

Male faces their brow ridge is more prominent than a female one. So by doing this, this will erase my brow ridge. And make it more flat. Then I’m going to take a bit under the eyebrow, just to make that eyebrow more prominent.

I’m going to take some on the chin, only a tiny bit. So what I’m going to do is, I’m gonna take the highlight under my cheek bone. I’m drawing the cheek bone a bit lower than my natural one, so it will make my cheeks look a bit bigger, more plump, like a female.

Take that man away. Take it. Take it. Ooohhh… So now we’re done our highlighting, off to contouring. A darker shade, the same brush. Clean brush. Along my jaw. A bit under the lip. And on the temple here.

Now for the nose, be careful with this, because it can go either way it can make it look dirty if you do it too much. So what your going to do is, you take the fine part of the brush and lightly go down.

And with my chin, to make it a bit smaller and less masculine, for me, I take the shade a bit in here. Then your just going to take your foundation brush, and just gonna buff it all together. A finer brush, a wee fluffy brush.

And then I’m gonna go right into the nose here. So now that we blended everything together, I’m just gonna set everything with some loose powder. An angle brush, and just go in with a powder contour, just to emphasise what I got here.

I’m just going to put a bit under here. Just to define the jaw a bit but not too much because we do not want to have a beard. So I’m gonna contour my nose now. And just lightly take that along the nose.

Not too much. And under the brow. So what I’m going to do with my lips, I’m just going to over draw them. So now I’m just gonna do the eye makeup. Now that the eyes are done. I’m going to start highlighting my face to make it more hydrated and popping.

And this is the final look. Thanks for watching.


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