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Festive Get Ready With Me | Outfit from Scratch part 2

Festive Get Ready With Me | Outfit from Scratch part 2

Hey everyone I hope you all are doing well. so in the last video I had promised that I am going to share how I ended up styling this saree that we had created from scratch so this is the make up look I came up with it is soft but glamorous at the same time.

Definitely more glamorous than what I usually do. So let me show you how I created this look. also at the end of the video i’ll be talking about the blouse, the jewellery, the hairdo so stay tuned till the end.

I am starting off with the primer. This is the farsali skin tune blur I am trying this product for the first time my previous primer is now over so I thought of giving this one a try because a lot of beauty gurus rave about it.

here I am massaging this all over the face I am not really sure as to how I am currently feeling about this product because I cannot see any considereable difference after applying it also this tiny bottle costs around 1700 rs which is expensive to tell you the truth I was expecting a miracle let’s see.

May be i’ll try it a couple of times more and then share my feedback I went ahead and applied another primer on top as I wasn’t satisfied with the farsali one.This is the nyx angel veil primer the condition of the tube is enough to tell you how much I love this product here I am applying the last bit that I can get out of this tube.

I wanted the primer to settle into the skin before I go ahead with the foundation since my saree is of this gorgeous blush pink color I decided to go ahead and use this blush pallette for my eye shadow I am using a mixture of these 2 shades from the balm cosmetics palette I am running these 2 colors in the crease till I am happy with the color intensity Next I picked up this shimmery pink shade from the Myglamm pallette I wanted the shimmer to show well so here I am spraying the brush with a bit of setting spray you can also use plain water instead.

I have done that multiple time and trust me I see no difference. I then applied good 2-3 coats of the shimmery shade on the eyelid I then picked up this color from the same blush palette to blend the whole thing out here I started feeling that the shimmery eyeshadow was looking patchy I thought of blending that out with my fingers and guess what it worked pretty well I have seen a lot of beauty influencers say that some shimmery shades work way better when applied with fingers instead of a brush so I guess this is one of those shimmers now once I had blended the whole thing to the best of my ability I thought of taking a break from the eyes and went ahead with the foundation.

Here I am applying the milani conceal and perfect foundation. I am using the sponge by colorbar to blend the whole thing out here you might feel the shade is lighter than my skintone but once it will oxidize after 5-7 minutes you’ll find it a perfect match.

I am using the concealer by la girl to cancel out any darkness under my eyes also near my smile lines and wherever I saw black spots I usually do this step before applying the foundation but today I forgot so I am applying it after the foundation so once I had blended this concealer I applied a bit of foundation again to make sure everything is covered and even.

since this foundation works as a concealer as well I also use it under my eyes I blend it properly and don’t use a concealer separately. next I am setting the foundation with the mac fix plus this makes sure that the foundation does’t move and makes the skin look glowly as well.

next I set my under eyes with a loose powder by make up revolution now at this point I felt like I should complete my eyes first and do the blush, bronzer later on so here I am making weird faces as I tightline my upper waterline next I am using a nude shade pencil on the lower waterline to make the eyes look bigger and beautiful this pencil is by rimmel and it is definitely one of the best nude pencils I have ever used.

I wanted to smoke out my lower lashline so I picked up the same shades from the blush palette here I have pinched the brush to apply the shadow on my lower lashline this is actually a great hack if you don’t have a brush for the lower lashline just pick your existing fluffly brush, pinch it and the application becomes easier.

next I am curling my lashes and I am also applying a little bit of highlighter on the brow bone this is the mary louminizer by the balm cosmetics next was the time to apply false eyelashes I use them only on special ocassions that is why I was very nervous because a couple of times I have ruined my eye makeup while applying falsies.

I am using the huda beauty eyelashes in the style samantha I am applying the lash glue directly to the eyelid instead of applying it on the lashes this is a great hack that I picked up from smita deepak’s channel she said that if you struggle with applying falsies apply the glue to your lid directly and you’ll be all sorted.

guess what this hack worked perfectly for me and I was able to apply the lashes quite easily. infact if you too struggle with applying falsies do try this hack here I am making sure that both the lashes are looking even and are secured properly.

one thing I have seen beauty gurus do is that they apply a black eyeliner on top of the lash band for a polished and clean look so here is my naive attempt at it I don’t know how other influencers do this step with so much of ease because after applying such huge lashes I am barely able to see where to apply the eyeliner.

so here i just completed this step in the best way I could here I felt that my lower lashline was looking bare so I went ahead with a brown kajal I could have applied black kajal as well but I wanted a soft look and not an intense one this pencil is by the brand rimmel and I really like it.

I applied a bit of concealer again as I felt my kajal was looking thick and finally I was done with the eye make up I applied mascara on the lower lashes and heaved a sigh of relief because my eye make up was done and so were my lashes oh my god I can die in peace now Now time for blush.

This is the flush stick by maybelline I then applied the bronxer. This one is by physician’s formula I applied it to the hollows of my cheeck, forehead, jawline and the usual areas at this point I realized that I had not filled my eyebrows I thought I had done everything and was left only with lipstick but yeah! so here I am testing out another new product.

when I had purchased the farsali primer I also brought this benefit goof proof pencil that every blogger and her dog uses it’ll take a while for me to get a hang of this product but here I am trying to ensure that both my eyebrows atleast look like cousin sisters finally it is time for lipstick so I am using the nykaa lip crayon in the shade pink on fleek this is a beautiful pink color.

but I felt it was too bright because I wanted to wear a muted pink so I took the miss claire lip cream in shade 31 these two I feel make for the perfect combination for this kind of a saree because it isn’t too pink neither is it too nude it just complements the saree beautifully now is the time for the jewellery and the rest of the shabang so here I am in the outfit I think it is looking quite good if I may say so to myself I am just adding some highlighter to my collar bones before I wear my mangalsutra I am often asked as to where I brought my mangalsutra from actually this is a kundan mangalsutra.

This is not gold I brought it from a jeweller and it isn’t that expensive definitely way more cheaper than gold mangalsutra it is perfect for daily wear because even if you end up loosing it you won’t feel that bad I then popped on a bindi and applied liquid sindoor accidently the sindoor got stuck to my hair so I am just cleaning it with a tisuue I then wore this huge ring and some big chandbaalis I think together they add the perfect amount of glamour to my look I did not wish to go too heavy neither wanted to keep it too simple so this is the arrangement that I settled with here I am trying to figure out how to keep my hair as I neither wanted my chandbaalis to hide nor I wanted to make a juda so I tucked my hair behind the ear and fluffed them out a bit so this is it this blouse I got stitched in the same design as that of my zara blouse I am into this design completely there was a time when I was getting only elbow length blouses stitched my wedding trousseau had sarees of the same design but then I discovered the Zara blouse I fell in love with this design.

I am sure this cycle will keep continuing so there is no hard and fast rule. you can get whatever design you like and this is it to tell you the truth I was very nervous before I started this make up my mother made this saree with a lot of dedication so I wanted to do full justice to her hard work and yeah, this is the final look let me know what are your thoughts do give it a thumbs up if you liked this video and apologies as well if you felt my make up application wasn’t perfect.

I am just trying to get better take care byee


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