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Okay guys so for today’s video I have this ultra glam like super super glam drugstore makeup look I am so excited to share this with you guys this look is kind of like inspired by Selena Gomez’s Met Gala look I fell in love with it I know that look was like very 5050 some people loved it some people hated it I personally loved it but I did feel like there were some things that kind of I would have tweaked just for my personal preference so I decided to kind of recreate the look and do it how I would like it I’m obsessed like obsessive step success I feel so glam right now so I’m really excited to share this look with you guys I used all drugstore products like everything on my face right now from lashes lips brows eyes like face every single item his drugstore and this dress was like 20 dollars I mean we’re killing it like we’re ballin on a budget here so yeah if you guys want to see how I got this makeup look then make sure to keep on watching okay so to get started I’m gonna put some of this lumi l’oreal liquid glow highlighter all over my shoulders i want to glow today in that area mm-hmm that’s it and whatever is leftover on my fingers will kind of just go on my face mixed in with the primer that we’re gonna use so for primer I’m gonna use the Wet n Wild cover all animals headphone focus cover all primer so for foundation I’m gonna use my holy grail this is the wet and wild photo focus foundation I’m gonna take golden beige and maybe possibly possibly a little bit of desert beige I love this little spatula just makes it so easy to apply so to add you know a little bit of color make my face a little bit darker I’m gonna take some desert beige and mix that in so this is definitely a lot of foundation feel free to use a little bit less but I don’t know you guys know me when I go glam I go in on the foundation like I just like to have a clear clean canvas so I’m gonna blend this out with my Beauty Blender the Beauty Blender really does help make it look not cakey cuz it just blends it out so beautifully I know my face is looking a little bit darker than my shoulders and my body but I like that because I always like to do a super bright highlighted under-eye so when I do that it makes my face look lighter and then it matches so it all look good in the end just what I’m trying to say so free concealer you guys know I’m obsessed with this one from the drugstore it is magical like it’s magical I just need them to take the product I say this every time but I need them to take the product and put it in like a actual doe foot you know it’s just better I hate this like squeezy tube but this stuff is magical so I know that we’re still filming in my bedroom don’t worry you guys I have not abandoned my beauty studio which we’re now calling it the beauty studio not the beauty room okay I’ve just decided that it’s so hard to like get out of saying video room though but anyways um I say beauty studio because to be honest with you there’s like hello studio equipment in there and that’s pretty much what I use it for to store my makeup but also just to film was like a studio anyways um I haven’t you know abandoned the room my makeup drawers are taking longer than I expected just because it was a little bit of like a mistake with them so he had to go back and fix it if it wasn’t for that they would have been done literally weeks ago and I would have had so many vlogs to show you guys ready by now but I will have the vlogs up and I will reveal everything and show you guys how I organize with my new makeup storage you know as soon as it’s done I love how full coverage this concealer is and it’s so so creamy like it’s so creamy so I always like to take afterwards um switch out my you know sponge that I just my concealer and switch to like a naked sponge whether it’s a Beauty Blender or whatever it is because this has so much product on it that if you keep blending it just keeps extending so this just helps kind of use it clean and I also like how I use my foundation for this one because it just makes it blend in really nicely so now we’re gonna do some contouring but I want to do my nose contour first I’m gonna take the Rimmel inste duo oh my god that just don’t instant do condors stick in dark I use this all the time like drugstore high end no matter what makeup look I’m doing I use this for my nose all the time it’s a really great do for the Kim Kardashian one which I also love that one I don’t like to go too heavy with their nose contour and then I like to go pretty heavy with the lip contour so I just realized that I forgot to set the under-eye but it’s okay because this has barely even creased so what I am gonna do is use the wet-and-wild contour palette and I’m going to take this nice light shade and I always like to take a little bit extra and really press it here because this is where you get a lot of darkness so for contouring you guys so I love the wet and wild stick so we’re gonna take Oaks on you and where’s wool nut first using Oaks on you to do some bronzing also I get a ton of questions about this brush because you guys know it’s my favorite this is the 103 elf brush I actually have the exact brush some izg linked on my shot my favourites on my website a Macedo comm slash shop my favorites slash I’ll link it down below for you guys you can just click that and you’ll be able to purchase this so yeah I have the exact one link there just gonna go ahead and add it just applies it so perfectly look oh that’s incredible it blends it out for you already look look at how easy that was just done okay so I want to go for a super contoured look today so I’m gonna take the you know deeper contour shade and I’m going to really apply that on the forehead as well so now I’m going to take this and contour the cheekbones whenever I want to get like super glam my go-to is definitely a really strong contour like I live for it so I am gonna bronze up and kind of set that contour with the Loreal Pro matte powder and this one is in the shade classic tan it’s like super warm so it’s gonna make me look super bronzy she’s gonna add great warmth but also set that so I feel like I my face still does look darker than my body so I am gonna take some of the bronzer and just run it through my shoulders okay so for blush this is like my favorite go-to when I want to look super glam but I still want to have like a natural cheek like I don’t want anything like peachy or orangie or anything I love this one it’s super pigmented so I only like to use a little bit this is the wet and wild mellow wine and lightly dab it on okay I’m excited now because now we’ve got the highlight going I’m gonna use these again I know I just used these last week but I really want to use the Maybelline and then I might add some of this now I’m gonna stick with Maybelline favorite highlight brush ever this is the morphe M 501 I always get questions about this as well I’ve been using this for like years and I can’t like I can’t switch to another highlight brush because this is just magical so I’m gonna take the Maybelline master chrome oh it already looks wet I don’t even need to win it like do you guys see that whoa don’t worry I gotta fill in my hairline because you can see how wet it is we’re gonna fill it in later so I just went ahead and filled in my brows and now we’re moving on to the eyes for the eyes I’m going to use a combination of palettes this is actually the morphe contour palette but I was thinking I really like these like super mustardy contour II brownie shades so I want to use them in the eyes I think morphe is also available in Alta Nell which makes a drugstore so I love that and this covergirl palette the goldens think we’re going to use this and we also have the wet and wild palates because I love the transition shades in here so let’s go ahead and get started so this look is kind of inspired by Salinas Met Gala makeup look I loved it like I know there was a lot of like like something what loves it some people hated it I will say I loved it but I would change it you know I would do certain things to tweak it so that’s what I’m going to do today I’m gonna do that look but tweak it to the way that I would want it I pretty much was in love with like that lid like can we not all agree I cannot open this for the life of me um can we not all of you that that lid was like gorgeous it reminds me of the Giorgio Armani little like cream pigment and five I think beautiful but today’s drugstore so we’re gonna do a quick drugstore version of that of that it’s probably not gonna be exact but like I just want that same vibe like that super deep golden bronze II type of eye so we are gonna start off with this perfect transition shade so I am going to start my crease a bit higher than it actually lays and it actually sits and that’s because I really want like when I do that lid color I really want it to sit up high so that when my eyes are open you can see it since I do have kind of like a small lid space a lot of the times when I do my eye makeup you can’t really see it unless my eyes are closed but today we’re gonna make sure everyone sees it okay I feel like this look is gonna be super easy to like it’s gonna look super glam and it’s gonna look like it took a lot of time but it really isn’t going to okay so I’m like in love with this really mustardy kind of contour shade so we’re gonna take some of that I think it’s gonna really emphasize the gold any deep bronze to we’re gonna take some of that and really focus it out here it’s gonna add some great depth to this reminds me a lot of Mac uninterupted I don’t know if they’re like a dupe or anything because I don’t have them together right next to each other right now but it just reminds me it gives me those type of vibes oh yeah I love that so I think I want to just go ahead and do the under I already just so that we can kind of focus on the lid afterwards so I’m gonna take the same two shades I just used and use them in the same order this is a pencil brush by the way so I might just deepen it up a little bit with this really dark shade just a little bit nothing like intense so now for the fun part I found this gem in my new makeup section so I found this Maybelline Color tattoo I chrome in the shade bronze Sheen it is so beautiful it’s like a very deep bronzy gold that it slightly pulls green and that’s kind of how Selena’s was – it was like borderline green but like bronze gold you know it had just that undertone so I’ve never tried these before I mean I’m really hoping that they’re good quality so because I haven’t tried them I’m not sure how I prefer to apply them so I think I’m just gonna kind of try to apply it straight on the lid oh that’s actually nice I feel like this is easy to apply so I can actually just do most of it I don’t feel like I need much of a brush for this this is so easy to apply you could totally do a cut crease with this and it would be so easy so what I do feel like you need is just a brush to like go ahead and blend out some of those edges and just apply it how you want Wow I think that looks so beautiful so I’m just gonna take the Sigma II 36 that’s a really small tapered brush so it’s gonna help me blend out these edges without getting too messy so I’m just gonna go right along that shade and the transition shade we play and just kind of try to amend of the to bring them together oh yeah this brush works really well to kind of help blend the two together and this Maybelline Color tattoo actually blends nicely I do find that it blends better when you kind of do like these like sweeping pushing those things so I’m just gonna top it off especially in the center so now I’m just gonna mix all three of these shades cause it’s gonna create a really nice type of bronzy golden with a hint of green and I’m just gonna kind of top that Maybelline tattoo off so I’m actually really happy with how that looks so for the inner corner I really want to use this beautiful gold right here I want to use this one over this one because it’s lighter one and two it has an intense amount of sparkle in it these covergirl shadows are so bomb you guys I really love them I’ve loved them since they came out they’re really good and super creamy so I’m gonna put that in the inner corner and I want to really pack it on Wow you see like they pack a punch these shadows so after I kind of dab that on I’m just gonna slightly just slightly bring it onto there and kind of blend it in a little but I still want it to shape on its own and I don’t really want to UM bring it in I just want to obviously blend it a little bit but don’t bring it in like too much okay so I just went ahead and filled in my hairline and did my lashes I went ahead and went with the kiss number eleven lashes but I really loved how my lips are just super muted right now like this is pretty much just the foundation when I did my foundation it went over it but I love that look I love how muted it is so kind of want to stick with that but I’m just gonna build off of it a little bit so we’re gonna stick with in that realm I think I’m gonna use NYX natural which I normally always use but if I want it to be a little bit darker I might mix in NYX nutmeg so for today’s look I kind of want a super lined lip and I don’t want to blend it out too much I want to have like that line to lip look so I do you think I need to darken it a little bit so I’m just gonna kind of slightly go over it with nutmeg so I think what I’m gonna do is use the Rimmel stay matte liquid lipstick but this one is in the shade latte to go so it’s super light and I am gonna keep this in the center and not blend out the lip liner too much what I am gonna do is take my finger and just slightly go over everything that way it’ll be like semi blended but not too blended so I had a gloss here prepared to top this lip off with but I’m not sure if I want to wear a gloss on top so I think I am just gonna keep the lips matte and then last thing I’m just gonna set the face with the morphe preppin set so that is it you guys that completes this drugstore makeup look I hope you guys love it I am absolutely obsessed with it I love it so so much I feel so glam right now and I’m living for it please don’t forget to give me a like thumbs up if you guys enjoy these drugstore makeup tutorials I personally love doing they really challenged me to kind of get outside of my everyday favorites even though naturally like my everyday favorites consists of both high end and drugstore it challenges me to replace the high end and just make it all a drugstore you know what I mean so yeah that’s pretty much it I hope you guys enjoyed this look thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys mmm


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