Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel. You guys for today’s video I am literally doing something that I’ve wanted to do for so long now, this has been on my video idea list for like a million years I don’t know why I’ve never gotten to it.

I think I’ve been too scared of the idea. But you know what? I love a good sister challenge and for today’s video, I went to Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, every craft store I could possibly find and I’m gonna be getting fully ready hopefully, using all art supplies.

At this point I feel like I’m literally a broken record saying like, “Oh my god I started doing makeup for the art.” We get it James, you think you’re talented. Hoo! Art has always been a huge huge, huge passion of mine–it is what got me into makeup, but even before doing makeup I was always drawing, always painting, always coloring.

So a lot of the materials I have here in front of me such as chalk pastels paint brushes, watercolors, face paint and sponges I am definitely not a stranger to, but they usually do not go on the face I think this would be a really fun and potentially dangerous challenge.

Hopefully I don’t get a break out from using this stuff on my face, but you know what? That’s why it’s called a challenge, i guess. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the video! For foundation today, I got this tempera paint but upon reading the label it says ‘WARNING: not safe for consumption.

Can cause cancer’ Great, so this is not happening today. I’m just gonna use my normal foundation and powder, but I did find these natural fine sponges at the craft store. So Beauty Blender? Never heard of her.

We’re gonna use a natural fine sponge today. I just went ahead and dampened and then rung out my Beauty sponges in the sink I’m gonna grab my Too Faced Born This Way in the shade ‘Warm Nude’ you guys know this my all-time favorite and I’m gonna put it on my Artiste Palette today when I think of artists why is like the first thing to come to mind a little French man with a beret and a little mustache, painting on a little easel.

Oui, oui! I am an artiste. Okay for a foundation brush today I’m gonna use this one, an actual paint brush, and I’m going to get my little palette and brush it on. Oh The brush and then apply it to the canvas.

Oh my god Low-key why does this apply really really nicely. Hello? What’s going on? To my fellow beauty gurus out there who may be watching this video I don’t ever want to hear a single one of y’all ever say again I’m just gonna paint this on until you’re using an actual paintbrush Surprisingly, this is like not that bad.

Can’t forget to blend down the neck–ohoho that tickles, that tickles you’re kidding Then I’m just gonna take one of my own natural Blending sponges and dip it into the excess product on the palette and use that to kind of stipple it in Oh my god.

This is kind of working. Picasso is gonna be trembling in his grave Can I say that? is that offensive? For concealer, of course I’m gonna grab my Tarte shape tape and this is in the shade ‘light neutral’ and I’m gonna put it oh on my little palette.

I need to stop doing that right now. And then to apply it, I’m gonna use this filbert 8 brush This literally looks like a morphe m224 Conspiracy-theory morphe brushes are just artist brushes repackaged.

Whoa low-key. Why is this brush like really good? This is definately staying in my collection for half cut-creases. You’ve got to be kidding me. Okay, once again Beauty sponge to blend it all out. now that my face is all set in place, I’m going to set it using another Natural sponge and then it’s the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder .

this I’m actually scared about okay I’ll put it in there. Oh God. So now that we have the base all down in set in place We can finally start building on top of it using our art supplies so for contouring I think I’m gonna go into this 48 colors soft chalk pastels Kit and hopefully find a warm tone a contour shade in here If I can get this open, okay, so we have our two sets of pastels right here the way it was packaged made it look like there were more inside and there’s not so our contour options here are very very limited as you can tell.

The only two shades that may help us out are this very bright Burnt orange and this very very dark brown This could be where it goes bad. To contour my face today, I’m going to use this masters touch oil and acrylic number 430 round mop brush Once again morphe.

Is there something you’re not telling us? Okay, maybe if I like scrape off -Oh my god- Some of the pigment. Oh, there we go. Okay. This might work. bingo! We’ve cracked the code, ladies. I’m just gonna scrape off a little bit of the burnt orange shade as well, so we have, like, a blush situation.

I’m gonna grab my round mop brush and dip into those two pigments. tap off the excess and hopefully Wow, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, who? Kat Von D shade and light palette, who? Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit? Never heard of her.

Okay. Clearly we’re going for a Beachy sunkissed look today That’s what we’re going for. Yes, correct. I absolutely love that I’m complaining about my face being orange when I just used this To contour.

Oh god, I’m gonna attempt to contour and snatch my nose today using the, once again, oil acrylic 425 Oval mop brush. Once again, this is literally a fluffy crease brush. What is going on? Say a silent prayer for me on this one Oh, okay.

Not the worst but definitely not the best I’m gonna grab some more chose as a setting powder and another Natural sponge and just use this to bake my face, to not only lock everything in place, But also hopefully bring back a little bit of my natural skin tone because this is a little spooked mcgooked.

*soft piano music* All right so while we’re baking in the oven, we’re gonna move on to the next step which of course, is going to be my eyebrows and You guys know I usually live for a good brow pencil, but what I don’t like using is brow powder So I’m gonna take a break from the acrylics for a short second.

Today I think I’m gonna use these watercolors. just gonna grab the little paintbrush that came in the set and dip into my little cup of water dip into the brown shade, which is very very Warm. Oh god.

This could be bad. I’m also gonna grab some black too, because That sounds scary. Okay, here we go. This could be good Then I’m just gonna apply it using an angled brush that I found once again at the art store.

Oh, oh, oh my god I love that. I am literally slaying this challenge what is going on? Yo, why is that brow lowkey fire? Oh I love this challenge. Oh my god! You’re literally kidding me. Wow I am the queen of makeup.

invented glam. The other gurus could never! yeah, they could. Once again Anastasia Beverly Hills, Who? This challenge surprisingly is going very very well so far. All right so now that the brows are all done it’s time to move on to the eyeshadow and I’m really really excited for this obviously this is the part that I can really shine in! you guys know I love colorful eyeshadow looks and I feel like I literally have the morphe 35b here sitting in front of me actually You know what morphe 35b, sweetie.

I am so sorry use code “James” for 10% off, but you know what? This could be a really really great second alternative, so I’m just gonna go in and start going ham and see what we can come up with I guess I’m gonna go ahead and scrape all my colors in the beginning to get the pigments ready for you So I’m first gonna start off with this yellow shade that I’m gonna use I think in the crease.

I’m gonna grab this orange shade, Then this red shade, then this cranberry shade, then this purple shade and then finally just a little bit of the black All right. This is what we got going on. Let’s see what we can come up with.

Oh, There it is. despite the fact that these are literally raw pigments going onto my eyeball, I’m actually surprised at how not pigmented they are and how much I actually have to layer them up But I feel like we can definitely make a some form of really cute eye look with this.

I’m just gonna layer in some red into the crease. Oh That’s pigmented. Okay, we’re getting somewhere. We’re getting somewhere. I really want to try to do a sunset halo eye with these colors It’s literally one of the hardest color combinations to do and it also uses a lot of different colors.

So It’s a challenge. Next, I’m gonna grab this number six round blender watercolor brush literally a pencil brush. Use code “James” for 10% off. Morphe? Something you want to tell us here? I’ve definitely noticed that the best way to get color payoff is to definitely pack the color in first and Then kind of blend it out later if you go in and try to like layer up like I would normally do eyeshadow It doesn’t really show up that much and obviously when it comes to a sunset halo eye, we kind of need that pigmentation there So definitely pack and then blend if you’d ever be doing this I don’t know why you’d ever need this technique ever in your entire life.

Unless you’re gonna get ready using art supplies, but I’m just being the guru that I am I want to go ahead and cut out the center of this crease and plop some glitter and more shadows on there So I’m just gonna grab that rounded concealer brush.

Once again. Oh my god, I literally love this brush This is 100% getting added to my regular collection Okay, the one major downside to using chalk pastels for your eyeshadow The fallout. for the lid, I picked up these ultrafine glitters from the craft store Now, of course you guys know glitter, unless it is cosmetic grade, should not be used on the eyes But you know what? most of these products probably should not be use of on the eye, so, don’t call this advice, but I’m gonna pop this gold one right on there I’m literally in love with how this is looking so far like, hello? This is definitely a good sister eye look.

So I think I want to add a winged liner. I’m getting real confident ,clearly, but you know what? This looks good So I’m gonna grab this ace paint that I got and this is body safe, Thank God, so I’m gonna grab the black shade and do my best to put on a good and fresh sister wing liner *sirens wail* The sirens.

My eyeball may or may not be burning a little bit right now, but you know what? That’s a wing. And it’s ready to cut somebody. I am literally honestly impressing myself right now. I literally feel like the Kris Jenner meme.

I’m gonna try to dust away some of this fallout. Oh, thank god Okay wig! for the lower lash line, why not? Let’s do a pop of color. I’m gonna describe this a blue chalk right here, scrape a little bit of it off and plop it on there.

Alright sisters. That is one eye all complete I did not plan on going this intense, but I’m literally loving this so far I’m gonna go to do the other one off-camera quickly and just really really get in the zone.

Just be a true Artiste and I’ll be right back to finish off the rest of the look. all right sisters! I am back Those are both eyes all complete. I just went and threw on a Lily Lash Miami, my all time favourite! And then also my Mac extended play mascara.

Sorry, Love you guys the most and love this challenge the most but I was not taking a chance getting a sty by using some wonky products on my eyelashes. I digress. The next step. favourite step of all of the routine is going to be the glow and before we get into this I’m gonna give these a quick spritz of Mac Fix+ I have not had a chance to melt everything in so we’re feeling a little bit cakey right now get it? Badum-shhh Baking joke! Craft store! Anyway, that was the worst.

Now if you’re not familiar with baking, this is called lustre dust. It is basically an edible, shimmery powder That goes on top of cupcakes to give them a nice shimmery sparkle something that, thank god, is edible that’s gonna be safe with the skin and I’m going to use this for my highlighter today It’s literally the only shimmery product I can find I hope the color works for me and I’m just going to put this on and live my fantasy just like every other 13 year old gay boy, thinking he was gonna be the next star cupcake maker.

Oh, You have got to be kidding me Oh, My god You’re kidding me. Oh my god, Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘So Hollywood’, who? I only know sunny side-up bakery lustre dust. Oh I’m speechless Oh, that does not look good, though.

You know what we’re going to have to make it work Okay, wow, I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit disappointed by the highlighter Of course, it looks really pretty when the light is hitting it, like, hello? Love that.

But when the light isn’t hitting it It’s definitely way too dark. This is the only shade they had available I feel like you guys were all sitting at home being like, wow How is James ever gonna make himself glow from within and have a blinding highlight using art supplies, when I’m sitting here Like wow, I have luster dust and was ready to have you all shaking but not with this glow.

especially this nose contour situation Oh, you’re all doing just fine. Last, but certainly not least, the one thing we’re missing is the lipitty-do-dahs So for this look I feel like I would do a red lip I think this will match very nicely with all the colors we have going on So I’m just going to use the red face paint from the kit before Alrighty, you guys I think this is today’s look and the whole face using only art supplies challenge is all complete! Oh my god.

I am literally obsessed with how this turned out. Holy crap I’m sure you guys will let me know in the comments, but for me personally, at least I think I absolutely killed this. And never again do I ever want to hear anybody say makeup isn’t an art.

If somebody says that, send them this video. Perfect win to any argument. If you guys enjoyed this video today please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below I literally had so much fun doing this and if you guys try this challenge at home, please tweet me a picture.

Also, please be very very very careful most art supplies are, obviously, not for consumption. I’m definitely not recommending anything. Please check the warning labels before you put anything on your face or your eyes.

But this was so much fun to do today and I’d love to see what you guys can come up with if you’re safe. if you’re not already, Don’t forget to click that big red subscribe button down below come join the sisterhood It’s a pretty lit time and also click that bell icon so you can be notified every time I upload a brand new video if you like to follow me on my make-up journey, and see what other crazy art pieces I can produce, don’t forget to check me out on Instagram and Twitter.

They’re both just jamescharles and my snapchat for behind the scenes and stuff it is jamescharles with an extra s after charles (jamescharless) this video’s sister shoutout goes to sister Alora Thank you so much for always following me and supporting me I love you so so so much and if you at home would like to be the next video’s sister shoutout, Don’t forget to always retweet new video links when they go live on Twitter.

All right sisters. Thank you so much for watching Don’t forget to always release your inner artist whenever you can! I love you and I will see you in the next one. Bye!


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