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Full Face Drugstore Makeup Tutorial & Affordable Brushes!

Full Face Drugstore Makeup Tutorial & Affordable Brushes!

tiếng anh Hey guys today’s video is going to be on this makeup look right here This is a full drugstore look and I’m also using affordable brushes as well I really like this. Look it’s an intense eyeliner, but everything else is really soft like the soft pink in the crease and The face is really soft as well.

But the eyeliner is very intense It kind of comes in on the inner corners a little bit cat eye ish This is a little bit different for me because I rarely ever wear eyeliner. But after I did this look I’m like eyeliner crazy I love it so I Really really hope you guys enjoy this look and let me know in the comments what you think? So if you want to see how to get this look then just keep on watching.

So I’m gonna prime my eyelids as usual I like primers like this that also work as a base because they cover up all those ugly little veins on my eyelids and That was the la girl pro primer. I’m gonna dip my finger into this white eyeshadow in the Sonia Kashuk eye on neutral palette I’m using my finger because the only eyeshadow I don’t love in this palette is the white one.

It’s a little bit chalky So I like to use my finger Then I’m gonna take this fluffy blending brush from Delhi M tools. I will link all the brushes down below as well So I’m taking this fluffy crease brush from bdellium tools, and I’m applying that pink color Directly in the crease and I am putting this sucker everywhere I want it to very pink in my crease Then I’m gonna take this elf brush and I’m gonna dip it into this cool toned Brown It’s a light cool tone Tannish taupey color and I’m gonna start applying this on the outer V of my eye and bringing it into my crease so I’m just packing it on the outer V and Dragging it into the crease this eye shadow brush is really easy to do that since it’s fluffy but flat at the same time Went back into the Sonia Kashuk palette.

I’m going to take this super topi purplish kind of color and on that same brush I’m gonna just do the exact same things. So on the outer V and then bringing it into my crease I’m using these two shades to kind of you know Create some dimension and so it you know has different colors if that makes sense either I’m gonna take this little trail from Wet n Wild to see walking on eggshells trio and I’m mixing those two shades I was pointing out and I’m gonna apply this on the inner half of my lid using this elf brush This is the one-dollar brush and then I’m gonna dip my fluffy brush again into the deep pink and I’m just gonna blend everything Out sorry.

I feel like I’m moving too that I’m gonna dip that same elf brush into the white Really packing it into the white and applying this to my brow bone as a highlight I’m gonna take this darker Brown in the palette It’s also a very cool tone But I’m applying this bright at the outer V of my eye to create a darkness on the outer corners This is just a darker Brown than the other ones we were using and Then I’m gonna use my NYC liquid liner and I’m gonna apply a very thick wing so what I like to do is I like to draw the line first and then do this and then fill it in so I do that kind of wing first and then I start brushing the little strokes on the inner corners just to connect everything and then Yeah, I got out of frame.

But all I did was fill in that part that make sense I really suck at eyeliner, but I just did my typical wing I go back and I fix it But I just did like a basic think wing do whatever you guys want. You don’t have to do that So I primed my face with a luminous primer and then I’m gonna mix these two foundations.

This is the Maybelline fit me and the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless. I like to mix these two because I have dry skin so sometimes the fit me the original is a little bit too dewy which I do love but Singing it with the new matte and poreless creates a beautiful like natural satin finish I love this combination and I’m using a small stipple brush Stiffle know a small stipple brush from ELF because you have to work in sections with the matte and poreless Because it dries really really fast and then I realized I had no earrings on sale So I’m just working in sections and I love this brush it gets in the nooks and crannies of everything.

I don’t know I really like it. So that’s what I’m doing Then I’m gonna add some concealer to my under eyes. This is the LA girl Pro conceal in natural and Then I’m gonna highlight some more So I’m using the Rimmel conceal and highlight Little highlighter concealer things and I’m gonna apply this all over my face to highlight my face as well I’m gonna use this brush from ELF This is their tapered highlighter brush and I’m gonna use that to blend it all in I really love elf brushes.

The studio line is really affordable and really soft like very soft. I love them So I’m just blending that all in Then I’m going to take my Maybelline fit me powder in 1/35 creamy natural and I’m gonna set my concealer on my face But to set my under eye concealer.

I’m using this elf under eye setting powder I like it because it’s like light reflecting and reminds me a lot of the laura mercier secret brightening powder But it’s three dollars and not like a million then after that I’m gonna finish off my eyes and I’m gonna take that same liquid liner and now I’m gonna start a Connecting this into the inner part of my eye.

Does that make sense? I’m making like a little triangle right in the inner tear-duct and usually I don’t add eyeliner there But I think it creates like a sexy cat eye. Look as you can see right there So that is what I did and I feel like it ties the eyeliner together really nicely So then after that I’m gonna take some black eyeliner.

I have been loving this. This is from NYX It’s they’re like gel eyeliner in black. It’s new. It’s like their new eyeliner. It’s amazing guys. It’s a super black lip with lip So black I really love it I’m gonna take this Ecotools angled brush and I’m gonna dip it into the black eyeshadow and I’m gonna set the eyeliner like Bringing it really really really really close to my waterline.

And yeah, it’s just gonna intensify the eyeliner on the lower lash line So after that I applied mascara to my top and bottom lashes and then I would with some red carry for fifteen lashes Just finish off the eye.

Look, I’m gonna dip this morphe crease brush Into that brown shade and I’m just gonna deep it up the outer corner like that like I’m just gonna apply it really softly right in the outer V kind of in the crease and I feel like it’s just gonna add a little bit more dimension and finish off the eyes So then I’m gonna go ahead and do the rest of my makeup.

Just my face makeup. I’m gonna take this NYX high definition blush in the shade taupe And I’m gonna use this to contour. This is a elf what is this a powder brush from elf like uh I think it’s like a powder foundation brush and I love it for contouring because it’s not too small But it’s not too big This is a very ashy blush like a Toby color.

Very a she’s so perfect for contouring But just to warm up the skin a little bit not too much I’m gonna tip that same brush into my NYC Sun and bronze bronzer in Montauk bronze So just gonna warm it up a little bit because that taupe blush is like great like hella grey like super super ashy So you do have to be a little bit careful After that I’m gonna take this beautiful like tulip style brush from bdellium tools and I’m gonna use this to apply my blush This is the NYX high definition blush in soft-spoken I believe I will leave all the information in the description box it’s a really pretty light peachy color love this blush then of course to highlight my Physicians Formula shimmer strip in Naturally nude and I’m applying that with an elf blush brush to the tops of my cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose And I’m just gonna do my lips this is the Rimmel exaggerate lip liner in natural I believe it’s what it’s called And the reason I’m applying this lip liner is because the lipstick I’m gonna put on top looks Awful without a lip liner underneath because it settles into my lines really badly None of the rest of those lipsticks and that line do but that one kind of settles But I love the color.

So I have to put a lip liner underneath and I’m using the Milani moisture matte lipstick and matte innocence Hey guys, that completes this look I really hope you guys enjoyed it Thank you so much for watching and please subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you in my next video.



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