hi beauties and welcome back to my channel today’s¬† video is a fall makeup tutorial on the look that¬†¬† you see right here so if you’d like to find¬† out how i created the look just keep watching it’s been so long since i’ve done a makeup¬† tutorial i was in the mood to film a makeup look¬†¬† i used the natasha denona bronze palette¬† in today’s look but you could really use¬†¬† any palette that you have at home that has a¬† darker color in it and some lighter reds or browns¬†¬† to create this gradient look that you see here the¬† reason i wanted to film this particular look is¬†¬† i’ve been wearing it a lot here lately a few years¬† ago i filmed a similar fall makeup look so i think¬†¬† that in the fall time i like to do like a darker¬† smokey eye and just have a darker color on my lid¬†¬† and a more gradient effect i just really enjoy¬† that look in the fall and it seems to go with¬†¬† a lot of the outfits that i wear when i actually¬† do this look going to work i simplify it a whole¬†¬† lot more than this it’s much quicker like i could¬† do this look in about 15 or 20 minutes just know¬†¬† that i went a little bit more glam in today’s¬† video i think you can certainly get away with¬†¬† wearing a dark smokey eye to work because i’ve¬† been doing it i used quite a bit of affordable¬†¬† beauty products i’ve been trying out a few¬† things here that are a little bit more affordable¬†¬† so i incorporated those products into today’s¬† look also in today’s video i’m going to do a¬†¬† little bit of a hybrid and i’m going to do a¬† voiceover as well as a little bit of talking¬†¬† through the video so without further delay¬† let’s go ahead and jump into today’s video¬†¬† first i’m going to apply a little bit of¬† lip gloss this is one by patrick ta she’s¬†¬† expensive is the name and it is amazing next i’m¬† going to prep my skin with this setting spray¬†¬† by milani it is the make it last setting spray i¬† like to use setting spray now that we have to wear¬†¬† the infamous face mask it helps my makeup last¬† longer next i’m moving on to tula brighten up¬†¬† smoothing primer gel this is a nice cooling¬† priming gel it really smooths my skin and helps¬†¬† my makeup last all day next i’m going to apply¬† the nyx born to glow foundation and i’m going¬†¬† to use this it cosmetics love is the foundation¬† brush it’s a limited edition brush it is so cute¬†¬† the shade of the foundation is cinnamon it is a¬† more golden hue and i really like how it looks¬†¬† on my skin tone once i blend everything out and¬† it is very long lasting yet it is a more radiant¬†¬† foundation it looks very natural on the skin and¬† i always have fabulous makeup days whenever i wear¬†¬† it and this is affordable i’m gonna add a little¬† bit more sometimes my forehead is a little bit¬†¬† darker so i’m going in with just a little bit¬† more on my forehead and other places on my face¬†¬† these are two new concealers that i just picked¬† up from elf they’ve been out a while they’re just¬†¬† new to my collection 16 hour camo concealer¬† is the name of it doesn’t have a huge wide¬†¬† shade range at least not at walmart so these two¬† shades kind of look like they might work for me¬†¬† or mixing them together so i picked up deep¬† olive and i picked up tan neutral and there¬†¬† wasn’t a shade in between and i thought if this¬† is too dark i can use it to spot conceal which¬†¬† i’m gonna do right now actually i could have gone¬† with this one for brightening and then this one is¬†¬† just maybe a shade lighter than my foundation¬† so i like mixing them together so here we go i’m actually very happy that i picked up both¬† shades the deep olive shade is really good for¬†¬† spot concealing as i mentioned and it also¬† helps to color correct under my eye but i do¬†¬† like the tan neutral shade underneath the eye for¬† brightening and i really could use that one alone¬†¬† but together they make a perfect match for my skin¬† tone and this is a really good drugstore concealer now i’m just using my beauty blender to make¬† sure that everything is blended out and seamless this is my laura mercier in honey i believe and¬† i’m gonna mix it with the original laura mercier¬†¬† i go a little bit heavier with my powder because¬† of the face mask so i put a little bit more on¬†¬† i’m gonna use my cover fx and this one is in the¬† shade translucent deep i really like this powder¬†¬† i’ve been using it a lot lately this is the real¬† techniques insta pop brush you really don’t need¬†¬† bronzer although i’m still gonna wear bronzer i’m¬† going to apply my brows this is the rare beauty¬†¬† brow product and i’ve been obsessed with this ever¬† since i reviewed it i did review this here on my¬†¬† channel when i was trying out rare beauty products¬† so if you’d like to see me using this and applying¬†¬† this product you can check that video out¬† but for today’s video i’m just going to¬†¬† apply this off camera i’m going to take out¬† the powder around the perimeter of my face i’m going to leave the powder under my eye to¬† catch the fallout from the eye shadow let’s zoom¬†¬† in a little bit my brushes kind of neat cleaning¬† for eyeshadow primer i’m going to use my nars¬†¬† and this is okay but i still like my urban¬† decay better find it difficult just like¬†¬† right now i find it difficult to blend out all¬† over my eye it is so stiff that blending it out¬†¬† evenly can be a challenge but it’s okay this is¬† the tinted smudge proof eyeshadow base this is¬†¬† shade medium i’m going to use my natasha denona¬† palette for today’s look this has been my go-to¬†¬† fall look the last couple of weeks i’ve just been¬† creating this look no matter what the palette¬†¬† was that i was using i’m using this palette¬† the desert haze palette by charlotte tilbury¬†¬† i do the same thing i also have this sephora pro¬† palette that has a lot of the shades i would need¬†¬† and i’ve been doing it with that one i’ve¬† been doing it with this bronze palette¬†¬† this is the way i’ve really been doing it so¬† i do it backwards as far as how i normally put¬†¬† on makeup i’ve been starting with this deep¬† dive color and i’m using this sonia g brush¬†¬† this is the worker two brush i like to use for¬† this and i go in and i put this all over the lid¬†¬† and when i’m doing it with the charlotte¬† tilbury i just picked the deeper brown¬†¬† and i put it all over the lid so this is like¬† a purple brown i don’t know what color this is¬†¬† it’s a deep color and i just pack it so then once i have that on i just start¬† creating a gradient look from like the¬†¬† darker to the lighter shade so i take my¬† blending brush i’ll choose different colors¬†¬† as long as i’m going from deep to light¬† but we’re going to go in with magma¬†¬† this time and i’ll just put a little bit on my¬† brush and i sort of blend this over that line¬†¬† and sometimes i may have to switch¬† to a different blending brush but¬†¬† we’ll start with this one i just blend out¬† the edges of the line that i just put down¬†¬† now if you didn’t have any more time than that¬† you could stop there like you could say well¬†¬† that’s all the time i have in the morning i’m¬† stopping there but i’m just gonna keep going and¬†¬† i’m gonna put in this color this is suntan and¬† i’m gonna go right above where i put that color and i may even go one more shade lighter¬† than that and take it up one more shade i’m gonna add in sundown okay now we’re gonna go back into this deeper¬† color i’m gonna take it up a little bit more¬†¬† add a little more and there’s nothing else on¬† this brush i’m just blending the edges here i’m gonna mix these two today and just¬† go right here oh too much on the brush and blend it out right here there we go¬†¬† to soften it in the brow area¬† there we go going back in here and right here i’ll tweak this a little bit and then i’m¬† also gonna do this eye and i’ll be right back¬†¬† i just continued to tweak it until i got it like¬† this if i were getting ready for work i would have¬†¬† just used two or three colors and stopped but¬† this is typically like what i have been doing¬†¬† except it’s a little less elaborate for work¬† but i’ve just been kind of putting that darker¬†¬† color and then building up the lighter colors on¬† top and that’s how i’ve been doing this kind of¬†¬† fall smokey eye and i really have liked it it’s¬† also like helping to me with my more hooded eyes¬†¬† the older i get the chubbier my cheeks you know¬† as i keep carrying around this quarantine 15¬†¬† or 20.

my eyes to me have more hoodedness¬† when i’m a little fuller so it also kind of¬†¬† helps camouflage some of that by wearing this¬† type of eye to me so let’s dust off the powder typically i don’t see any like settling in my¬† lines from this concealer but i think whenever¬†¬† i leave powder on to catch fallout i just have¬† a little bit more settling because it’s so much¬†¬† powder on my face i just think it just screams¬† fall and i love it and this deep color in the¬†¬† natasha denona palette see how it’s not black it’s¬† sort of a brown plummy brown it’s just beautiful¬†¬† it is so pretty this palette is a late¬† summer fall palette all day long probably¬†¬† should have them under my eye first but let’s do¬† that now right now i’m using suntan under the eye smokey now i’m going to apply lashes normally¬† during the week i don’t apply lashes i have been¬†¬† loving this mascara monster big but the reason¬† i’m going to go ahead and still apply lashes¬†¬† is otherwise you won’t even be able to see¬† my lashes especially with a dark eye like¬†¬† this you just can’t see my lashes if i don’t¬† apply falsies so i’m going to just put on the¬†¬† ardell whispies that i have here have a new¬† pack i got them when they were on sale at cvs¬†¬† cvs had like some type of sale beauty event¬† and i got these so i’m gonna apply those and¬†¬† my mascara my liner and i’ll be back i’m¬† gonna use this one because the bronze¬†¬† palette doesn’t really have a a light inner¬† tear duct color to me what is this the morphe¬†¬† the m the 431 i’m just going to use this lighter¬† champagne color to highlight my inner tear duct if you’re wearing a matte look¬† and this is really not all matte¬†¬† but it kind of reads as if it is if you¬† pop something in the inner tear duct¬†¬† it just makes the look takes the look to a¬† whole n’other level and this color is just¬†¬† fabulous for that and i’m going to take¬† a little bit of it and put it right here this was the natasha denona mini nude i love¬† that palette love it i’ve been obsessed with¬†¬† this gucci bronzer been obsessed with this one¬† but i’m gonna use the butter bronzer because i’ve¬†¬† been using that a lot as well i’m gonna take¬† my most expensive brush i ever purchased from¬†¬† sephora this is a Surratt brush i have a video on¬† this brush i’m going to use this to bronze today it was so worth the money for me anyway and i’ve¬† been just loving the butter bronzer just been¬†¬† loving it this one is in endless summer the shade¬† endless summer what i love about this brush is it¬†¬† really applies the bronzer very softly and there¬† are very few harsh lines when i’m done using it¬†¬† for bronzer and i can also apply blush highlighter¬† you can use it for many things but now i am using¬†¬† my wayne goss the airbrush brush to carve out my¬† cheeks a little bit with some translucent powder¬†¬† i’m using this z9 chicuhodo brush to buff the¬† powder away and now i’m going in with my juvia’s¬†¬† place serafina blush this is a rose pink blush and¬† on the website it says that it is a matte blush¬†¬† but it does add a slight radiance to the cheeks¬† and it is affordable beautiful beautiful blush now i’m going to use my kevin aucoin sculpting¬† contour powder this is the deep shade i believe¬†¬† it’s the deepest one and i’m using this precision¬† brush by sigma i always use this for my contour¬†¬† and i love it for that purpose the shade is¬† perfect for nose contour you’re able to really¬†¬† blend it out and make it look very seamless¬† i like to use this it cosmetics foundation¬†¬† buffing brush to buff out any harsh lines and then¬† i’m going to move on to highlighter this is one of¬†¬† my favorite highlighters by dior unfortunately¬† i broke the case because i use it so much it’s¬†¬† called the dior skin nude luminizer and the¬† shade that i’m using is nude glow and it can¬†¬† be very natural on the cheek and on the skin but¬† it can also be very blingy this is a highlighting¬†¬† brush by sephora i’ll link everything down in the¬† description box now i’m going to use my beauty¬†¬† blender to just soften the highlighter and just¬† make it look more natural this is the hourglass¬†¬† ambient lighting powder in radiant light and i¬† like to use this all over the face to add a nice¬†¬† soft beautiful glow it is amazing and now i’m¬† using my trusty mac cork lip liner to line my¬†¬† lips and i’m going to apply the becca lipstick¬† in the shade tulip it is a beautiful soft pink¬†¬† and it reminds me of my tom ford spanish¬† pink lipstick but it is about half the cost¬†¬† i couldn’t decide on lip gloss so i went back¬† in with my patrick tall lip gloss that i used¬†¬† at the beginning of the video and then i topped¬† it with my fenty gloss bomb in the shade fussy¬†¬† gonna hit my bottom lashes i used the¬† same milani make it last setting spray¬†¬† to set my face and forgot to film that part and¬† this now completes the look so i hope that you¬†¬† guys have enjoyed today’s video please be sure to¬† like comment and subscribe and i’ll be seeing you¬†¬† guys again very soon in my next video so until the¬† next time we meet again this is savvy signing out


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