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Fresh, Spring Makeup Tutorial | Zoella

Fresh, Spring Makeup Tutorial | Zoella

hello everyone today I am going to talk you through the makeup that I am currently wearing on a pretty much everyday basis I upload second channel videos if any of you didn’t realize there’s a little plug for you and a lot of you have been asking me in the comments what makeup I’ve been wearing so instead of just reply to thousands of comments telling you what foundation I’m wearing what mascara I’m wearing I just thought I would attempt attempt being the keyword here to do a tutorial talking you through the different items that I use on my face and how I use them and how I put them on just so that those of you who are really interested now know I am NOT a makeup artist that just has to be thrown out there if I do something that offends you or my brushes is too dirty or I’m not doing something the way that you would do it that’s okay because we all have our different techniques and we all have our different ways of doing things this is just mine I’m not saying that you have to completely copy me or you have to do everything the same way I’m doing it or even use the exact same products if you have anything that’s similar or you find something that’s a lot lot cheaper that does just about the same job and looks the same then good on you and let me know what it is in the comments so I can buy it okay so the first thing that I did was I put on my moisturizer and my eye cream and now I am going to do my foundation I’m using the NARS sheer glow in mont blanc which is a very very pale I’m just gonna put a little bit of that on the back of my hand because I don’t have a pump and apparently they just never have the pumps in stock every time I go and ask I am going to be using my zoeva 102 silk finish brush none of my brushes are clean but um it’s just because I use them I need to wash them though so okay Foundation done I’m gonna put a tiny bit of concealer in the places that I feel like I need it which means just under my eyes I have a little bit of redness on my nose and anywhere else where I’ve had a few spot as you can see I don’t really go sparingly on the old concealer concealer that I’ve used is the Rimmel wake me up concealer in number I don’t know ivory I am going to use the zoeva face shape brush just to blend that in I kind of just docked it Pat it Pat it that’s the word I Pat it in with a brush I look really pale now I need to put some color on my face so I’m going to use my bronzer which at the moment is the Estee Lauder bronze goddess bronzer actually it’s quite like a ready undertone and it’s matte and I’ve just been really enjoying that so I’m going to be using my Mac 109 brush to do that I’m then going to take a tiny little bit on this brush which is the zoeva 106 powder brush I’m going to take it down my neck a little bit Wendy now I have a bit more color to my face I am going to do some blusher this is my favorite at the moment I’ve been absolutely loving it I’m really sorry it’s limited edition if you can find anything that’s anywhere near similar do leave it in the comments as suggestions for other people because it’s just too beautiful and also I’m gonna run out of this at some point so I don’t even need something to replace it with it’s the Estee Lauder pure color in tees it looks like this it’s absolutely gorgeous it’s basically a blush and highlight all-in-one and I’ve just got my zoeva what one of year one to seven luxe sheer cheek I’m just gonna slowly slowly I think it makes me look really like you’re healthy like I don’t know I just I love it it’s basically a pink with a sheen to it but it’s beautiful I’m gonna do my eyebrows I’m using the archery by soap & Glory pencil / felt tips Beza pencil at one end and a fella the other end I am absolutely frigging loving this if I cannot find it in my dry starts have like a little mini like planet I really like the felt tip side family on earth which I never thought I would say I thought would always be like an eyebrow pencil powder sore person but since I’ve been getting what I was done I get them tinted and it just becomes a whole lot easier to fill in your brows you find that you don’t really need to do much work I just like to meet in them up slightly there’s one done makes a whole lot of difference eyebrows done the next thing I’ve been doing with my eyes just to be like super quick super simple if I’m running out the door I’m going shopping I don’t really like to spend too much time on makeup at the moment because I quite like it to look minimal so I’ve been using these which are the by Thierry ombre black star they’re basically eyeshadow crayons and they are amazing i mentioned this way back in like my November favorites or something when I had all the boys in the video with me and I just love them I have for now like someone needs to basically just take me away from the bite Harry counter and the one that I’ve been really loving is like a really soft baby pink and this is the frozen quartz one it’s quite like shimmery it’s really pretty it’s just a very nice pink and I basically just do a wash of this over both eyes and then blend once I’ve smeared that on I kind of want to blend it so I’m going to use the zoeva petite crease because I have a petite crease that sounds really weird and I’m just gonna blend up here basically not too much I’m also going to use a much lighter one and this is called blonde opal and I’m just going to pop a little bit of that in the corners of my eyes and just under here I’m then going to take this little brush which is zoeva precise shader and I’m just gonna you know blendy blendy I’m then going to take a color from my Mac eye shadow and it is mystery which is a matte dark brown and I’m just gonna go in in my lashline at the top and also underneath my lash line down here slightly and smudge it in I’ve been doing this a lot recently instead of I’ll I know and I just feel like it’s a lot more natural but it’s also a lot less precise because you don’t have to be as careful so you could say I’ve gotten a lazy so now I have done my eyes and I need to now put mascara on the mascara I have been loving recently is on the floor hang on so this mascara is the Charlotte Tilbury full-fat lashes five star mascara curl separation volume length and drama that claims to do a lot of things and I love it look at the difference in my eyes right now that’s crazy mascara now done I’m gonna use my teeny tiny little clinic bottom lash mascara which I totally forgot I had and got quite excited by when I found it which I’m just gonna do to separate my bottom lashes a little bit and then last but not least I am going to finish this off with a lip gloss and of course it is my gorgeous friend Tanya burr lip gloss this is my current favorite one she has many that I love not being biased but I love them and it’s the one called chic my mom I’ve been so white but I try to do makeup it’s ridiculous and we don’t I hope you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you did and I will see you very soon I’m then gonna sniff because I have a cold which is the zoeva precice receipt recipes post-its shooter am I in focus keep my clothes this is why don’t you make up tutorials guys I suck but I really hate that I hope dad all right snuh snuh that okay you have seven seconds to pull out one


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