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Full Face of ULTA BEAUTY Makeup!

Full Face of ULTA BEAUTY Makeup!

– Welcome back my lovelies. Today I’m gonna play with ULTA collection makeup. I’m excited. I bought a full face of makeup, so let’s just jump right in. First step, we have their moisturizing primer spray and this is paraben-free, it’s vegan and it has hyaluronic acid for moisturizing.

Whoa, that actually smells really bad. What is that? (inhales deeply) Smells like plastic water. Just gonna pat this in very gently. Then we have foundation. I picked up the ULTA beauty they’re adjustable coverage foundation.

It’s a wet or dry pressed powder formula, very intriguing. And the thing is I purchased this online to go pick it up at my local ULTA, and they gave me a wrong shade. Hopefully, mixing these two together will give me a pretty good color.

We’re gonna go in with a dampened sponge, we’re actually gonna use their’s is right here, it’s damp. And I am just going to just dive right in with the sponge. I’m just going with a little bit of this color and then we’re gonna go with the medium color kind of on top, just to mix these colors together.

I wanna see how much it layers, But honestly, look at that already, right? – [Andrey] Yeah. – Kind of got rid of that redness right away? I’m gonna go in again. I mean, it definitely looks a little powdery.

[Andrey] – Flawless – But it looks pretty good from far away. – [Andrey] And it’s interesting that you can use it as a powder and as cream. – It definitely does not feel creamy. (chuckles) – [Andrey] No? – I mean, even on my face, it feels dry right now.

You know what, I’m gonna wet it with the primer. All right, let’s go in with a little bit of this color right here. It’s not bad, but I feel like it’s just taking the coverage away as I’m trying to apply coverage, maybe it just, I’m not liking the wet ’cause it does not feel creamy.

My face feels super dry. It feels soft but dry at the same time. Let’s move on to eyebrows. And I’ve picked up this pencil right here. Their ultra slim brow pencil, in ash taupe. It has a brush of spoolie on one side and then it has the pencil on the other side.

And this pencil just kind of reminds me of like the Anastasia Beverly Hills, her original pencil the Benefit pencil. I mean, you can find any kind of these pencils anywhere. (chuckles) Do you feel better baby? Emorett is pooping on camera.

Feels very creamy. Feels like it’s matching pretty good with my eyebrow hairs. If anything it’s a tad bit dark and a little bit warmer. But I like the pencil, it’s creamy, but also nice and stiff where you can be a little bit more precise with the tip.

All right, done with the eyebrows. I’m gonna set them using their brow tint and I got shade light. Whoa, this is dark actually, whoops! Whoa, that’s interesting. – [Andrey] It’s very dark. – And the shade is light.

(chuckles) Well, that went downhill real quick. I’m now gonna make sure it’s matching on this side. Okay, let’s move on to concealer. Like I said the concealer is liquid. So I got two shades. I got fair cool and light cool.

Nice doe foot applicator. This looks like a good shade actually. And I like to smell everything. This actually doesn’t have a scent, that’s good. And I’m gonna use a dampened sponge. I’m just gonna use the other one.

It came in a pack of two. I might need to kind of build up the coverage here just in case. The concealer seems pretty good. I like it. It’s like a very light weight, but it gets the job done it looks like it.

It doesn’t seem like it’s reacting weird with the foundation. So that’s good. Yo, these brows, I can’t get over. (chuckles) You know what? I’m not liking the foundation on the cheeks. I feel like the more I’m going over with the dampened sponge without coverage, it’s just taking it away.

So I’m gonna apply a little bit of concealer to the cheeks. To set that concealer, I’m going to use their HD powder, I have their medium powder brush even though I feel like I don’t need to set the concealer.

It looks pretty good but I wanna make sure it looks good on top or yeah, on top of the foundation. The HD powder really helped set everything in place and kind of blurred everything out. I’m just looking a little heavy like a little cakey, which I’m not liking.

Let’s do the mascara. And this one was rated really good, this is their twisted volume maximum performance mascara. So you have this little switch or this little dial you have number one to number four.

Number two, three, and then four. Let me see the difference here. So it literally twists the wand. So you have it like straight. Once you go to two, three, and then four, it makes it really twisty. That’s very interesting.

Okay, so let’s go with one to four. I’m gonna first layer one. It’s a pretty big wand, it’s kind of thick. So it’s very easy to get it around your eyes. Whoa, if you’re not careful. I’m just getting mascara everywhere.

I feel the twisting method is kind of grabbing the lashes a little bit more. I’m on number two. We’re just gonna go all the way up to three. Last but not least, number four. Yeah, the twisting definitely helps kind of grab on those lashes and deposit the mascara.

Wow, okay, that’s cool. But yeah you gotta be very careful ’cause it’s a big one and those bristles are very kind of sharp. All right, so let’s go on to the rest of the base. I have bronzer, I got their baked bronzer.

It’s also a wet to dry buildable formula I had their number 12, no 21 bronzer brush. Just very gently gonna work that onto my brush. I’m just very gently kind of swirling that onto my face. And this brush is really nice, I like it, but the bronzer, I don’t, I’m not liking it.

It looks a very muddy so far in the color. It’s a little bit like it’s a baked bronzer. So there’s shimmer and a lot of sheen to this. I’m trying to apply that on a very high points of my cheeks. I mean the color is not bad but because there’s so much sheen, I’m not liking it.

Let’s move on to blush. And these blushes looked a lot lighter online than they do in person. So I got Sweet As Honey and then Blush Crush. So let’s go with Sweet As Honey. It’s a little bit more of a neutral kind of a mauvy actually.

This one just looks really rasberry-esque and I’m using their blush 22 brush and this does have very light, like golden shimmers in it. I’m just gonna have very rosy very shimmery cheeks. It’s actually quite pretty.

I like that. I’m gonna use a little bit of the other shade, the Blush Crush. I feel like this is a very forgiving blush. You can kind of layer it on (chuckles) without looking very clown like Just gonna go in back with that first sponge that I used for the foundation.

Just gonna make sure everything’s blended in right. I’m just gonna finish my mascara, my lower lash line. I’m gonna go on number three. Okay, moving on to the lips. I got two lip liners. I got Mocha and then I got Rosewood.

That’s what it’s called. Let’s go in with Mocha first. Kind of wanna see how this is gonna look like very creamy and pigmented, I like it. I’m gonna try a little bit of Rosewood to kind of layer on top.

It’s honestly like my lip color, but even more intense. Okay, and then for lipsticks, I got two colors. We’ll see which one I go with, social status and then precious pink and then actually another color barely there.

So let’s go with barely there first. That’s kind of pretty. And then I wanna layer social status on top. I’m gonna blend that in with my fingers. All right, last but not least, I’m gonna apply there Wanna Be Free makeup setting spray and this is their control shine.

I should have gotten the other one, but this is the one that I purchased. (chuckles) Aggressive spray there Going with that same sponge that I used at the beginning, Very gently kind of go over that, Okay, what do we think? I think it looks great.

I think I look very airbrushed. I still look a little bit powdery but I mean, that’s the foundation. I’m not sure about this, wet to dry formula. I just wanted to really test it out because the reviews were so, so high and so positive.

I really like the mascara which I’m really shocked about, beautiful mascara. I’m definitely excited to keep playing with it The eyebrow, I like the pencil. I don’t like this right here. It’s way too intense for me in color.

So I’m not gonna use that. I just gonna use a nice clear gel from now on, but this pencil don’t hate it. I think it looks a little bit warm but I feel like I can play with it. I really like the brushes that I picked up.

I think they’re really nice. Very easy to, everything was very blendable. The sponges are very, very dense. So keep that in mind. If you’re going for a cheaper beauty sponge, definitely go for the e.l.

f. It’s very, very fluffy, very light. And I feel like it’s probably one of the best besides the original beauty blender. The baked bronzer, it’s not my favorite. I think it’s maybe a much better kind of like a topper bronzer where you’re applying your matte contour, and then you apply the baked bronzer kind of on top to add a little bit of kind of like warmth and a little bit of glow ’cause you can definitely see that glow in my forehead.

You can see the glow on my cheeks, but I actually don’t hate it. I think it’s beautiful. I like these blushes. I wanna pick up some more colors but keep in mind the are a little bit darker in real life as opposed to what you see online, but I’m not mad.

And I really, really, really enjoyed the concealer. I think the concealer is stunning. This is their full coverage liquid concealer and it’s waterproof. I’m definitely gonna keep playing with these a lot more.

And I really enjoyed the lip products. Very easy to work with. And none of these have any scent to them except for this right here. This one had the most scent and just it smells like chemical, smells like plastic water, but everything else doesn’t have a scent to it.

All right, I’m gonna keep you guys updated. Hopefully do one or two updates and we’ll see you guys very soon. The last and final update, honestly, not bad, for a powder foundation is still looks almost exactly the same as when I applied it.

I think I’m getting a little bit shiny right here. I’m kind of feeling the oils starting to kind of come through and it’s starting to break apart around the nose right here. And it’s starting to look very cakey and then right around here.

And then if I’m doing this you can kind of see the lines getting stuck but I just kind of just kind of wipe it away in a way and it kind of goes away. But mascara I’m quite impressed with. And I think the formula’s pretty nice.

The only thing I want to say, it’s a little bit dry. I don’t have any raccoon eyes It’s not smudging but it’s a little bit flaky. The eyebrows, (chuckles) the eyebrows. It’s not the actual eyebrow pencil, it’s the eyebrow tint.

It’s a little bit too dark for me, but otherwise everything else the cheeks, I think, look very beautiful. The only thing I think the bronzer I don’t like it on its own. I wish I got a contour underneath it.

And this was like on top, but honestly I’m pretty happy with everything besides this right here. I don’t like the foundation. I know that it’s almost like five stars and it has almost 1900 reviews but I just, I don’t think I’m a powder gal.

For a pressed powder, I think Make Up Forever still takes the cake. It’s such a flawless, beautiful foundation but it only lasts five to six hours on my skin. And then it just goes downhill. Just like every other powder foundation.

All right guys, if you shop at ULTA what is your favorite product that you always go to, always repurchase? But for now guys, thank you for watching, spending time with me and I’ll see the next one very soon, bye.

(Blows kiss)


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