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Flight Attendant HAIR + MAKEUP Tutorial | TYMO Ring

Flight Attendant HAIR + MAKEUP Tutorial | TYMO Ring

I’ve never used anything like this before so I am a little nervous but also pretty excited. So let’s just try This out Hello everyone. Welcome to my channel. I’m Julia a dallas-based flight attendant I thought for this video it would be really fun especially since I have received Plenty of requests for a flight attendant hair and makeup tutorial and to make this video even more fun I did ask you all on instagram to ask me any questions that you have So if you are not following me on instagram, you can find me at jetting Julia It’s the same as my youtube name and I post a lot of different flight attendant content on there as well As pictures with Eric and Luna.

So without further ado, let’s get into this video So first question I have is what has been your favorite Long layover so far and your dream layover for my face makeup. I did ask all of you on Instagram for some suggestions and so many of you said the Too Faced Born This Way And I got it in this shade almond how I applied.

My makeup is I use a beauty sponge I usually just do like one or two Pumps onto it and then I just doubt it on my face. Where is my favorite long way over that? I have ever had my favorite was probably London I also really liked Aruba.

I really just loved anywhere with a beach as all of you know my favorite layover ever is Cancun I love Cancun because the water is always so Blue and so beautiful and it’s warm enough that you can always swim in it and then to blend everything in I just use this little brush from Tarte and I really like it because it kind of just makes everything look really smooth and not like Super cakey and then to answer a part to of that question your dream layover would definitely be a Rome or Paris I really want to travel more of Europe I’ve been to London in Iceland but I Just think those cities would be amazing places to visit if you could travel to any three places Where would you go my under-eye concealer? and I do a little bit on my nose and on my chin I use the Tarte shape tape concealer and I use the shade light neutral as I just do a few dots under my eyes because I’ve had It on my eyes since I was a little kid, it’s not just from being a flight attendant It’s from genetics and allergies as well And then I always do just a little bit on my nose and on my chin as well I just take my little sponge and I Just dab it in the top places that I really want to travel to would definitely be South Africa I really really want to go to boulders beach where you can swim with the penguin I also really want to go on an African safari.

I think that would just be incredible I have loved animals ever since I was a little old in Thailand because I really want to volunteer an elephant sanctuary So if you’ve been to an elephant sanctuary Please let me know in the comments below because I really want to go somewhere like that Especially with my mom because she loves elephants and I think that would be really cool and then Bali just because I’ve heard that the beaches are absolutely incredible and I feel like it’s every like Instagramers dream to go there like every like Travel Instagram or goes to Bali We’re gonna add a fourth one in there though because I would say that it is equal with my top three and that would be Switzerland and There’s a few different reasons behind that one Eric.

My boyfriend is half swiss His dad was born in Switzerland and his mom was born in the US and Eric actually lived in Switzerland for six months in high School, so I would really like to go there and visit and see a part of his childhood and where he lived Okay So I received two different questions about having kids and being a flight attendant One was do you think he’ll have kids well being a flight attendant and the second ones? Do you think it would be difficult to start a family while being a flight attendant? if having a family is something that you Want first, I would like to say that I do consider Eric and Luna my little family right now I do just a little bit of powder Foundation on my face just to add a little bit more color and I use the bare minerals in a shade light beige So what I do is I just put the tiniest little bit on my brush.

The thing for me is I 100% believe that it is completely possible to be a flight attendant in napkins because I know there are so many flight attendants who have kids I even know flight attendants who are single moms, and they’re still able to Raise their kids well and make the job work you just kind of have to just Your flying if you’re gonna have kids if Eric and I do you have kids one day and if I am still a flight attendant I Obviously will not be gone nearly as much as I am now Like I think I would try to work a lot more turns which is where you fly from say Dallas to Las Vegas than Las Vegas back to Dallas and then you are done for the day So it’s more similar to working a nine-to-five job also with my airline you can reduce your hours down to 40 a month and still keep your health benefits and your flight benefits and your insurance and your 401k and all of that.

So I also think that is a really good option I think too that if I were to have kids I would probably pick up a lot of red eye turns So that’s where you fly from say Dallas to Los Angeles And then the Los Angeles back to Dallas and you leave at around 8 p.

m And then you’re back by like 4 or 5 in the mornings. What is the necklace that you are always wearing in your videos? What is the significance of it? So I love when I get this question this necklace right here was actually a gift from Eric for my 21st birthday My favorite animal is a tiger and it actually represents tiger teeth but I loved it then and I loved it even more so now Because it reminds me of the shape of a moon and that also makes me think of Luna I am a kind of person who I kind of flip-flop between doing my makeup and my hair so I’m going to Start on my hair now and I just got out of the shower and blow-dried it so you can see that My hair is naturally pretty straight But I do get some pieces like right in here That are a little curly or a little bit more frizzy I’m actually trying a brand new straightener today so this is the time o-ring and I would really like to thank timoh for sending me this product and for sponsoring this portion of My vlog though, I can share this great new product with you all.

So if you look closely you can see that there are Little divots in the straightener itself. So it is exactly like you were brushing your hair while straightening it at the same time So this straightening comb retailed for $50? Which is actually very affordable for a hair straightener when you open the package They also give you these little clips, which is great because I love to pin portion my hair back and divide it Well, I am straightening it I’ve also never used like a heat protecting glove But I do think it’s also really cool that they give you one of these with the straightening comb Well, we are waiting for the straightening comb to heat up.

I am gonna do my mascara So a lot of you have asked what mascara I use and I use the L’Oreal double extend. Mascara It comes in a red and white tube. I always put on to white mascara first as a base How did you meet your partner? So Eric and I met at the University of Denver? We met in college and put this mascara on Eric was on the soccer team and I was on the gymnastics team So we basically met through the athletic community So as you can see I Have the white part of the mascara on from the base and then you just put the block over the top of that funny enough Eric and I actually had a class together sophomore year we were taking the same science class and I sat At the top of the lecture hall and he sat at the bottom and it’s super funny because I would like always stare at him From the corner of my eye and I would always get nervous that he would catch me staring at him He was actually friends with This girl who was on my teammate and I sat next to her during this science class and he came up once to talk to Her and he said that he was really talking to her to see like if I would look at him But I was like so like straight face like dead-on I was so nervous to like look over at him because I didn’t know if he liked me or what he thought about me And then junior year of college.

We talked a few times in our athletic departments training room one day I was walking to my locker room for a nutrition meeting with my team and Eric stopped me along the way and he told me that he was cleared from his ACL surgery and he was able to go back to soccer and I gave him a really big hug and Congratulated him and then he asked me for my number right there in that hallway, and honestly It’s just been great ever since crazy now to think that like that guy that I was looking at in my sophomore year science class is the man that I now live with and love, you know if there’s someone out there that you really like shoot your shot because you never know what’s gonna I’ve never used anything like this before so I am a little nervous but also pretty excited.

So let’s just try This out. Oh I’m not pretty straight and I was expecting it to feel like it was tugging on my hair and it’s not at all All right. Let’s try like a really big piece Look who came to say.

Hello. I Mean my hair feels really soft. Here is a pretty good view of my hair and I love how Straight the comb was actually able to get it when I’m working. I do prefer to have my hair up I usually it just throw it into a low ponytail just like this and Sometimes I’ll tease the bottom a little bit if I want it to look a little bit more full So as I mentioned earlier, the timoh comb does retail for around $50 However, I do have a 10% off coupon for you guys.

You can use the code giulia at checkout for 10% off of your time out comb and that offer is good from now until April 15th And I will make sure to put all of their information and links in the description box below One thing I will say is that when I do my mascara it always smears on my eyelid So I usually give it a few minutes for the actual eyelashes to dry And then I just take a q-tip with some lotion and I remove the excess mascara on my eyelids.

How old are you? I am 24 years old. I turned 25 this July how many years? Have you been flying? I’ve been flying for two years I bought this question from a few different people if you weren’t a flight attendant, what would you be doing? so I think this is like a really interesting question because honestly I’m not sure what I would be doing if I wasn’t a flight attendant.

I got my degree in journalism though. I would probably Be doing something in that field whether it was working for a news outlet working for a magazine I was a copywriter intern right out of college and one thing I can’t tell you I was not happy sitting at a desk all day If I were to do another job, it would seriously need to be something where I was still active I’m going to do my eyebrows now and I naturally Have very thin eyebrows and a few of you have made comments about that on some of my videos How they’re shaped is just how they are.

But I just I try to fill them in so I actually got this new palette I got The Naked 3 palette So we’re gonna give that a try and then I’ve always used a shadow to fill in my eyebrows Just because I’ve tried like those brow gels and they don’t look good on me I always do like a pretty dark shade for my eyebrows because if you look at the roots of my hair They’re actually pretty dark I do need to get my hair done somewhat soon, but I’m trying to let it grow out as much as possible So I’m trying to not diet for a year.

Hence why my roots are so long I just really want to fill mine in for the spots that they need it How do you handle pet care about traveling who takes care of your cute dog and a very similar question to that is? Favorite Luna moments.

Actually Luna is technically Eric’s dog. Although I was there in Colorado when he picked her out however, when Eric and I moved in together here in Texas Luna obviously became my dog too and she is just like the light of my life She is like my child.

I consider her my daughter. I Love that dog so much. Eric has a job here in Dallas So he is able to watch her obviously when I’m gone on my trips. Oh and my favorite learn a moment I mean I have so many but I would say that My first favorite Luna moment when we went to meet Luna for the first time and when Eric picked her out It was just so sweet and seeing her it’s just like this tiny cute little puppy and I took picture of him holding her for the first time and it just oh Baby my heart melt still makes my heart.

Melt. Okay. Second favorite learning moment was actually Months ago Eric and I were just laying a bed and Luna crawled on top of my chest and I’m just fell asleep on me just like fell asleep on like my chest and my stomach and Was just laying there and she was just the sweetest little thing she just looked like a little angel and I do feel like Luna and I have bonded a lot since Eric and I moved in together for blush.

I used the bareMinerals. It’s a powder brush in the shade Rogue take my brush and I just do a little bit. Alright another questions I I don’t even have to leave my phone because I remember this one Someone asked me was am I expecting a proposal from Eric any time soon? And the answer is I would never expect a proposal from him I just don’t think that is like the right mindset to have about it Obviously the day that Eric asks me to be his wife Will be the best day of my life and I’ll be over the moon excited But I don’t want to just make so many assumptions that that’s going to happen like at a specific time like end up disappointed if it doesn’t Happen when you think it’s going to and Eric and I love each other a lot and we know that or it for each other because when it does happen I want to be surprised and I want to truly enjoy that moment, right? Another question is do you ever get tired of traveling and the answer is yes I would say especially as like Eric and i’s relationship has gotten even stronger and Especially the more that I’ve bonded with Luna I miss them so much when I am gone So I am trying to reduce the amount of flying that I do I am NOT flying nearly as much as I used to when I first became a flight attendant I mean being a traveler is just kind of in my blood but of course there are times especially with my job where it’s Exhausting and I just want to be home my job really does help me appreciate my time at home that much more not that I didn’t before but especially now I Really value my time at home with Eric and Luna.

Alright, the next question I have is where is your next vacation? So pretty soon. Actually, we are thinking of going on a staycation in Galveston, Texas with some friends we’re thinking of renting like a house on a lake and just Kind of hanging out think we’re gonna do that sometime in May So I do think that would be really fun.

And I definitely consider that a vacation I don’t always wear eyeshadow, but I am gonna try some colors from The Naked 3 palette I really like the color trick and then I think I will also use the color mugshot So Eric, and I have talked about going on a cruise potentially this year, however cruises are expensive and we are trying to say what for house right now and he has gently reminded me that a house is a much bigger goal for us than a cruise and it’s just a really big financial goal and like whites goal that we have is to build our own house also with the Coronavirus I’m not sure if right now going on a cruise is like the smartest thing to do and I didn’t really think about that Until Eric brought it up last night when I was talking about going on a cruise also I did receive a lot of questions about the coronavirus And it definitely has impacted my job and I think I’m gonna film a full Sit-down video and just talk about the effects that it has had on my job There’s kind of a lot and I think it would be an interesting topic for a video So if you guys want to know more about that, let me know in the comments below Oh my gosh, I don’t even know if I need another color.

This is so pretty Okay, and I’m one of those weird people. I do my eye shadow after my mascara I don’t do eye shadow then mascara because I’m always smearing my Mascara. Yeah, I think that looks good.

I think for a flight attendant makeup It’s important to have more of a natural look because the airlines are still pretty traditional so for like an interview I definitely would not suggest like blue or pink or like bright bright eyeshadow I would suggest more like neutral colors.

And the last question I’m going to answer is your go-to Starbucks drink? I like the mango dragon fruit refresher but if I want coffee I recently started drinking the Starbucks vanilla sweet cream cold brew and it is so good and Last but not least every flight attendant needs their red lipstick and I usually just buy drugstore lipstick.

This is L’Oreal Paris in the shade madly in love And I think that is a beautiful shade of red so this is my pretty classic flight attendant Look, I just usually wear my hair in a low ponytail a little bit of foundation eye shadow mascara blush and lipstick Thank you everyone so much for watching.

It really means the world to me If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I will see you next time Bye


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