welcome beautiful people i am chev b if you’re new  to this channel welcome “wah gwan” make sure you   are subscribed down below for today’s video  i’ll be giving you guys a makeup tutorial i   haven’t done a makeup tutorial in a hot minute so  i just felt like it’s a new season it’s fall i’m   about to give you all a fall makeup tutorial now  i’m not a makeup expert no form no shape no how   um i just like to play around in makeup and if  you’re a regular is here you might have asked a   one two time chef with a makeup tutorial at so um  i felt like doing a makeup tutorial for you guys   today and i’m giving you guys a very fall brown  type of look so i’m wearing the new rare beauty   lip matte cream i think that’s what it’s called  and i’m really loving how my lips are looking   in it it’s looking super full and bomb so i’m  gonna give you guys like a full face video   from foundation mascara to the eyeshadow to the  eyeliner the whole look i’m about to show you   guys so if you’re ready to watch let’s get  it but before we go into the video you need   to subscribe girl like we make bomb videos over  here join the family subscribe okay now let’s get   into the video so i’ll be using the anastasia  beverly hills dip brow in ebony to do my brows okay now that my brows are done my brows have  never been identical since the day i was born   like they are cousins not sisters girl they  ain’t never been twin sisters so to clean   up my brows i’m gonna be using the too faced born  this way concealer in butterscotch so we’re going   directly under the brow bone so what i like  to do is spread the concealer first so that   it doesn’t like mess up the shape of the brow and  then i start cleaning up directly under the brow so to clean up my brows i’ll be using the  la girl pro concealer and this is in the   shade too so this is more close to my  natural complexion so this is what i   use at the top to clean it up so as again i  spread the concealer first and then i go in once i am done with my brows i  go in for my foundation and to   prime my face i’ll be using the milk hydrating  primer so it’s actually called milk makeup hydro   grip primer and i’ve been using this  for over a year and i absolutely love it as you guys can see i’m trying to like  lay my edges so i won’t be touching my   forehead that much i’m gonna do it  like afterwards i’ll show you guys   but my edges need all the time it needs to set  i’ll be using my nars foundation and this is the   all day luminous lightweight foundation  and i am in the shade medium dark five now to conceal and contour my face  i’ll be using three different shades   so i’ll be using the too faced concealer  again so the first shade i’ll be using   is the maple shade and i go under my  eyes look how thick and rich that is once i’ve blended that in i’m  going to be using cocoa in the same   too faced concealer brand and this is to contour  now some people like stick foundation and some   like creamy contours i used to go with a stick  foundation but i ran out and ever since i can’t   find a good one that i like so if you guys  got recommendation for a stick foundation   that would be really good  for contouring let me know now for the third concealer i’m going  to go back in with the butterscotch   so because this is a lighter  shade i’m not going with too much now to set my concealer i’ll be using the  laura mercier translucent powder in the tone honey so the eyeshadow palette that we’ll be using for  this eye look is the warrior by juvia’s place   so we’ll be using this palette so the  first color we’ll be starting with   is this color right here in the palette now we’re going to use this darker shade for the  outer corners our eyes is that what it’s called   i do not know the terminology for the parts of  the eyes what do you call this is this the outer   part of your eye i don’t know i’m gonna just  pat that in and then work it into the corners or work it into the crease i know this is  the crease so now that is basically it for   the eyeshadows now i’m going to be taking  this nyx epic ink liner to line my eyes now this is not a perfect wing but it  will have to do now i’m going to use   some mascara on my eyelashes to take away  the powder and foundation that is on it now i’m gonna go above the black wing with this  eyeliner that i got from amazon and i’m gonna   leave the link in the description box below  if you guys want to purchase it i got it in   a set of i think it was eight different glittery  shades i can’t remember but i absolutely love it   and it doesn’t burn like i tried nyx glitter  eyeliner like they had this gold glitter liner   that they don’t have anymore and you still burn  my eyes but it was so pretty so this doesn’t burn okay guys now i put on my lashes off camera and  they’re literally one of those lashes that you get   in your package when you order a wig so i don’t  know if it has a name this is what it came in   and it just says hc 14 on the back okay now  for under my eyes i’m gonna go back in with   the juvia’s place palette and i’m gonna go in  with this dark shade once more for under my eyes   or rather my lower lid now i’m going to  go in with the nyx jet black eyeliner and i’m going to do this on my waterline i’m gonna just dust off the  excess powder on my face   i’m going to go over that with my mac  studio finish and this is in the shade nw45 now i’m going to take my nyx no filter finishing  powder and this is in the shade mahogany and this   is just to add back some warmth into my face and  to contour so i use this as like a bronzer well   not really a bronzer or is it like a bronzer  i don’t know but it just adds back that warmth now i’m going to be using the morphe luminous  setting spray so it’s a continuous mist and   it says it’s a google get it is that what it  says i don’t know but this is my second time   using this i saw it in sephora i usually  go for the one in like the black container   but i’m like i want to try this one  because it says it’s more hydrating   is it i could have sworn it says more  hydrating i don’t know but i like it now it is time for the lips now to line my lips   i’ll be using the nyx lip pencil  and this is in the shade espresso now for the lip colors that we’ll be doing  today um it’s the first time i’ll be trying   this lip cream no this is from rare beauty and  this is from selena gomez’s new makeup line   and this is the lip souffle matte lip cream now  what color is it does it say what shade it is   thrilling so this is the thrilling shade and it’s  a creamy matte finish so this is how it’s looking my lips are a little bit choppy oh my god okay so it has a very soft brown look because it’s  a lip cream i gotta wait until it’s dry to see   the matte look of it but it’s a pretty  brown and it feels the light it’s like   barely there on my lip i’m going  one more time for another round okay so it’s not dry because  it’s still transferring   to my finger so i’m going to let it dry and yeah  that is basically it now i don’t like highlight   that much or all the time but i feel like this  look could go with a little bit of highlight to it   so i’m gonna take my mac oh darling highlighter like nothing crazy just a little  bit of shimmer a little bit of glow   okay guys now if you’re like me when you remove  your um head tie to hold on your edges like you   just got that ring right around your face so i go  in with the brush that i use to contour and just dab that in so i don’t have any makeup  on well i do have makeup on the brush   but i didn’t put any extra makeup on there  so all you got to do is just blend it in   then i’m gonna go back in with the new filter  from nyx the finishing thing that i used to   warm me up and i’m just gonna put it on my  forehead so that the transition looks smoother   and then girl i’m gonna tie back my edges down so  i um can give it a little bit more time you know   to be slayed while i put on my clothes okay guys  now this is the final look thank you so much for   watching i hope this tutorial was very helpful  and entertaining if you haven’t subscribed already   you need to go on ahead and subscribe down  below to see more bomb videos if you haven’t   followed me on social media as yet you need  to follow me on instagram snapchat and twitter   @damnthatschev and that is all that i have for  you guys today Gwan big up yourself bye guys you


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