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From 2016 to Today… Old Makeup Techniques Modernized For Everyday 2021! | Lauren Mae Beauty

From 2016 to Today… Old Makeup Techniques Modernized For Everyday 2021! | Lauren Mae Beauty

hi guys welcome back to my channel it’s lauren¬† thank you so much for being here i hope you guys¬†¬† are having an amazing day today i’m really excited¬† because i’m doing a bit of like a tutorial type¬†¬† thing i don’t always do tutorials on the channel¬† but i really thought it would be fun to show you¬†¬† guys a bit of an everyday makeup routine there’s¬† a few different things hello i’m wearing a wing¬†¬† today whoa who am i but i thought it would be fun¬† to show you guys how i’ve kind of modernized some¬†¬† of the trends or just the way i do certain makeup¬† techniques or use certain makeup products and how¬†¬† i’ve taken them from like 2016 and modernized them¬† to what i feel like is super trendy today because¬†¬† let’s be real how we used to contour in 2016 i¬† don’t think it flies as much i really don’t think¬†¬† that’s kind of the fresh face look that we’re¬† really experiencing now so i thought it would¬†¬† be fun to show you what i’m doing differently when¬† it comes to the eyeliner i show you the way that¬†¬† i think that eyeliner can be kind of modernized¬† from the wings of like 2016 the wings i wore on¬†¬† my wedding day and i’m really excited because¬† today’s video is actually sponsored by ofra¬†¬† i have been working with ofra actually quite a¬† bit on their channel in the last year and also¬†¬† on their instagram but today i’m bringing you¬† a video actually on my channel so i’m gonna be¬†¬† using all of our products if you see anything that¬† you’re interested in you can of course shop the¬†¬† links i will have everything listed down there and¬† really i hope that you guys can take away maybe¬†¬† some information try something new i think it’s¬† so fun to explore and try different techniques¬†¬† and placement and whatnot so i hope you guys will¬† enjoy the video without further ado let’s get into¬†¬† the face topic each of these like categories¬† are really what we’re kind of modernizing and¬†¬† the first thing i want to talk about is like¬† bronzer and contour because i feel like when i¬†¬† started with the beauty community contouring was¬† it the abh contour palette you guys remember that¬†¬† was like so the thing and i would say that i don’t¬† think contouring’s dead but i do think there are¬†¬† ways to modernize it so for me when i’m thinking¬† of bronzing when i’m thinking of contouring what¬†¬† i’m really doing is adding dimension to the face¬† that’s how i think of it right once you’ve applied¬†¬† all your foundation you’ve applied your concealer¬† you’re kind of sitting there with this blank¬†¬† face this blank slate very one noted and you need¬† to bring some of that dimension back to your face¬†¬† and that’s what contour slash bronzer which i¬† personally do both of those at the same time¬†¬† that’s what i’m trying to do with bronzer so i’m¬† not really trying to chisel i’m really just trying¬†¬† to not make my face one flat color and bring that¬† dimension back and i probably should tell you what¬†¬† i’m using hello this is the skin sculpting wand¬† in sunset this is a cream product and i’m just¬†¬† applying it straight from the tube i don’t always¬† do that with products sometimes i like a little¬†¬† bit more control and i’ll put stuff on like the¬† back of my hand which i’ll show you in a little¬†¬† bit but really i’m just hitting the normal¬† places so i like to hit the temple because¬†¬† i feel like my hairline is receding so i like to¬† definitely kind of bronze that up i do hit kind of¬†¬† the contour of the cheek i tend to go a little bit¬† higher though and i feel like as you blend it kind¬†¬† of blends down and it just makes sure that your¬† contour or like bronzer doesn’t end up like too¬†¬† far down your cheek which doesn’t like lift the¬† face which is what we want you don’t have to like¬†¬† sit there and like chisel though i don’t think¬† that’s as popular now i am going to hit my chin¬†¬† and deepen that up a little bit i think natural in¬† general is so much more popular today than it was¬†¬† even back in 2016 so if you’re still doing some of¬† those techniques and you don’t like it obviously¬†¬† do you do whatever you like but if you’re wanting¬† to do something a little bit more modern i do¬†¬† suggest maybe trying to go a little bit lighter¬† and and not really chisel those cheekbones out all¬†¬† right i think i’m going to leave it there for now¬† we can always go in with more that’s another thing¬†¬† too as i kind of add products i can tweak as i go¬† next i want to talk about blush and we’re gonna¬†¬† be using a cream blush this one is truly from¬† ofra they just came out with some cream blushes¬†¬† and i really do like them this color is really¬† really beautiful and like i said i put this on the¬†¬† back of my hand instead of dotting it on because i¬† personally just want a little bit more control and¬†¬† so i’m going to take my sponge and i just dip the¬† round part into the product and then i’m going to¬†¬† show you how i blush drape i have videos on this¬† but i do feel like i get asked quite often like¬†¬† what i do to blush drapes so i usually start with¬† a cream base and what i like to do is apply it¬†¬† kind of from the back corner of the eye onto the¬† cheekbone and kind of into the temple and even¬†¬† up to like the tail of the brow that’s where i¬† start placing blush now this is almost like an¬†¬† older kind of technique like blush draping is not¬† a new thing but i have been doing this probably i¬†¬† mean probably for like almost a year now but i¬† just love the way that this looks i think that¬†¬† it’s fresh and like interesting without being over¬† the top and you can kind of play that up or play¬†¬† that down depending on what color you’re using and¬† how intense you’re going with application and so¬†¬† i just i mean i love a cream blush right now¬† that’s so on trend i think everyone knows that¬†¬† but i think maybe changing up your placement¬† if you’re still just applying blush like on¬†¬† the apples of your cheek and again you don’t¬† love that i think you should try this out¬†¬† another reason i really like this technique with¬† blush draping is i think it really lifts my face¬†¬† and i do like that i do like that kind of¬† look and i also like having my eyeshadows¬†¬† kind of blend into my blush like something about¬† that is just editorial but everyday and i think¬†¬† that that is something that’s kind of modern¬† as well because even though we’re going more¬†¬† natural i feel like by using placement you’re¬† making it more edgy and so this is my normal¬†¬† like placement of blush which i’m sure you guys¬† have seen and i freaking love love love it and¬†¬† when you use a cream blush something i love¬† as well is i can leave it like this which i¬†¬† might because i’m kind of going for like a more¬† natural look but if i wanted to i could even¬†¬† intensify it a little bit by adding some powder i¬† really really have been enjoying this liquid blush¬†¬† i think it’s really nice even this alone adds some¬† mascara i think it’s so fresh-faced so beautiful¬†¬† i just love it and if you’ve been wondering how¬† i do my blush this is how i do it you can change¬†¬† it up with like colors you can try creams try¬† powders but maybe just try some type of draping¬†¬† and maybe lifting your blush back and up instead¬† of bringing it further down i definitely think¬†¬† this is to me more modern but i also could just¬† be like on my own trip around the sun all right¬†¬† next the last thing that i’m doing for the face¬† it’s let’s talk about some highlighter okay¬†¬† i’m obsessed with highlighter i just am and it’s¬† so funny because i used to not be and i feel like¬†¬† a couple of years ago like the really stark like¬† three shades two light highlighters were really¬†¬† popular and so for me what i’ve been noticing that¬† i’ve been gravitating to and i think is a lot more¬†¬† modern are picking highlighters that are actually¬† closer to your skin tone and so even if they are¬†¬† really shiny when they hit the light that’s the¬† only time you’re really going to see that shine¬†¬† otherwise it’s going to look pretty normal and if¬† you’ve ever used a highlighter that’s a little bit¬†¬† too light for your skin sometimes you can see¬† that stripe and it’s not as natural looking so¬†¬† oprah has amazing highlighters i think everyone¬† knows that like their highlighters are so well¬†¬† known rodeo drive is a classic there’s blissful¬† there’s star island but lately i’ve been using¬†¬† this new one and it’s like come to the top of¬† my list pretty fast this is the milk and cookies¬†¬† highlighter and it is a collab with steph toms¬† okay i’m just a sucker for a split pan i really¬†¬† i really love a split band i think i feel like¬† i’m getting a lot of value and i also feel like¬†¬† i could be my own little artist and i can uh you¬† know swirl things or not swirl things it’s like my¬†¬† choice so this type of highlighter to me i feel¬† like back in the day i would have thought this¬†¬† was too dark for me and i love that like if i’m¬† questioning is it is it not it’s probably perfect¬†¬† that’s what i’ve been liking lately honestly so¬† how i do my highlighter i first get my fan brush¬†¬† ready this is another pro tip a way that you can¬† use these highlighters that might be on the verge¬†¬† or just a little bit deeper than you’re used to is¬† you can still use a light hand and i feel like fan¬†¬† brushes are a really great way that you can apply¬† product slowly build up as you go and you’re not¬†¬† gonna get this like stripe or this really heavy¬† application i feel like that’s really dated so¬†¬† we’re trying to keep it light we’re trying to¬† keep it lifted and the fan brush is going to¬†¬† help you do that then i take a spray so i always¬† like to spray my face before i go with my powder¬†¬† highlight i feel like it really helps melt it into¬† my skin it doesn’t give it like a powdery finish¬†¬† just helps it all sink together i just love¬† the look it’s beautiful it’s like what i do¬†¬† so so i’m gonna spray this down and then i just¬† take my fan brush and i apply it to the tops of¬†¬† the cheekbone like this like really light light¬† pressure just sweeping it on just letting that¬†¬† highlight hit where we put that spray down and¬† i go kind of crazy like i highlight everywhere¬†¬† and it’s so beautiful and i think if you’re¬† feeling like you’re just seeing the highlighter¬†¬† on your face this technique i try this out i’m¬† telling you take a spray this one is the makeup¬†¬† fixer which i don’t know how long you’ve been here¬† but if you’ve been here a while i did this makeup¬†¬† math series for a little bit and one of the things¬† that i kind of calculated were makeup setting miss¬†¬† and kind of the best value and the ofra one’s one¬† of the freaking best values there are eight fluid¬†¬† ounces in this thing and a lot of them only¬† have like four or so so if you want some bang¬†¬† for your buck this is a good one also if you’ve¬† been here that long and you remember that video¬†¬† comment down below thank you for being here still¬† man that was a while ago anyway i really suggest¬†¬† like all three of these things to help make your¬† powder highlighters just look really natural¬†¬† if you’re having trouble achieving it and you’re¬† not doing any of these things or only doing one¬†¬† try adding them all together fan brush with light¬† application a spritz before and a highlighter that¬†¬† isn’t too stark for your skin tone try to get¬† something that matches your undertone so if your¬†¬† cool tone gets something that’s cool if you’re¬† warm tone get something warm if you’re neutral¬†¬† you can kind of mix it up don’t want to be too too¬† light and i think you’ll really love the outcome¬†¬† and it’ll be super modern glowy and beautiful¬† without looking too heavy or overdone okay now¬†¬† let’s get into the eyes i’m going to zoom you in¬† a little bit more so you can see where we’re at¬†¬† hello hello there i guess i can show you my¬† skin up close so here we are oh so pretty i¬†¬† just i really love that highlight all right let’s¬† get started on the eyes i’m going to be showing¬†¬† you again this is like my everyday thing so i’ve¬† really been enjoying really monochromatic looks¬†¬† i’ve been loving like peaches which we’re going¬† to be using an old fave today i love this palette¬†¬† from ofra this is the sweet dreams and it’s just¬† perfect like these are my everyday type colors¬†¬† it’s kind of like my go-to palette if i just want¬† something that i know is going to look good i do¬†¬† want to shout out a few other palettes though that¬† i think are good if that’s not your color scheme¬†¬† this is the glitch 2000 palette and this has a¬† lot of really beautiful like one shadow looks¬†¬† in it and i love that about it they’re all kind of¬† these satin baked formulas and i think that that’s¬†¬† something that i think is more popular now or i’m¬† bringing back at least again this is all my takes¬†¬† but there are so many beautiful like cool¬† tone looks you can do something more warm¬†¬† and then there are some pops of color¬† even and i just i love a shimmer first¬†¬† off i love an all shimmer look i like a one¬† shimmer look i like something monochromatic¬†¬† so i think that palette’s really pretty and then¬† a more recent one the good to go palette is really¬†¬† nice if you kind of want to have a little bit of¬† everything there are some beautiful eyeshadows in¬†¬† here again i love those kind of terra cotta tones¬† but then you have that mint the highlighter has¬†¬† a little bit of everything again you get that¬† swirling action going on and then i’ve actually¬†¬† really been enjoying this blush i might even amp¬† up my blush if i feel like i need it with this one¬†¬† that’s what i’ve been doing lately so those are¬† just some options but they have a ton of these¬†¬† signature five pans with a bunch of different¬† color stories anyway i feel like this formula is¬†¬† really user friendly and that’s something that i¬† personally like when i’m doing something every day¬†¬† i want something that can almost blend itself so¬† i’m gonna be taking the lightest matte shade in¬†¬† here beautiful peach and i’m going to be putting¬† that into the crease and i think this is going¬†¬† to look so good with the blush that we’ve already¬† put down and that you can see it’s almost kind of¬†¬† already blending and water coloring into that’s¬† like my exact what i want and i’ve been loving¬†¬† something really blown out so i mean i’m over¬† here just like being what seems sloppy but it’s¬†¬† really the look i’m going for i feel like back¬† in the day mats were like all anyone cared about¬†¬† like i feel like for a while with like¬† different urban decay palettes or whatever¬†¬† them only having like two mattes in there was¬† like give us mattes we want mats and i feel like¬†¬† the pendulum has swung and i’m like give me¬† satins give me shimmers i also think like not¬†¬† necessarily following those pictorials do you¬† remember those pictorials on the back of like¬†¬† different eyeshadow quads where you like really¬† carve in the crease and really do the outer corner¬†¬† i don’t feel like that’s as applicable now um¬† for a really great look like you can do that of¬†¬† course but i think something a little bit blown¬† out a little less structured is definitely more¬†¬† popular even for like super big makeup lovers not¬† just someone who’s trying to do something quick¬†¬† and easy all right so that’s my first little layer¬† down i am gonna go in with the other matte and i’m¬†¬† gonna be using this on the outer corner but i keep¬† it still really light and i’m blending it into the¬†¬† blush so you can really see how seamless that is¬† that’s like my favorite look and i think something¬†¬† that’s so awesome about this type of style coming¬† back or at least what i’m doing and loving right¬†¬† now is that you don’t have to worry about being¬† so precise you don’t have to worry about like¬†¬† having really steady lines and all that which¬† we will get into because i am going to be¬†¬† attempting to modernize the wing i always just¬† kind of go back in with whatever brush i had¬†¬† i could blend forever always something else¬† i really have been enjoying taking color¬†¬† into the brow bone this is not like a new¬† thing for me but if you haven’t tried that¬†¬† i definitely suggest it all right next i’m going¬† to be taking this mauvy terra cotta peachy shade¬†¬† onto the lid i’m just using my finger and we¬† already built down such a beautiful base that¬†¬† really this is so simple i just take my finger¬† pat it down and then as i have less on my finger¬†¬† i kind of just blend upward and we don’t really¬† have to worry about like where’s the matte start¬†¬† where’s the shimmer start it’s just kind of like¬† free-flowing you know i mean this is the type¬†¬† of stuff i do all the time and people will be¬† like what’d you do how’d you do that i’m like¬†¬† i don’t know i use my finger i didn’t it really¬† wasn’t like that much i tend to do these types of¬†¬† like pretty simple looks they’re just my style and¬† what i feel honestly like the most pretty in okay¬†¬† i love it so much now we’re gonna take this center¬† shade um and i’m gonna be using that on the inner¬†¬† corner and the brow bone you guys i’m bringing the¬† brow bone back i used to highlight my brow bone¬†¬† all of the time do you guys remember when that’s¬† what everyone did and then i feel like for a while¬†¬† it kind of i don’t know people weren’t doing¬† it but i think i’ve found a way to kind of not¬†¬† feel like i’m going to prom you know what i mean¬† circa 2008 or something that’s always just like¬†¬† what highlighted brow bones made me feel but i¬† do feel like i’ve found a way to bring it back so¬†¬† i’m going to be taking this just an angled shader¬† or lid brush and i’m taking it into that blissful¬†¬† color and i’m going to be taking that under the¬† brow bone and then i’m blending out a ton because¬†¬† we kind of blended that shimmer pretty far up¬† there’s no like shimmer matte shimmer there’s¬†¬† no like sandwich going on and i find that blend¬† and how it kind of like seamlessly transitions¬†¬† is something that makes it just modern enough that¬† i think it’s really beautiful instead of being¬†¬† outdated and i just suggest going you know again¬† it’s about finessing a little bit of product we¬†¬† don’t need to like do too much don’t do too much¬† and then i’ll usually always take whatever brush i¬†¬† use the big blending brush i just kind of blend¬† so there’s nothing too stark and i really just¬†¬† enjoyed the kind of light and again the lift that¬† highlighting under the brow bone has been giving¬†¬† me all right so i love where this look is at and¬† i don’t think i’m gonna add anything to the lower¬†¬† lash line that’s another thing do you remember¬† the days when we used to just put eyeliner¬†¬† on your lower lash line like no eyeliner anywhere¬† else yeah i used to do that i used to do that kind¬†¬† of keeping the lash line open for me and my eye¬† shape and all that really just helps to keep my¬†¬† eye yeah open and bright but also i feel like¬† sometimes adding a deep shade on the bottom can¬†¬† just kind of drag the eye down a little bit and¬† so i’ve just been enjoying something a little bit¬†¬† more light and again i’m using that word lifted¬† you got me lifted shift and i am in the ceiling¬†¬† do you guys remember that song so far this¬† has been my like normal routine right this¬†¬† next moment isn’t i am going to be doing a winged¬† liner i know i just went off on this whole liner¬†¬† spiel i’m talking about uh pencil liner and i was¬† talking about the lower lash line we’re talking¬†¬† about the upper lash line now totally different¬† this is a pen liquid liner i definitely enjoy¬†¬† this type of liner format like a liquid pen¬† so much control and i remember when it felt¬†¬† like you couldn’t do liner without doing a wing¬† i used to do winged liner all the time every day¬†¬† for work i wore winged liner on my wedding day¬† and since then i’ve stopped for the most part¬†¬† and that’s mostly because i do have hooded eyes¬† and i find sometimes liner can overtake my look¬†¬† if i’m not careful so i thought today for this¬† video though i would try to incorporate the liner¬†¬† even though i don’t have the most practice so¬† don’t judge me okay like i don’t do it every day¬†¬† but when i think of these girls on instagram or¬† like these trendy makeup looks i think there’s a¬†¬† way that we can still do liner but it’s definitely¬† just not the way it was and that’s by doing¬†¬† something a lot more simple a lot smaller we’re¬† not doing like huge wings to the eyebrow right for¬†¬† me i’m going to keep the wing a little bit shorter¬† so that the hood of my eye isn’t kind of like¬†¬† creasing it and kind of warping it i know there¬† are tutorials on doing like a bat winged liner for¬†¬† hooded eyes but i don’t want something so chunky¬† and i don’t want something so heavy so my goal¬†¬† fingers crossed i don’t mess this up guys my¬† goal is to do just like a nice little cute wing¬†¬† something just cutesy you know it doesn’t have¬† to be intense we’re not going to go overboard and¬†¬† i think that’s the way we modernize it i’m also¬† not going to bring it all the way into the inner¬†¬† corner because again i don’t have a ton of lid¬† space and i feel like it’s going to keep the eye¬†¬† open and lifted you get it you guys got it i’d be¬† lying to you if i said i wasn’t nervous right now¬†¬† i am nervous i’m also not trying to like make¬† it too like i’m trying to keep it more straight we got something okay i’m not too proud to say¬† that the wing needs a little work okay that¬†¬† this is me that’s on me and saw me i think i like¬† the way that this one’s looking definitely need a¬†¬† little bit more practice but i hope you can really¬† see how the inside i didn’t bring it very forward¬†¬† and i definitely think that’s one of the best ways¬† to keep liner from looking too heavy on the eye¬†¬† and definitely is like the more modern take on a¬† wing let’s add some mascara and then we can get to¬†¬† the lips i’m going to be using the hd volumizing¬† mascara by oprah you guessed it i don’t do¬†¬† anything that special when it comes to my lashes¬† i don’t do like lashes at all like i don’t add¬†¬† fakies falsies so what everyone calls them¬† i just like my natural lashes oh i’m kind¬†¬† of digging the wing what do you guys think¬† should i do the wing more often i don’t know¬†¬† i think because it’s still light it adds¬† a definition that i’m not used to seeing¬†¬† all the time but since it’s not on the bottom¬† or anything i think it still looks like¬†¬† light and lifted like flirty you have to¬† let me know what you guys think of the wing¬†¬† all right i can’t tell a lie i went in i couldn’t¬† my perfectionism was getting to me and i kind of¬†¬† cleaned up my wing and i’m really liking it i¬† don’t know why i don’t do a wing more i need¬†¬† to make that more of an everyday thing for me¬† seriously all right let’s talk about lips because¬†¬† for me the lip liner i get not a new thing not¬† a new thing not a new thing but i used to like¬†¬† really not care about lip liner i used to not¬† care about it all i used to be like who even¬†¬† used like no give me a lip gloss give me a lip¬† balm give me really just anything and everything¬†¬† else like i just wasn’t feeling lipliner¬† but i love lipliner it’s like changed how i¬†¬† feel about my lips and and i’ve just gotten way¬† better at lining my lips i’ve also been doing¬†¬† a way more i feel like modernized lip shape and so¬† we’re going to talk about that today i’m going to¬†¬† be using the shade in mauve from ofra i love that¬† this is a pencil first off i don’t like twist up¬†¬† lip liners i like it old school i kick it old¬† school i want something that’s not super creamy¬†¬† as in you touch it to your lips and so much¬† pigment goes on i just don’t feel like i have¬†¬† the control i really want to like kind of build¬† that pencil up i want that line to not have to be¬†¬† super sharp immediately i want to kind of build¬† to that sharpness and pencil lip liners do that¬†¬† i also like you know kind of using the edges of¬† pencil lip liners to help feather in the color so¬†¬† love a pencil and over has tons of amazing shades¬† so today i’m going to use mauve but spicy’s good¬†¬† chestnut’s a really nice brown lip liner there’s¬† one called copper which has a little bit of¬†¬† shimmer but again a really nice neutral yeah i’m¬† just i’m just so into lip liner so regardless of¬†¬† what you’re gonna do i think you should start¬† with a lip liner you guys i have been it’s¬†¬† hard to talk while i lip line my lips so i guess¬† i’ll get a shape going and then i’ll talk to you okay so on the bottom of my lip line i draw on¬† the line i don’t draw inside i draw a little bit¬†¬† on the outside it’s not like over lining i really¬† don’t feel like i look like i really overlap my¬†¬† lip but that extra little bit does definitely give¬† me a plumper look which you know is nice and then¬†¬† i do fill in my lips because honestly a lot of¬† the time i will just use lip liner i’ll just use¬†¬† lip liner i don’t use any other lip products i¬† know glosses are popular right now and of course¬†¬† you can use glosses i think you know those are¬† really easy um but i i love this because it’s not¬†¬† uh matte like it’s not as much as like a liquid¬† lipstick but it is more long-lasting i feel like¬†¬† lip liners are meant and usually formulated¬† to really stay on the lips but they’re still¬†¬† comfortable it’s just perfect and i like right¬† now a matte lip i think it just gives such a nice¬†¬† plump lush look to the lips and i do think that¬† it’s nice for masks because sometimes glosses get¬†¬† stuck to your mask so here’s where we do¬† the like more improved modernized lip shape¬†¬† don’t follow your cupid’s bow if your cupid’s¬† bow super pronounced i want you to try to¬†¬† not pronounce it as much so we all have¬† that cupid’s bow but instead of really like¬†¬† lining it and showing that¬† i’m going to kind of in that¬†¬† valley of the mountain i’m going to kind¬† of do something a little softer and we’re¬†¬† not going to see the mountains as much because¬† it’s going to be more of a rounded shape there now depending on your lip shape you’re going to¬† want to work with that i think because if you¬†¬† have super pronounced like how much you round it¬† might differ because i do think that you want it¬†¬† to look still natural and nice in real life if¬† you know what i mean but i definitely have felt¬†¬† so much more confident with this kind of new lip¬† shape i’ve been doing and you can see how i use¬†¬† the side of my lip pencil instead of like the¬† point use the side use that to your advantage and you’re gonna get something really nice i¬† just i love the lip liner you guys oh my gosh¬†¬† i truly never thought the day would come when i’d¬† like a lip liner but i really do now of course¬†¬† on from here on out you can add like gloss or¬† a liquid lipstick on top whatever you want but¬†¬† i would just leave this is every day for me i¬† would leave it here even if you’re just using¬†¬† lip balm too i suggest like put your lip balm on¬† and then just kind of run a little bit on that¬†¬† outer edge with the lip liner just to kind of¬† show that there’s an edge to your lips if you¬†¬† don’t have really pronounced defined lip lines¬† between like your skin and the lip you guys¬†¬† get what i’m talking about it really just adds¬† something so tiny but you can tell you really can¬†¬† tell all right guys so that’s the final look this¬† is like something i would do every day let me like¬†¬† just check it all out it’s something simple yet¬† pretty i’m glad i experimented with the wing and¬†¬† kind of modernized that for myself i do like that¬† as well but i really hope some of the techniques¬†¬† i kind of talked about today can help you if¬† you’re you’re looking to maybe modernize or try¬†¬† something new with how you’re applying products¬† i really really suggest you trying out the blush¬†¬† like see how you like it i know it can seem a¬† little bit scary but start light start really¬†¬† light and then you can kind of build up as you¬† get used to it and that’s like my number one¬†¬† tip because to me it just like has changed how¬† i do my whole face also the highlighter i love¬†¬† i love how i do my highlighters i love how i do¬† my makeup but yeah if you guys have any tips uh¬†¬† for how you feel like you’ve modernized maybe¬† an older technique that you used to do let us¬†¬† know in the comments share the love share the¬† knowledge thank you so so much to oprah for¬†¬† sponsoring this video i really appreciate them uh¬† they’re awesome and of course again if you liked¬†¬† any of the products you want to try them out i¬† will have everything obviously linked down below¬†¬† for you to check out and shop i think you’ll¬† really like the products and yeah other than¬†¬† that thank you guys so so much for watching¬† and i will see you in my next video bye guys


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