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FULL FACE OF FLAWLESS In-Depth Makeup Tutorial | NikkieTutorials

FULL FACE OF FLAWLESS In-Depth Makeup Tutorial | NikkieTutorials

Hello guys, it’s me Nikki. Hey a couple of weeks ago over on Twitter @nikkietutorials if you’re not following me someone created this conversation about how this like soft beat is so Popular right now.

You see it on all that like influencers. You see it on all the celebrities and it’s a type of makeup Look where it looks Natural in a very glam and extra way and in that tweet, someone said that I couldn’t do that Just imagine me being on my phone like this like oh my god.

Yes. Oh my god. Yeah girl That is a good Nikki can’t do it. Okay So when I saw that I was like, you know what I haven’t done an in depth of makeup tutorial in so long So today we are going back to our roots sitting down and playing with makeup And I’m doing so in collaboration with Marc Jacobs Beauty as you know, I am their global artistry advisor So this video is in collaboration With them to showcase you a couple of products that I’ve been really really liking and that I’m super proud of that they came out With so if you’re excited about the good old makeup days And if you actually want to see if I’m able to do a perfect soft beat like that then keep watching Alrighty let the in-depth tutorial commence the first product I really want to talk about is youthquake This is a brand new product to Marc Jacobs and I’m really really liking it because I worked with it back at New York Fashion Week when I Joined the Marc Jacobs beauty team to do make a backstage at Fashion Week.

It is a moisturizer that it’s a moisturizer that Perfectly preps the skin for all the paint whenever I plan on doing my makeup and my skin is feeling a little bit dry I like to go in with this really work it in and get that moisture back it like creates the perfect canvas so in here are pineapple enzymes that retexturize and remoisturize the skin now moving on to primer primer is really essential if you want your makeup to last and Before Marc Jacobs had this product right here.

This is the undercover Invisible perfecting coconut primer. So now they came out with this right here. This is the undercover Blurring coconut primer. So this is great at hiding the appearance of your pores You know It evens up the texture it gives you that veil of blurriness and it controls Oils meaning that it will keep your makeup on longer and making it look flawless till the end of the day So I like to take just a tiny bit of this You definitely don’t need a lot and I kind of tap it into the skin tap tap tap and it creates that blurry Filter and it smells amazing.

It smells like coconut So if you love coconuts you are in for a party But why I like this so much is usually when it comes to like blurring primers They become super matte, which is a good thing because that will keep your makeup on longer But they also dry out my skin and I have the type of skin that dries out very quickly I have combination skin and this thank God doesn’t do that for me So thank God I collaborated with the brand that like gets it.

Let’s see, especially my nose It looks a blurred it looks like there’s a filter on top of it. Okay, so the groundwork has been done I’m primed. I am ready for all the makeup. I’m ready for all the paint.

Let’s go in with foundation now I you guys know I love this one. This is my makeup revolution. It is the conceal and defined foundation. That is the foundation I’m going to be going in with today just full coverage.

It looks like skin It looks beautiful now a little trick since summertime is here you can add in a couple of luminizing drops and I think it’s fun to let you know that if you love the Marc Jacobs dewdrops and do you There’s a brand new color for my dark skinned divas out there This is the new color.

Look at that is a lot more tan a lot more deep. This is Tantalized okay Let’s start working that into the skin and make sure that if you want full coverage from your product to tap That sponge onto the skin.

So no smearing no Dragging up and down short tapping motions. Look at that. Ooh It’s got a beautiful healthy shine to it. The skin is looking right The forehead baby because my forehead has been a problem area But it’s I woke up this morning and it cleared up a lot So I was like, okay.

This is a good makeup day honey Ooh Yeah, look at that face honey look at the face I Love makeup so much for concealer today. I’m using the elf flawless concealer So I always start tapping at the bottom of the concealer first To make sure that everything that’s like sort of on my cheeks is blended to perfection like that Look at that Oh flawless and then you look up and you barely tap underneath the eye So you get the most coverage? Hey Jackie ina.

Thank you for the tip honey. Barely tapped the under I like straight to the lashes So it remains the most coverage? Ever and then I’m gonna set everything using my fancy Beauty Pro filter powder and butter.

I Quickly went off camera to do my brows and to do the first eye and as you can see it is a very Smokey sculpted summer and like any season really type of look I mean when you look at all the inspiration one thing that really speaks to me is that Overall, the look is very matte when it comes to the eyes There’s a lot of bronziness going on on the skin and a lot of Dew and glow but when it comes to the eyes It is fairly matte and very sculpted And now remember miss tutorials over here has hooded eyes and I love this technique because you go beyond the line You go beyond the skin and sculpt your own dream, really? So let’s start it off.

Let’s Optimus Prime The palette I’ll be dipping into today is my color pop and Becky G and this is Salvaje and going in with this color Right here. And that is called Carmelo. And with this we’re gonna build our structure.

I pick up the color on a morphe M 4-3-3 brush And I start placing it. I look straight into my mirror. So not like down or up I look straight into my mirror and I place that color on the outside of my crease, but above my crease This is the first tip if you’re following your own natural lines If you have hooded eyes like I do it’s it’s all just gonna fall down and nobody’s gonna see it So we got to go in and create our own height So I look forward and I go above where my natural crease is and I start stamping in That color now.

Like I said, this look is very sculpted So I’m also bringing it onto the lid and blending it in towards the eye more towards the lashline for a smoky liner look then I go ahead pick up more and placed it right here in the outer corner cover that entire lid and now you see that the outer portion of your eye is completely Covered but we need to find our angle and I think the best angle for like a wing out Sculpted shape like this is by just following the waterline.

So like right there Okay, now that you’ve got that outer corner down it is time to build more structure in your Crease so just softly I pick up more of that color and I start bringing it in Towards the center of my eye Just using soft circular motions.

I’m barely touching the skin and see we’re going in baby. I’m bringing it in but almost slanting up Towards like this portion of the brow We’re basically hitting that so we’re going up up up honey. Then we’re gonna do something scary, but have faith We’re talking about makeup here, but have faith.

We’re gonna go up onto that brow to like the the first third of the brow and then down towards this portion of Sort of like the the side of the nose bridge So basically the shape is like going out like a cat shape Into the crease up to that brow down towards this portion here.

Does that make any sense? The most scary part is getting it into that brow. I’m blending into my brow and Bringing it towards this nose line. We call it here Now a little trick is to sort of like smush it into the front of the brow so You know where you’re going little circles into the front of the brow Brushing downwards do the magic for you then I pick up a morphe m562 and i’m placing that brush flat against my skin and From that sort of structure you want to kind of scratch above it to create your fade This by holding the brush like this against the cheek and sort of like waving at the blend You’re giving it that soft haze I’m barely touching the skin too and for this outer corner here since we’re doing that pulled out shape Really softly fade that out from that same palette.

I’m taking the dark brown called cafecito cafecito pasito~ I don’t know what that means but I’m saying it And one thing I’ve definitely also noticed is that the outer corner and the lash line are like a smoky sultry dark crack I’m just a drop your brush.

So I’m definitely gonna use that color to darken that outer portion up a bit Tapping it on As soon as you take a dark color like this and you start swirling it onto the eye you will have fallout 4 days Honey, so be cautious Drama Yes Okay for the lid I’m not taking Luna that matte white sort of like really like deja light shade and You can opt for a shimmery shade here.

I just love the beauty of Having an all matte eye With this type of look. I don’t know. It’s it’s like really hitting all the fields for me So I’m just setting that portion that we haven’t really done much with yet with this shade You can go all the way up and kind of reinforce The contrast between light and dark see what I’m doing.

I’m giving it back that Now I’m taking the dark brown color cuff acetal and I’m stamping it on to where I would normally apply a liquid liner So on to the lash line and this creates very very soft but effective Smoked out lash lines then for the lower lash line, I take caramello and I just stamp it on and Don’t drag it in too far because with a lot of the shapes on the bottom I’m seeing a lot of darkness towards the corner and then as it fades in on the lower lash line it becomes lighter and lighter so I’m definitely Channeling that so now that I’m reaching that outer corner here and going in with cafecito and Bringing the sculpted drama.

I Think it is super important to Connect the lower lash line to the outer corner here to make it one Down and then another thing I think is vital to this look is opening up the waterline using a nude or white pencil My favorite is by car pop the cream gel liner and this one is in the color honey, dude Okay, that is it’s sculpting wise and shadow wise now pop on your favorite pair of lashes and bottom Mascara and I’ll be right back.

Alright time for the cheeks and the face portion is Really really important to this look because when you look at all the inspiration a lot of structure is happening on the eyes But even more structure is happening on the face.

So I’m going in with my Marc Jacobs bronzer in tantric But I do want to let you know that along with the dewdrops they’re also now is a deeper shade of bronzer This is also in the shade tantalize and yeah, dark-skinned divas.

Hello. So a lot of the warmth is happening around Here, so the forehead is sculpted to the heavens and a lot of warmth is almost on the spots where you would highlight So that is what we’re doing today.

Grab my mother take up speranza and then Really high up. Like I’m on my Highlighting spot I started swirling in that warmth You don’t want to take it too far in about like halfway of the cheeks, but keep it high up, baby And Then if you have a large Forehead ten head like I do you’re gonna love this trend because we are here to cut it in half guys How do you feel about the in-depth sort of makeup tutorial that I’m doing today it? It brings me back.

I feel like I don’t do them as much anymore because there’s basically not a lot of demand for it So I hope that you guys are liking it. Even if it’s just a little less of a bunch than usual So yeah Let me know how you think these videos are and if you still enjoy them one super important thing is to contour the nose Like nobody’s business a contour perfected nose than this look is vital so I take my brush that has my bronzer and I just kind of Scratch it over it to give myself that warmth I I just focus on getting that color and that shape first and I will focus about the shape after Once I start carving it out, but it’s missing that connection from that inner portion to the nose contour So it take a fluffy brush and I just connect That inner portion of the eye to the nose To give myself that structure.

So like I said now it just looks like warmth now It just looks like a blob of bronzer on the nose so I’m gonna take a face powder and a dry Beauty sponge and Carve out the sides and the top to give its shape So I almost come from that inner corner and drag it onto the sides of my nose, so Inner corner drag it down And I’m also gonna take a little bit and applied red here on the bridge To get that seat and now you’ve got a very sculpted nose, but of course, you don’t know leave it like this That’s a little a little extreme.

So I take a big face brush and I kind of dust away The edges and that leaves you with a perfectly contoured snatched nose Without all the fuss without like drawing lines and blending out the lines. It’s a quick way to get a perfect snatched nose now going in with a whisper of Max blush in peaches and also more up towards the side not really on the Apple We’re really creating this like slanted structured face So more two words where the bronzer is two for highlighter today I’m going in with the Wet n Wild mega glow highlighter in bloom time Oh Deadly you know that sort of do is always going on so I’m also popping the slightest bit on my forehead on the chin And of course, I’m gonna do the tip of my nose Now it’s time for another iconic portion of the look overdrawn penciled nude glossy lips you see him on Everybody lip pencil has really made its comeback and we’re all using it to just create the illusion So I’m going in with the makeup forever artist pencil in anywhere caffeine It’s one of my favorites because I love the tone and I love the the formula of these pencils now what I’m seeing a lot is that a lot of artists just Create like a half circle here at the Cupid’s bow.

I don’t necessarily Like that look on me. It’s a little too much because I’ve got my little ears going on is like it’s like a lot Okay, that’s a lot But I do love to kind of go over the edge when lining my lips to give myself that extra pout So I always pull my lip in like this like huh? And then just kind of create the McDonald’s line on my Cupid’s bow Like that now, of course you can go bigger you can create that half circle right here, but I Like it like this now, I’m just gonna frame the lip For lipstick I’m taking the k’kaw Beauty nude lipstick and number one You want this to be nude, honey? So I definitely bring it up to that lip liner I think it’s weird if you just stay below it and it’s sort of just like sitting there So blend this and with the contours you just have flex to those lips and all do you see the fantasy coming along? Now I will say you eat there love that look or you hate it I feel like there’s no in-between I hopefully Loehmann’s I’m really excited about this Marc Jacobs Beauty has come out with a special edition Glitter colored enamour’d lip glosses enamoured with pride.

It comes in a special pride packaging and this color here is This color here. It’s called pink parade and look at that glitter. Look at that shine. It’s gonna go perfect with this Glossy nude lip trend and fur gloss definitely bring it all the way to the edge Boom some setting spray and we’re done and That is it guys I feel like this is the one of the very highly demanded looks that I see going around lately And I absolutely love it and to that one person on Twitter that said that I couldn’t do it Hi, it was also great to be able to showcase you a couple of the new Marc Jacobs beauty products available at Markakis Beauty calm And Sephora calm so uh, yeah without any further ado.

Let’s go on to the Dutch word of the day For today, I thought it was pretty difficult, but I came up with one sultry boo Boo I don’t I don’t know how to bring it to you fool that I look you’ve got going on is so school if you Want to be featured in my next video? All you have to do is leave a comment down below Featuring the Dutch word of the day or leave a video response on instagram under the hashtag Dutch word of the day and I thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed let me know if you want more in depth makeup tutorials back on my channel And I love you and hopefully I will see you guys on the next one


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