Hey guys so for today’s video I have a full face of wet and wild makeup I’m gonna be doing the one brand tutorial I’ve been wanting to do a one brand tutorial for ever and what better than went in wild I own so many wet and wild products like I didn’t have to go to the store to buy any of these I already had them in my collection I love wet and wild there’s such an amazing brand you guys like I’m obsessed with them I feel like they’re probably my favorite drugstore brand so many of their stuff are like my Holy Grail products I didn’t just use these products like just for the video you know what I mean I actually use these products a lot of the times as a part of my makeup routine like I love them so in a way this video is also kind of sharing my wet and wild favorites which I really love but yeah I pretty much just did a really classic matte smokey eye for this look I absolutely love it this skin is matte but it still has a beautiful glow in the right areas like this highlight is pop and you guys I can’t wait to share kind of all the steps techniques and all the products I shared with you guys so if you were interested in seeing this full face of wet and wild makeup tutorial then make sure to keep on watching so let’s get started with primer of course so this is actually a new one for me I normally love the wet and wild cover cover all I think it’s called primer and my voice is raspy again sorry about that you guys but I had a pretty wild weekend you guys are gonna see it on the vlog channel which if you don’t follow my blog channel make sure you guys subscribe to it yeah I had a pretty pretty crazy weekend so you guys will see it on the vlog so excuse my raspy voice and I also have some tan rubbing off but we’re gonna fix that all with makeup and we’re gonna get glammed so yeah I usually use the wet world coverall primer but they sent me this one which is the Wet n Wild photo focus dewy I always feel like photo focus is a hard word to say dewy primer and I feel like this is gonna be really good I love the cover all one so I feel like I mean I love this let’s rip off this seal it almost looks like it has actual like luminous a little bit of highlighter built in it this is gonna be nice oh yes I don’t know if you guys can see that but that added the most beautiful subtle subtle glow I actually really love this because at least so far because a lot of like luminous primers they just add too much highlight and then I start to feel like I look like Tin Man in the wrong areas and it’s just not cute but this is adding a very subtle like glow and it’s looking very very healthy and pretty okay this is like my favorite part ever this is foundation of course we’re gonna get this get this face matching this tan body so I love this foundation it is a holy grail for me like I really really die hard for this I actually use it more than my Estee Lauder Double Wear now which I’ve made the claim that I really do feel like they’re dupes and I use this one so much more now it I just love it so they actually I feel like they need to expand their shade range because I don’t have like a perfect shade this is too light and then this is too dark so we have golden beige and desert beige so I always mix the two can I just say I love this little spatula thing I feel like that’s a lot of foundation but what else is new for me so I’m gonna go ahead and blend that up got some foundation of my shirt so I just had to wet that and take it off so don’t mind that okay so I’m just gonna freshen up the face with the primer water spray oh I totally forgot to use these that I wanted to I wanted to put them under the foundation cuz I find that they work the best underneath the foundation but maybe I’ll just try to still use a little bit later so let’s go ahead and move on to concealer this concealer is actually really really nice the only reason why I don’t use it often is because I don’t like how the applicator doesn’t take out enough product and I want the shade range to expand but other than that the formula is actually really really nice it kind of a super full coverage so it reminds me a lot of I don’t know it almost gives me Kat Von D concealer vibes you know I mean maybe not as full coverage of that but it really gives me that same type of feel I mean it’s so nice I’m like really excited to be using it again today I haven’t used this one in a while so this one’s in the shade light medium beige and it’s a beautiful light yellow shade which I really really like and I’m obviously just gonna put it down the nose as well and I like to bring it kind of like straight up not too much on the sides Cupid’s bow a little bit on the chin but not too much I’m actually gonna leave the under eye and do the center first I love doing the under I’ll at last because it really lets the concealer kind of sit there a little bit this concealer is a little bit not sticky we’re like tacky a little bit like resistant if you want to like if that’s how you can kind of describe it but I really like that because I feel like it really holds and it really does last and it makes it that’s what kind of makes it pack on that coverage like look how beautiful that under-eye looks I’m obsessed so here’s another product I’m obsessed with I have been using this for like years now I’ve hit pan on both of them because I love both of these shades I’m actually gonna mix both of those the yellow and this kind of like lighter neutral color and we’re gonna brighten up the under-eye just gonna dab that underneath the eye I like to dab it instead of rub cuz I don’t want to move any product underneath I don’t know kind of feather it out okay another favorite part of mine is contouring and bronzing I’ve been obsessed with Queen products and you guys know sorry my nose is itchy you guys know I love love love these these are the Wet n Wild makeup contour sticks and this is Oaks on you which I love for like a bronze shade and then we have where’s walnut which I love for a contour shade so we’re gonna use the two of these today my favorite thing about these is they pack great pigment but they’re not too matte and they’re not too hydrating but they’re super creamy and they blend out really nicely they just look really natural on the skin they look amazing I think it would be super cool if they added this and like a contour palette and they added all their shades together I think that would be really nice but anyways I’m gonna use Oaks on you keep it high and add that as kind of like a bronzed so these are super chubby so they’re kind of hard to contour the nose with but I will usually just take a brush and apply it like this to the nose this by the way is the Sigma e-40 one and then I’ll just bounce it out with my Beauty Blender so I’m gonna take the shade I think this is caramel yeah caramel toffee and I’m going to take this beautiful warm bronzer and just kind of set that now this stuff is super pigmented and I really don’t want that much pigment so I just kind of picked that one a little bit apart okay so this is like one of my favorite blushes from wet and wild this is the mellow wine blush it’s so beautiful it just looks really pretty and natural so I like to just take a small amount because it is pretty pigmented so what pretty and natural like I love that so now for the fun stuff we’re gonna highlight I love love love these these gonna be wet and wild highlighting powders in precious petals which I would have to taste probably my favorite shade it’s not to champagne not to Holden um but I also really love golden a flower child oh it’s hard to say which one’s my favorite kind of both of them um I think I’m gonna mix both of the shades today since I love both um I couldn’t choose so over here we have precious petals and then we have golden a flower crown this is just a little bit more golden whereas this is a little bit more peachy beautiful you guys these highlights they really look wet and smooth on the skin like they don’t look powdery or dry at all most of you know that I hate a highlight that looks powdery and dry on the skin there’s just nothing more unattractive than that you want it to look smooth and wet and flawless so I’m gonna attempt to kick it up a notch here and I just applied some on the brush and I’m just gonna spray it with some of the wet and wild primer water now in my experience I find that when you wet the highlight too much it has a hard time blending out it becomes like a cream product and now it’s like pasty and splotchy so you don’t want to wet it too much I like how this wet-and-wild spray the spray is superfine so the spray like spreads out like this so you’re not gonna get the brush too wet which I like and then I apply it with super light pressure okay so my camera stopped recording I don’t know what point it stopped at we’re gonna go ahead and move on to the brows I’m gonna use the wet and wild retractable brow pencil I’m not gonna lie to you guys this is actually a good product but it’s not my favorite just because um even the Anastacio one I find it kind of just a little bit I think it’s a personal preference thing just a little bit tricky to work with like that angle I like the traditional brow kind of like pencil instead of the angled one but the formula is really nice and I do like the color this is dark brown so I always like to use a brow powder so I’m gonna take the noodling I saw a pilot pan by wet and wild and I’m gonna use this very deep dark brown and I’m gonna finish off the brow with the wet-and-wild ultimate brow mascara and this one is in the shade nothing but brunette so now that the brows are done we’re gonna go ahead and do the eye shadow I have so many palettes in front of me I’m gonna use the Wet n Wild ten pan eyeshadow palettes but I’m kind of just gonna bounce around between all the different shades since I love them all and they all have different ones that I want today I think for today I want to just do a very classic matte look so yeah I’m just gonna bounce around between the shades and I possibly might use this which I think this was limited edition but anyways to start off I am going to take the comfort zone palette and I’m going to take this beautiful beautiful kind of really warm peachy transition shade I’m actually gonna take the edge of the primer and kind of use that as a straight edge I normally don’t do this but for today I really kind of just want a little bit of a straight edge for my shadow so I’m just going to apply this as the transition shade okay this is gonna be easier I just found a business card yeah it’s kind of easier to hold so next I’m going to take the rose a in the air palette and take this beautiful caramel brown so next I’m gonna take the not a basic peach palette and I’m going to take this really deep brown so we’re not gonna blend out the product with this same brush just because when you’re working with the darker shadow sometimes it’s better to blend out with a clean brush so that you don’t spread the product too far now I’m gonna take another brush with no product on it so I don’t really want to use much of this but I think it might look pretty if I just use a little bit of this kind of brown shade it has a little bit of gold sparkles in it so I feel like it might look pretty I’m just taking some of that same dark brown and adding it close to the lash not in the inner just on the outer so taking that same first transition shade that we used I’m just gonna apply that underneath the eye and then the second Brown at caramel shade then taking that deep brown I’m just bringing a little bit of it underneath here and you can take the same highlighter that you used for the inner corner okay so I actually don’t own any wet and wild mascaras so I’m just gonna use my favorite duo the Maybelline lash sensational and the L’Oreal telescopic for the bottom lashes and then we’ll move on to the lips okay so now that I did the mascara and I also put on the kiss number 11 lashes I’m gonna go ahead and do the lips so for the lips I don’t have a wet and wild lip liner that kind of like matches my natural I had like a really really pale one that won’t work so I’m gonna have to use the NYX lip liner so I’m just gonna go ahead and quickly over line my lips on the top and outline them on the bottom with the NYX and natural lip liner okay so I used to live for these back in the day these are definitely an oldie but a goodie these are the wet and wild lipsticks and they’re super matte like but these are so nice I used to love them back of the day nice coverage as well so I have the shade pink sugar let it focus and then this shade bear it all so I think I’m gonna do pink sugar but I think I’m gonna mix in some of bare at all because I think pink sugar might be too light yeah so I feel like that looks really good I’m just gonna go ahead and take the lipliner and just like kind of blend it in lastly I’m just gonna set my face with the wet and wild photo focus all day we’re spray okay guys so that is it for the look I really hope you guys enjoyed it I feel like it’s such a pretty like classic matte look and you can achieve it with drugstore products wet and wild I have to say probably my favorite drugstore brand I mean it’s kind of hard to choose a favorite but they’re definitely up there so hopefully you guys did enjoy and yeah that’s pretty much it thank you guys for watching and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys mmm


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