Home Makeup Tutorials Get Anushka Sharma’s Bridal Look | Bollywood Inspired Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Get Anushka Sharma’s Bridal Look | Bollywood Inspired Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Get Anushka Sharma’s Bridal Look | Bollywood Inspired Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys, so welcome back to this series of videos we’re dealing with festive makeup and mostly bridal! The point of these videos is to show you that even bridal makeup although dressy, it doesn’t have to be in your face It can be worn with confidence and elan and can really look simple and elegant! What I’m going to do for you today is Anushka Sharma’s makeup This is my spin on it, I’m going to bring to your attention that her makeup was really simple, it’s something that you probably would have worn in the day for your friend’s party or your own outing.

We’re going to celebrate it and make it a bridal look because a lot of brides nowadays don’t really like to slap it on they like to keep it simple and wear it for a length of time. So going by that trend, I’m going to show you how to do Anushka’s makeup in in very few and simple steps! Gonna get started! So because it’s a wedding I would like to put a base that keeps the eye makeup on for a really long period.

So I’m going to use a paint pot on the eyes to start with. You can choose a nude colour like this and if you remember her makeup was very fresh, almost natural and colourless, there was just enough colour where it was needed but largely nude peach.

So I’m just going in with a paint pot, these are paints that you can use on the eyes and they keep your eye makeup on for a really long time and provide a good solid base. Of course, you can use primers as well so either way it’s fine! So I find this colour very useful and it’s also very matte so it doesn’t interfere with what makeup you’re going to put on it.

Also, it doesn’t interfere with the colours that you’re going to put on it. I like that it’s nude. So if you remember Anushka’s makeup it was very soft and peachy even on her eyes, there was hardly any defining but for the eye line.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m starting with a brown kohl pencil, going really close to the eye line. By doing this I can create a look that’s balanced. I’m just repeating the same thing on the other eye.

So I’m going to use a mix of browns and pinks because I remember her makeup being really fresh even on the eyes. So I’m just going to use a soft brown I’m working the colour outside-in and these are matte colours so basically creating a little bit of definition on her socket but as you can see I’m not colouring it heavily it’s just to give you a touch of or small hint of colour so keep working it till you find that you’re seeing balance So I’ve left the center portion of the eyelids bare.

I’m using a gorgeous soft peach pink eyeshadow like this. Now just be careful that you place the eyeshadow bang in the center so it picks up the colour. Now using the same brush I’d used for the matte shadows and a dip of the pink that I used previously I’m just going to blend the seams between the shimmery eyeshadow and the matte.

Now I’m going to repeat the brown on the top to bring it more into focus but this time I’m going really close to the lashline just to darken the eye a little bit. Also if you remember there was n kohl, she didn’t really wear a dark black kohl in her bridal look.

So I’m just going to clean up the inside of the eyes and use a slightly shimmery brown. So there you go it’s a gentle shimmery brown and that’s as much as she did to her eyes. I don’t remember it being any stronger than that.

This is inspired by Anushka’s eye makeup you don’t have to wear lashes if you’re uncomfortable with them but having said that I’m going to still accentuate the eyes with a lot of mascara to show you what the entire thing looks like.

So there you have it! The eyes are very simple and elegant and of course, you can wear it on a day to day basis. Because Ragini’s face is not very wide I don’t want to over contour her face but having said that I’m going to apply a few contours because normally what happens in photography is contours add shape to the face and it’s purely for that purpose it’s not because I need to shape her face specifically or anything.

So Anushka’s face was glistening with health you could see that is was not very matte but it was not shimmery either. So just going in with some cream to powder blush. Dabbing it exactly on the cheeks, on the apple of the cheeks, in small circular motions, blending along the contour so nothing looks dark, it all looks quite seamless.

And just to take off the dullness from under her eyes gonna use a little bit of powder, not too much! So I’m just going to keep it there and rub it off at the end of the makeup. Now I’m going to progress to her lips, again lips were also very nude, it was a peach pink nude so I’m also going to do the same.

So I’m going to apply a really soft peach pink lipstick, now the eason I had put the lipliner all through her lips is to create a nice strong base which will last for the duration or the length of time she’ll be wearing this lipstick.

So over this, I’m applying a lipstick So there you have it, that’s the finished look just going to powder down ever so slightly and remove the excess from here. That would make it a very pretty, very doable very repeatable makeup, largely inspired by Anushka Sharma’s wedding look.

Hope you enjoyed this video!


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