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Fresh & Glowy | Daytime Glam Makeup Tutorial

Fresh & Glowy | Daytime Glam Makeup Tutorial

hi guys welcome back to my channel today seeing how I get this peachy glowy dewy bronze makeup look and I was really inspired by California and the beach and that sunkissed glow even though it is almost winter here in Canada but without further ado let’s jump in to achieve at this makeup look just keep watching starting off by a spraying my flat shader brush by Sigma we’re going to go into the nudes palette by Maybelline and pick up that gold color and pack that right onto the lid the goal is going to make sure our eyes pop and stand out going into Kat Von D shade + light contour palette we’re going to mix shadow play and somber and pop that right on to the crease my favorite brush to do this with is my blending brush by Sigma you want to keep blending until there are no harsh lines then we’re going to quickly buff it out with an even fluffier and blending brush from Sigma and then we’re gonna go back with sombre and really concentrate that on the crease itself now mixing levitation and lyric we’re going to put that right underneath the brow for a highlight now the reason why I’m using this contra kit for my eyes is because I’m using very similar colors for the rest of my face and I want everything to be in unison apply some thin winged liner curl your lashes and now it’s time for mascara today I’m going to be using benefits they’re real mascara and on the bottom lash line I’m using L’Oreal’s manga lash now because I love layering highlights we’re gonna go with Josie Marans argan Enlightenment illuminizer and pop that on with it concealer brush and then blending it out with an angled kabuki by Sigma and we are just going to apply that right on the high points of our cheeks now we’re just going to be covering my dark circles click that video right there in the corner to see exactly how I do that and that video is where I go completely in-depth on how I cover my dark under-eye circles so I’m going in with the boreal and visible blur lift concealer and apply that in an upside down triangle underneath my eyes with that same concealer I’m just going to drag it on to the bridge of my nose and on to the middle of my forehead and my chin for that extra pop of highlight and now buffing it in with my 57 brush by Sephora collection now with my fingers I’m gonna make sure that the product is fully it melted into the skin by just pressing it down with my fingers with a lyric I’m just going to go with my foundation brush by Sigma and I’m going to set that concealer underneath my eyes with that powder I absolutely love the finish this powder gives it just makes my eyes look so much more awake and bright if you have any excess on your brush what I like to do is just apply that on it to the center of my face oh yes again the bridge of my nose and on my chin as well now going on whoopee laura mercier translucent powder I’m receiving this real techniques brush and I am setting the rest of my makeup yeah it’s time to bronze it up I am using a benefits hoola bronzer with the brush it comes with and applying that into the hollows of my cheek and don’t forget to buff it out today I’m using the Real Techniques blush brush what I like to do is swivel the brush from side to side and then press the product into the skin by using the same brush we’re just going to use the hoola by benefit and put that just on our jaw line around the chin and around at the forehead as well now using a fan brush I bought mine from Michaels I believe it was for like three dollars something crazy like that I’m going in with champagne pop by Becca and Jaclyn hill and dusting it on to my cheeks so now I’m going to apply champagne pop where the light naturally just hits my face and I thought it’s just going to be the peaks of my face like the arch of my brow right on top of there and the bridge of my nose using this foundation brush by Real Techniques I am slowly just going to buff that out now going over my highlight underneath my brow I’m just popping champagne pop there and also dusting it on to the inner corner of my eyes with milania’s baked blush in Luminoso I’m just going to pop that onto the apples of my cheeks with this angled blush brush by Sigma and don’t forget to buff out any streaks or harsh lines moving on to the lips I’m using Mac’s kinda sexy and I’m going to top that off with Too Faced melted nude in their liquefied liquid lipstick formula and this is how the final result looks don’t forget to set it with some setting spray and you will be good to go and that is how I achieve it this makeup well I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and comment down below and tell me what you’re looking forward to this holiday season I hope you guys enjoyed this video and bye hey guys back with another how-to video and what are we going to be learning about today we’re gonna be learning how to combat and cover drug under-eye circles without further ado let’s jump in


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