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Gatsby 1920s Flapper Girl

Gatsby 1920s Flapper Girl

gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme that swing swing swing the Roaring Twenties I think I was born in the wrong era but with a little help from my friend called make up I can transform myself into the ultimate flapper girl let’s start off with foundation to help even out your skin with the stippling brush sponge or your clean fingers apply your foundation on your face I prefer to apply my foundation first around the center of my face because I need a little more coverage here then the rest of my face like forehead in chin just make sure to blend so you don’t have any streak marks especially down towards your neck all right let’s move on to the heavy duty stuff concealing I’m curious to know what kind of makeup they use during the 20s to achieve perfect looking skin today we use stuff like a peachy salmon concealer color because it works wonders on covering up dark circles I prefer to use my gentle ring finger to apply concealer along the delicate area under my eyes all right this step is important applying finishing powder on your face to set the liquid and cream base makeup this will stop it from creasing and will also keep your makeup looking fresh all night long so make sure your skin has a matte finish let’s move on to the fun part making up the eyes I’m using here my new brow pencils that just came in called arch by M cosmetics I’m using here the color medium brown and very carefully create your arch skinny over exaggerated brows was the look unlike today where full brows are in back then every girl was drawing on her brows super thin just like Clara bow 1920s silent film star let’s hurry up with eyeshadow with the medium brush loaded up with a matte taupe color and follow the natural contours of your eyes and once you’re happy with how it looks the next color you should use is a matte black shadow and with the same brush use this to contour your crease again only this time it’s going to look more intense in the taupe color what you’re doing here is creating a strong contour shape to your eyes this will give your eyes more depth when I was coming up with this look I was really inspired by silent film movies be sure to keep the middle area on your legs clean we’ll fill them in later so keep blending and bring the color down along the lower lash line this will help make your eyes appear more round use a shimmery mauve shadow add this on the area that you kept clean to fill it in with your brush again blend the shadows so that you don’t have any harsh edge and using your black eyeliner here I’m using my water liner in black night line the waterline gliding the pencil back and forth until you’re happy with the intensity then bring the pencil up keeping the pencil as close to the lash line as possible and line your eyes we want to make sure that the line is as thin as possible so just keep darkening your eye makeup and with the smudger tool smudge the creamy eyeliner formula so that it gives your eyes a hazy ER look using another brush that has the same taupe color on it start where your brows begin and follow the line down the sides of your nose contouring your nose will help bring more definition to your face and after you curl your lashes apply generous coats of waterproof mascara why waterproof because it contains wax which will help hold a curl longer and when you’re done with your eyes let’s move on to the lips but first we have to reshape them this is a modern take on the Clara bow lips with a concealer that matches your skin color start erasing the sides of your lips you want them to look smaller than normal we’re creating very delicate shaped lips imagine if your lips were shaped like a heart that’s kind of what we’re going for so conceal a small portion of your upper lip and blend a concealer so that it looks as natural as possible using your powder again set the makeup you can’t skip this step or else your lipstick and concealer will slip and slide find a rich red lipstick with a matte finish here I’m using my new matte lipstick in wine stain using a brush line your lips first then fill in the color you want your Cupid’s bow to look extra pointy think of it like two little mountain peaks ha you’re not done yet you got a layer a darker plum color over the red to create a gorgeous rich vintage inspired color so keep blending away did you know that back then it was extremely fashionable to be seen applying lipstick in public ladies would apply their lipstick and powder their faces right at the restaurant table there is no need to run to the bathroom for touch-ups and voila you’re finished and now it’s time to play dress-up you whoa what was in my lipstick you like the way I move I get a night baby I’m a hot commodity and I don’t wanna waste your to me cash sweating like away cool is I see we never seen a girl it’s amazing we’re just a little make-up and a big imagination can take you trust me you don’t need to go to a fancy party to rock this makeup look at the office on a date or even at home it’s all about you honey so enjoy your look take lots of selfies and don’t forget to share I want to see them and of course have fun good luck makeup used in this video are from my own makeup line em cosmetics calm don’t forget to check out my blog Michelle Phan calm and you can find me on Twitter and Instagram


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