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Fake Scar Makeup Tutorial Quick Halloween Makeup

Fake Scar Makeup Tutorial Quick Halloween Makeup

So in this quick Halloween makeup tutorial, we are going to show you how to make fake scars with makeup. To make the fake scar you will need the following; Rigid Collodion Scarring Liquid, powder, and some sfx paint, a red tone, and a skin tone.

Okay, how to make the fake scars, start off by taking your red sfx paint, lightly apply the paint where you want your fake scar to be. Smudge the red a little bit and blend it into your skin. The fake scar makeup can go about anywhere but your mouth and eye area.

Now with the Rigid Collodion Scarring Liquid, take a little bit and trace over the red. Start with a little and gradually apply more. If you don’t know what Rigid Collodion is, it puckers the skin where it is applied.

When the Rigid Collodion dries, it gives you realistic 3D fake scarring effects. You can find all the products in this video down in the description below. Add more layers of Rigid Collodion for more depth to your fake scar makeup.

While the Rigid Collodion dries don’t forget to subscribe to Limbo Sfx for more quick Halloween makeup tutorials just like this one. To make the fake scar look more aged you can apply a small amount of skin tone to the fake scar makeup.

Blend it out into your skin. If you add too much skin tone you can always add a little more red sfx paint to your fake scar. You can also make multiple fake scars using rigid collodion. There will be a shine to the fake scar.

To remove it take some powder and powder down your scar. When finished you have made a fake scar with makeup for Halloween. If you enjoyed this quick Halloween makeup tutorial don’t forget to Subscribe to Limbo Sfx and leaves a Like and as always, we’ll see you later.


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