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Sneak-peek if we were a movie I’ve had this song stuck in my head, and I don’t even know that those are the right words I don’t know why this long is stuck in my head, but it’s been like a month Hey guys, it’s me Sylvia back with another video welcome back to my channel welcome back s-club Aye, okay.

Okay, we got carried away. That’s okay. Today’s video we are going to be doing an affordable drugstore nothing over ten dollar Makeup tutorial mm-hmm you guys really love when I use affordable products on my channel, and I really love affordable products So it’s a win-win.

I’ve done a bunch of like product reviews first impression type of videos recently I haven’t done a makeup tutorial in a while I mean those videos are makeup tutorials too because I always try and create a cute look with those products But today we’re really gonna focus on like the makeup application my techniques how I do the makeup And yeah, also explain why I chose the parts I chose because I really like these products And I think you will too hair appreciation please I took so much time doing this I’m not good at hair, so let’s take a moment She cute right she cute before we get started with the video make sure you are subscribed to my channel I drop two videos a week, and they are great videos if I do say so myself So you don’t want to miss out on them and be sure to hit that little notification bell next to a subscribe button so you Can be notified when I drop those videos.

I’ll stop rambling on well actually that’s a lot We’re gonna ramble on this whole video, but let’s get right into it. I’m also gonna use affordable makeup brushes I’m using all Real Techniques brushes in this video because Real Techniques and like BH Cosmetics are really affordable brushes But they’re still very good very good very good Calm down I know I never really talked about like makeup brushes or the tools that I’m using to apply the makeup So I’m gonna make sure in this video We’re gonna talk about those two.

I think Real Techniques is really good for beginners Especially each of their brushes are actually labeled for what that brush is for So it’s like you know pretty straightforward it tells you. This is a duo fiber Eye brush So what do you use it for? your eyes you know so I like that and they also sell stuff in like sets so this was Like a brow set so you see you have like the angle brush Spooley like they even came with scissors and like tweezers and everything so that’s super super convenient and great for beginners Too if you’re looking for just like affordable little sets I’m pretty sure it this case yeah This case comes with like some of the sets too, so you can hold your brushes and same with BH Cosmetics They have a ton of super affordable sets and even things to hold your brushes in how cute is that? so Those are my recommendations for brushes.

Moving on. So for primer I’m gonna use the wet and wild photofocus face primer dewy And I’ve been liking more dewy luminous hydrating primers just find it gives your skin this really pretty glow underneath your makeup or through your makeup now this one could honestly be used as A body shimmer – or like a body glow because of how luminous it is it’s almost like a liquid highlight But not quite and look at this glow that it gives your skin like it’s insane I definitely wouldn’t use this by itself because it’s actually that intense you see But underneath like a full coverage foundation.

It looks beautiful and makes that full coverage look more natural so for a foundation I have the L’Oreal True Match, an OG everyone knows this if you don’t know it you need to know it They have so many different shades of it I think it’s like 33 so you’re definitely gonna find your shade which is rare for the drugstores And we’re gonna go in with the Real Techniques Beauty sponge I wet it so it’s a little bit damp It’ll give us the best application that way, and we’re just gonna dab that on over top of the primer now This is more of like a light to medium coverage, but it is buildable So if you want more of a natural finish, this is definitely gonna be the foundation for you It’s really good for like an every single day foundation.

You know But if you like the cake and maybe you want something that gives a little bit more than this But I think this gives you enough coverage to where it looks natural But still covers the important stuff that you don’t want shown like you see it.

Just looks like my skin My skin, but better that’s the type of foundation We’re trying to do in 2018 you know I’ll be honest nothing can replace the Beauty Blender for me But this is probably one of the best drugstore Sponges that I have ever used because it doesn’t leave like imprints in your foundation You know it’s still gives you a nice blend usually they’re too hard like this is a decent density It could be softer But it’s still gonna do the job it’s really hard to replicate the Beautyblender you would think it’s literally just a sponge But it’s not there’s like some magic in that thing We’re back to pale Sylvia today You’ve got no self-tanner on I’m gonna try and actually not be a vampire and go out in the Sun and hopefully I look at a natural tan Because I do tan really easily I’m just so pale because I work and stay inside all day filming videos and editing and whatever that foundation doesn’t cover if you do want a lot more coverage in like acne areas I would just Spot treat with concealer and add that extra coverage that way you still get an overall natural kind of your skin but better look but you’re still covering up those pesky areas next up for concealer is a Concealer that I feel like no one is really talking about but it’s affordable It’s great and that is the coverage full coverage concealer firm model zone this brand I’m still kind of getting to know I’ve only tried a couple products from them I think I just got put on their mailers, so they’ve been sending me some products, and I’m really intrigued We’re gonna mix the shades light/medium.

I swear. They need a shade in between me now It’s a huge jump between the two of them. You don’t need a lot It’s such a full coverage very thick formula, and it really reminds me like a hundred percent a dupe for the it cosmetics Bye, bye under-eye which is a very popular concealer.

I feel like there’s no other Drugstore affordable option that kind of dupes that formula that full coverage thick like you know You don’t know I don’t know what that was but you think this is not gonna cover that under-eye you’ll see you’ll wait just wait So let’s blend that out using the expert concealer brush from Real Techniques great Charles is starting to play fort night in the background so you guys know what that means he’s just gonna be yelling this whole time Do you see how that little bit really just covered up? Everything on your under eye now you won’t like this if you like a very lightweight and barely feel It’s their type of product, but if you want that full coverage with is still a very natural finish Then you’re gonna love this, and if you like the buy buy under eye But you don’t like the price then you’re gonna love this, too This would be a great concealer as well to go ahead and do spot treating wherever you need a little extra coverage with your foundation Because it has that really thick consistency.

It looks sure any giant breakout because it’s a very thick formula I like to wait before I set it were the creases to cut its gonna crease like it’s very thick creamy It’s gonna crease I wait for that to form and then I’ll blend it out in a couple minutes And then it’s not going to crease on you at all because you already got rid of that excess product And that’s just a little trick you can do that with like any concealer, but usually with like this type of formula You really should otherwise it’s probably gonna crease on you so moving on to brows I’m using Maybelline for a precise Michael crayon talked about this before I’m going to talk about it again It’s a really great brow product, and if you like that precise tip and you’re gonna Love it because it’s super super tiny at the tip You can really imitate little hairs and get that like micro bladed natural brow look and it gives you so much control So if you want that control and you like to be a little bit more precise with it You’ll like this product if you like something that just kind of covers everything up fills it all in you know something You don’t really have to think about you might like a brow product that has a thicker tip at the end of it So I like to create little fake hairs at the tip of my brow here and kind of extend my brow Inwards it makes them look a little bit longer I just find it frames my face better, and then I’ll go ahead rate the shape at the bottom Just following my natural shape with my brows, and I’ll do the same thing at the top notice I’m going in little whisk motions to make more natural hair like strokes And then I’ll just fill in again only where I need it I don’t end up getting a blocky looking brow and for that price You also get a little brush at the end of it though You can go ahead and blend that product into your natural hairs, and it’s not gonna look like you did anything It’s gonna look like you woke up like this Next up let’s prime our lids, I’ll be honest I don’t have a drugstore primer that I’m like crazy about but I’m gonna be using the elf one Let me know down below if you guys have a drugstore eyeshadow primer that is really bomb and that you stand I stick to my Mac soft ochre paint powder the majority of the time this one’s decent like I Don’t know I feel whatever about it.

It does the trick, but I’m not crazy about it It’s very like thin and kind of slimy go back in with that concealer brush and blend out any of that Creasing that already has started tapping on my under-eye so I can kind of thin out the product there And so when we said it it won’t crease again now, let’s set I’m gonna use my favorite loose powder from the drugstore It is the Maybelline fit me loose finishing powder in the shade fair light comes in different shades So you want to use something depending on your skin tone and also just like my concealer shade I’ll do a little bit lighter So then it can brighten So this is a little bit of a lighter shade than my foundation would be and I’m gonna just pack this on Using the setting brush from Real Techniques, which is a perfect brush for right under there? It’s very difficult to find an affordable setting powder that you can bake with but that Doesn’t give you that film after and give you flash back with flash photography.

I’m also gonna apply Whatever is leftover on my brush just to my t-zone where I normally get very oily because we want a glowing complexion but we don’t want to look like we lost control of the glow or we cooked bacon on high the makeup lady said I have An oily t-zone, so we’re gonna leave that on there to bake what that’s gonna Do is it’s going to lock in your concealer and? Really prevent it from creasing and keep it lasting longer throughout the day all that powder is melting in there It’s also gonna help to brighten once We dust it away, so now we’re gonna move on to eyeshadow, and I’m gonna be using glam reflexion palette from BH Cosmetics I think this one is on sale right now for ten dollars.

Normally. It’s like sixteen So that’s why I still included it in this video, but if you want an alternative to the BH Cosmetics Maybe you can’t find it in store near you can use this, Maybelline Inc Advice and cheek palette because it has very similar colors, and it’s really really great formula as well And it’s at the same price point I think it’s a little bit cheaper than this one So I’m gonna use this shade right here There’s also a really nice huge mirror in this palette so for an affordable palette You still get that like luxury of being able to use a large mirror placing that shadow Bay physically all over the lid But avoiding the outer corner, I’m using the Real Techniques Essential crease brush to get a very flawless blend you want to put your brush down first Wherever you want the most eyeshadows, so I want to really build my shadow on the lid Which is why I’m first placing the brush down there And then as there’s less and less product remaining on the brush you want to go up and outwards into the crease and that’s gonna Give you a more flawless blend and you can just sort of build it from there if you need more product because it’s always easier To add more than it is to take away now.

I’m gonna take this shade in the palette using the shading brush I’m gonna pack that on right on the outer corner closest to my lash line Really, just focusing it right there blend out what we put down there, so I’m gonna lift that up Just a little bit right up to the crease and now it’s time to switch brushes To a more fluffy brush to really get a flawless blend between those two shades You just keep going back and forth between the brushes Until you get the blend that you want so now so we can work on the lower lash line Let’s wipe away all this powder.

You know that fallout. Goes right with it Now I’m gonna take that same kind of salmon pink color that we used all over our lid using Real Techniques Smudged brush, which is so little is perfect for under the eye here, we’re gonna Take that color and smoke out the lower lash line Like I normally do then taking that charcoal block kind of color here that we used on the outer corner I’m gonna put that in with a really detailing brush You’re gonna brush this yeah Detailer brush see I told you they literally tell you exactly what it’s for connect that smoky color right to my lower lash line So there we go.

I’m done with this eyeshadow palette literally two colors. Just blending the crap out of them I really like how it turned out so those shadows are bomb. You can see they blended up perfectly They’re pigmented like for the price.

Yes, BH Cosmetics They did that we are gonna add a little bit of glitz a little bit of glam with my fav know me from colour-pop It’s their luster dust which is really meant to be like a super intense highlight So we’re gonna use it as a glitter topper for my eyeballs I’m gonna kind of just flick the product off my brush and onto my lid Oh you guys got a nice view right up.

My nose there. That’s nice That’s nice. I got a boobie in there Shit anyways so it’s enough to give you just a little bit of sparkle, but it doesn’t leave any color behind So it’s kind of like just a glitter top right now.

Just to really make the under eye even more flawless We’re gonna go in with BH Cosmetics Studio Pro matte finish pressed powder just pack that on right on the inner corner there. This is gonna help to brighten I like to do this step for sure and I’m gonna take photos And if you have like a really deep socket here This is also gonna help to make your under eye look way more smooth This would be like the Brighton step in Kim Kardashian’s conceal baked Brighton set that she does But it’s been like a trick in the makeup industry for so long I actually learned about this when I was working at the Mac counter one of the girls told me to do it like on clients when they were coming in to get their makeup done for pictures like engagement photos or whatever and it’s kind of something that I’ll Do off camera like sometimes if I do my brows off-camera just to save time? I never really take the time to talk about it so next up.

Let’s use some mascara on my lower lashes I’m going to use the covergirl toe-to-toe dirties mascara because it has this really unique to it that you can really get the inner corners and The little shorts pikeys are easy to kind of maneuver underneath your eye without smudging it on your concealer This is the butter bronzer from Physicians, Formula It is just so good and named suits it well cuz it’s like butter very finely milled so it makes it easy to Blend you’re not going to end up with like one big streak has a little bit of a shimmer to it So it still gives you a really nice natural glow and also put some around my forehead Kind of rope around my hairline here This is just gonna make the bronze look more natural cuz obviously the Sun is gonna hit the high points of your face here So if you’re only putting out on your cheeks, you know it’s not very believable that it’s a natural bronze so there you go It’s applied you can see it still has a subtle Sheen.

It is beautiful, and I love this bronzer And it’s affordably we’re gonna use the noemi luster dust from colour-pop that we kind of dusted on our eyelid But we’re gonna actually use it for a highlight now And this is like with the perfect highlight brush because it has like the perfect density for me a fan Brush is like too sparse for me to get that intense like booming highlight that I like so I’m also gonna put that just right There cuz I have a really deep dip in my nose so putting highlight there brings it forward And it makes my nose look more straight.

Also a little bit right on the sides of my forehead here cuz naturally That’s where the light would hit and you want your glow to be Even across your whole face and believable you can even put a little bit on your chin next up We have blush Milani has some of the most beautiful Looking blushes and the best formula, and it’s affordable, so we’re gonna use the Milani hotter blush and romantic rose This is the perfect blush color for me It’s like not too bright pink you know, but it’s not a completely bronzy So it’ll give you a very subtle rosy tint and I also use the Real Techniques blush brush It’s very big and fluffy so it’ll give you a very soft application I’ve been reading in my comments a you guys think I apply my blush, too Heavily which might sometimes you get carried away And I think a large part of that is because I was using a brush that Is like small and dense it was more so kind of like this But now something like this Helps me not get carried away so now for lips.

I have to color pop products I’m going to use one of their lippie stix. This isn’t a shade sure thing and this is the exact same lip pencil It’s a sure thing so now last step is to set everything into place and melt all those powders together using wet and wild photo focus natural finish a setting spray spritz that everywhere And I’m gonna press it into my skin with my Beauty sponge alright guys So this is the final makeup look using all of those affordable products everything was under $10 I hope you guys like how it turned out and learned a little something something With the tips that I showed you today before you go make sure you’re following me on my other social zip because I am very active on everything else and I’m always Unboxing PR packages and asking you guys what makeup you want me to film with and things like that But that’s all for today’s video.

I hope you guys loved it as much as I love you if you’re not yet subscribed Well, how did you actually hold video, but you didn’t subscribe yet come on don’t be Shady subscribe And then watch these other videos of mine get to know me a little bit better Come party s.

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