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First Video – Makeup Tutorial | MARWA YEHIA | فيديو مكياج ناعم – مروة يحيي

First Video – Makeup Tutorial | MARWA YEHIA | فيديو مكياج ناعم – مروة يحيي

Good morning or evening Let me introduce myself. My name is Marwa Yehia I’m a professional makeup artist from Egypt and that’s my first YouTube video, which has been highly requested a lot on my Facebook and Instagram to show you my makeup tips and tricks If you wanna get this look, please keep on watching That’s me with no makeup on as you can see, my skin is pale and has freckles as well as some pimples on my chin and now we’ll see how to fix all that, first I’m using the Clinique moisturizing gel I really like how it moisturizes and preps the skin and the skin absorbs it nicely, leaving it hydrated and I like to apply it under my eyes as well now I’m color correcting using this orange corrector under the eyes to cancel out any dark circles I’m applying it how you’re seeing now then blending with a beauty blender in a tapping motion without removing too much of it on the sponge then I’m using the Milani foundation #5 which is one of the best foundations for personal use I really like it I’m placing some dots on my face as you can see then I’m gonna blend it out with the beauty blender from Real Techniques, it’s one of the best beauty blenders I’ve ever used personally or professionally I’m buffing the foundation into my skin making sure it’s covering under my nose and the sides of my lips After foundation, comes the cream contour I’m contouring the sides of my nose which is essential to me, honestly and I’ve contoured my lips as well for extra volume then I’m using the best concealer ever from Tarte then I’ve applied cream blush from Makeup Forever then blending it outwards in this motion with a fiber brush leaving this beautiful flushed effect then I’m using the Laura Mercier loose powder one of the best loose powders on the market right now and I’ve applied the powder as soon as I finished blending under the eyes to avoid any creasing moving on to the other eye, I’ve done the same steps with blending the concealer and setting with powder then the rest of the face with this tapping technique I like to make sure I’ve properly set my foundation then remove any excess powder now it’s time for brows I’m using the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel in Medium Brown as you can see, my brows are not even at all and I’m using the hair by hair technique I don’t like to do a straight line you can use this hair by hair technique for the brow outline then fill it in then for any sparse areas , you can fill them in with brow gel and set with brow shadow I’m using the Character palette and I don’t like to go with extremely full brows I prefer them to be natural looking like so I’m cleaning up under the brows with concealer using a flat brush I’m doing the same steps on my second brow keep looking back at the first brow to make sure your second one looks as symmetrical as it can be also use short strokes with the concealer clean-up for a softer effect and blend it out with a small beauty blender can you see the brow transofrmation now? Now it’s time for eye shadow I’m using the Jaclyn Hill palette from Morphe, one of the best eye shadow palettes you’ll ever find considering the price point, pigment, color payoff and blending It’s everything you’re looking for, honestly I chose a bright orange shade for my crease and kept blending it out I did the same steps for the other eye then I’m taking the Soft Glam palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills then with this greyish brown shade called Rustic right below the orange shade but not covering it If you placed it on the orange, you won’t see it anymore which is not the goal here, we want this color variety that’s why I placed Rustic just below the orange shade then I’m taking a deep brown shade to my eye lids in a tapping motion to really intensify the color and I’m blending the edges of that deep brown with the previous shades to avoid any harsh lines and having a nice color blend With this champagne shade, I’m covering my entire lid I’m using the same shadow technique for under my eyes I took the same bright orange to my lower lid and I’m placing it on the outer two thirds of my lower lid then with a flat brush, I’m taking the greyish brown and deep brown shades on the same brush and blending them on my lower lash line which gives a defined but blended effect It also helps tone down the orange shade It’s now time for eye liner as for myself, I really like the Forever 52 gel liner This technique is very simple you draw out a very thin line with a light hand just in case, for easily fixed liner mistakes once you have a good outline, you can fill it in and I’m doing another line towards my eye to finish off my outer V then I’m doing my inner V and then connect both lines together and I am being very close to my lash line when doing so and take your time when doing your liner stay calm and composed and you’ll end up with something like this for my other eye I draw a thin line and look back at the other eye to see if they match or not because if they’re not, they’ll be uneven after perfecting the lines, draw on the wing and inner V and connect them right over my lash line with a thin line I went back again to even out my liner so both eyes would look as similar as possible I’m using the eye lash curler which gives me a lash lift especially that my lashes are straight so I like to use it before mascara for mascara, I used Essence for falsies, I’m using a pair from Roka Lashes in Moana such a pretty pair of lashes, you’ll see it in a second see the difference between both eyes? It gives you a beautiful effect and feels light on the eyes you’ll see a nice surprise happening there yup, there it is but I stayed as calm as I could After cleaning it up, I used the Forever 52 Eye Kohl in Brown I finished off my eyes with mascara on my lower lashes I’m now using the Hoola bronzer from Benefit I like to use this technique when contouring or bronzing I like to emphasize my cheeks and this lifts up my face and cheeks with the same Hoola bronzer, I’ve contoured my nose My blush is #8 called Tearose from Milani Using blush is really beautiful in makeup It adds a beautiful flush to the face and your makeup starts to come alive It also lifts up your cheeks giving you an instant face lift then, with this Rimmel nude lip liner when defining my upper lip, I like to over line a bit just a tiny bit over my natural lip line the same goes for my lower lip as well then I fill in my entire lips with it to cover my natural lip color then I’m going in with this lip liner from Forever 52 from the Velvet collection, I believe and fill my entire lips with it I really like this color, because it’s similar to the color palette I’ve used for the eyes It has an orange undertone which matches the eyes I’m now using the Ofra highlighter normally I don’t like highlighter, but for heavier looks like this, I do.

It also adds more glam to the look and that’s the final look I really hope you liked it My contacts are from Bella in Sandy Brown one of the prettiest hazels you’ll ever find I hope you liked this video and found it helpful I hope you enjoyed the colors If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments, if you like seeing more of my videos, please let me know I’ll film more videos upon your requests and comments Follow me on social media Instagram, Facebook and YouTube Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel follow and like my Instagram and Facebook See you soon


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