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Get Ready With Me | Pampering/ Self Care Routine! Makeup, Fashion and We’re Going To Sephora!

Get Ready With Me | Pampering/ Self Care Routine! Makeup, Fashion and We’re Going To Sephora!

good morning guys welcome back to my channel! well it’s not actually morning i think  it’s like 1pm but it feels like morning all i’ve been doing all day is editing youtube  videos and i woke up like four hours ago but i still look like a mess sorry.

.. sorry that you have to see this right now i feel like these days i’ve been so  lazy, i’ve probably had the time to yeah i haven’t even had  time to teach myself english i probably have had the time to be taking  care of myself but i honestly just haven’t any chance i get i’m either playing   phone games or watching youtube  videos or editing videos or working i feel like i really need to take the  time today to just take care of myself look at my hair my hair is even crusty no actually that’s just because i put it  in a bun last night when i went to bed and   it’s just it’s gonna stay like  this until i wash my hair next anyway the plan for today is that i  have to go out and buy a few things my grandma also asked me to buy her this like face  cleanser that i bought her once like two years ago and she was like kayla please you  have to go out and find me another one so i have to do that and the only place i  know where i can get that from is in the city so yeah i’m gonna have a little trip to  the city today to pick up a few things so i thought before i leave i should  probably fix myself up a little bit make myself look a little  more presentable than usual so the first thing i’m gonna do is go and take  a shower because i really need one of those i don’t really need one of those!  but that’s what i should do i’m not gross i have a shower every day  just i should have a shower before i go out all right let’s go have a shower i’m also going to be using one  of these exfoliating scrubs this one is coconut coffee scrub that sounds  awesome i love coconut and i love coffee so i think this is going to be great i love that on the back of them look  at this they have these little sayings so this one says :can’t afford a holiday?   i heard it’s hot and steamy in your  bathroom hashtag let’s be frank” what? lol and how to use okay “get naked and  wet in the shower massage scrub over” i’ve only ever tried one of these from kmart  once and it was like a sea salt exfoliating scrub and it made me really itchy i ended up  getting these red rashes all over my body so um i hope this doesn’t turn out  like that but it should be fine it smells like if someone  were to make a coffee brownie i just want to.

.. actually no i won’t well actually i should  probably turn the shower off   because it said not to wash  it off for like three minutes so i’m just gonna turn off the shower  and keep applying this all over my body so i think i’m supposed to just wait like this it’s cold though i wouldn’t recommend doing this in winter  unless you like really steam up your bathroom   so that it’s not cold my shower is totally done  my skin feels so so so soft! i really wasn’t expecting this result i thought it was just gonna like make my  skin more glowy or like bright or something but my skin is like yeah it’s brighter   but it feels like i rubbed  lotion all over it but it’s dry like the lotion isn’t like sticky or  anything it’s like.

.. it’s like magic this is amazing i’m definitely going  to be using this every single week now i think what i’m going to do now is um   pluck my eyebrows because they’re  getting a little bit crazy and also get my mustache gone for my mustache area i just  use facial hair removal cream because i’ve tried waxing it so  many times and it’s so painful and then every time i say to myself i’m not going  to pull myself through that again but then i do and then i was out shopping one day  and i saw facial hair removal cream so i was like yes a non-painful  way of removing my mustache! and it actually works very well and the hair takes the same amount of time  to grow back than when i wax it anyway so i feel like it’s just better using this for me the only thing that sucks about using  this is that it smells like crap smells like something you  shouldn’t be putting on your face proceeds to put it on my face.

.. i look like a truck driver from those Texan movies howdy partner! but basically you just want to leave this on   for five minutes and then wipe  it off with a warm washcloth where are you i found you~ now for the eyebrow plucking i don’t think i have too many stray eyebrow hairs  because i think i plucked them like a week ago but they grow very quickly so i wouldn’t be  surprised if i have like 10 more new stray hairs also definitely do not let  this cream go into your mouth i mean that sounds pretty obvious like don’t let the cream that burns hairs off your  face into your mouth but just just beware just a few up the top here ow   i hate doing this no matter how many times i do  it.

.. ah frick! it still hurts the same every time we’re getting a real close-up  view of my skin right here oh my god it looks so bad right now ow that was a really thick one and also i just realized i haven’t been timing my  mustache thing so i don’t know how long it’s been great.

.. all right i think that’s okay for my eyebrows i don’t want to pluck out too much so what i’m going to do is i’m actually just going  to use cotton pads and then put them in warm water and then use it to wipe it  off, we’ll go this way first more little mustache hairs.

.. focus! i mean they’re just hairs  itty-bitty hairs that’s all it is and there we have a hairless upper lip a painless hairless upper lip the package actually came with like a nice   soothing healing balm but i’m just  gonna use my good old trusty aloe vera just rub some of that on there right oh so now i’m gonna dry my hair and  then head over to my bedroom to do my makeup okay what we have to do now is skincare and makeup so i’m gonna quickly do my  usual everyday skincare routine so i’ve already done toner now  i’m gonna just put on my my serum i just use this klairs vitamin c serum not too much oh yeah okay perfect feels kind of weird not doing  my skincare in the bathroom but i kind of just really want to sit down  but i can’t sit down and do it in my bathroom so hence why i’m doing it in my bedroom it just feels so much more chill  though doing it in my bedroom and i feel like a skincare routine is  something that i just like to sit down   and relax while i’m doing because i actually enjoy doing it i’ve almost finished my eye cream as well like i  need to go out and buy a whole lot of other new   skincare products soon i never did skincare until i was like  17 years old i’m 21 now almost 22 so like that’s kind of sad actually before i was 17 the only thing that  i really did was apply sunscreen   because i lived in rural australia like you need to wear sunscreen but that was all i’ve never used toner i never even used  moisturizer on my face which is really really sad because my face was actually so crusty i’m so disappointed in my past self but at  least it’s better to start now than never and it honestly has improved my skin a lot like i think right now is the best that my  skin has ever been since i was a child not gonna lie i started getting really bad acne  when i was around 13 years old   and then up until still i do get  acne but nowhere near as much as that and whenever i do get it it’s always on my cheeks   so my acne scars just keep  building up on my cheeks it’s like they never disappear ever ever next i’m gonna put on my sunscreen  because the sun is out today it was meant to be cloudy   and rainy but somehow the weather changed  and now it’s very sunny with blue skies like what the heck australian weather but even when it’s cloudy you  should wear sunscreen anyway because   clouds don’t protect you from the sun especially down here in australia i’ll rub that mofo in now i’m ready to put on my makeup i’m just gonna use my Lancôme foundation i don’t use this very often honestly i’ve  been saving this because it’s hecka expensive i’ve been on a foundation  search for many many years   trying to find a foundation that’s actually  good for my skin and this is the one this is the one foundation that i found that  actually doesn’t like dry up onto my skin or make it look powdery or cakey in the end even if i put layer after layer  it stays fresh somehow on my skin in a way i’m happy that i found  a good foundation for my skin but then again why does it have to be like a   really expensive one that  actually works for my skin and then put the concealer all right i’m gonna do my eyebrows next oh i should probably take out  my hair so that it doesn’t kink i actually feel so ready  and excited to go out today i haven’t been to the city in a long time maybe it’s just because i really want those  cheese tarts that you can find in the city i’ve really been craving cheese tarts lately just   thinking about those cheese  tarts makes my mouth water i want to do a glow up today but  i kind of want to make it like   a natural glow up not like a really heavy glow up but i don’t want to do it too natural like i want it to look better than usual but  i just don’t want it to look really heavy so i’m gonna try and do that  but i’m probably gonna fail it’s probably gonna end up either  looking not enough or too much but is too much really too much? here i was thinking i finally made a perfect  eyebrow look and then this one is like way thick that’s okay i think i can fix  that with just the beauty blender does that look any better? not really.

.. going for the natural look anyway some people  naturally have bushier eyebrows than the other one all right let’s do my eyes next let’s go with the eyes that’s  the hardest part anyway what should i start with?? i guess i’ll start with eyeshadow because i can   just use that as a base and  then layer everything on top all right i’m acting like i know stuff about  how to do eyeshadow when i really don’t this palette is from etude house it’s the.

.. it’s the coffee one! i’m gonna go with this one here and then   i’m gonna put this one on top,  a little bit of glitter on top please work i’m just gonna leave it like that  and then add the sparkles on top yes sparkles fix everything oh yeah eyeshadow i think was a success now i’m just gonna add some mascara on top of that all right i think that looks fine, good enough! just gonna put some highlighter  on my nose and on my cheeks a little bit more i want to be  glowing all right and then some blush and last but not least i need  to do something with my lips so i’m going to use my lip gloss lip tint smells like coconut this one you leave on your lips until it’s  dried and then you apply this clear gloss   and then magic happens once you apply the clear gloss  your lip tint doesn’t come off like even if you wipe your lips with  a paper towel it just doesn’t come off it’s like stuck there i know it looks intense at the moment but just   wait until it dries and  then i put the gloss on top it looks a lot less like this i hate the feeling of waiting for them  to dry because you can’t lick your lips   and i feel like i constantly  lick my lips every single second it’s surprisingly really  hard not to lick your lips look at how wrinkly my lips look ew all right i think it’s dry now so now  i’m gonna put on this glossy gloss gloss done! okay i lied the lip gloss  doesn’t actually get less intense it’s just an intense color but i like it so that is my makeup done um all i have to do now is get  dressed so let’s get dressed so i definitely know i’m gonna be wearing  these pants these are my favorite pants i bought them like a week ago and i haven’t  worn any other pants since i bought these ones and you will see why look at how comfortable they  look but how stylish they are they’re actually a little bit too big  though so i have to wear them with this belt this is a size eight i tried on the size six but  the size six like i couldn’t even get them onto me so all right i’ll just get the size 8 and  i’ll wear them with the belt it’ll be fine   and they actually look really good with this belt so awesome okay so i just checked the weather report  and it’s supposed to be 21 degrees today but i think in the city it’s gonna  be like at least two degrees colder   so probably like 19 degrees in the city it’s so hard i don’t know what to wear!! have a look in my cupboard what if i literally just wear this black  long sleeve and then chuck this on top but i feel like this is just  something i wear all the time like since i bought these jeans   i’ve just been putting this orange long sleeve  on top like every single time i’ve worn them so i should do something different it looks good but i feel like it’s too simple why is choosing an outfit so hard?? no oh what about this wait let’s let’s try this out this  could work this could be the one! this is nice i’m kind of feeling this! wait what if i do the zipper i like it! all right i think i’m going to end up wearing this i just feel like i really want to wear something  cozy and comfortable today so this is it i ended up changing the shirt  from before into this singlet i’m in love with this singlet  you can like stretch it so   you can make it longer or you can make it  shorter depending on how you want to wear it i’m just going to wear it kind of like this so you  can just see like a little bit of my stomach but   not so much i’ve been kind of self-conscious  about my stomach these days i don’t know why i used to be able to wear clothes  and not care what anyone thought but these days i kind of i’m getting  more self-conscious and i don’t know why but anyway yeah so we’re gonna go head  out to the city now so let’s get going all right so i just got to Sephora and i’m just  having a little browse around through Sephora i’m not gonna show you what i’m getting from here   because i think when i get home i might do  a little mini haul or something like that hey guys i’m back home now i’m so sorry that the footage of  me out in the city was so short it was kind of a complete disaster i was planning on buying a lot  more things than i actually did but when i actually got there none of the  places that i went to had what i needed to buy so i ended up buying like three things and it was so loud in the city today  it was really busy so every time i   tried to actually take a video it  was just too loud to hear anything so i was like you know what   it’s better just not taking a video because  you guys wouldn’t be able to hear me anyway anyway so i’m still gonna do a little mini haul this is probably going to be the smallest  haul in the history of hauls ever hauled so without further ado let’s get started the first thing that i got was from  sephora it’s this fresh rose floral toner this has been so raved about on the internet i’ve seen so many videos of people  talking about this product how good it is so it’s actually a toner and i’ve  almost finished my current toner so   i thought i would buy this one and give it a try oh.

.. well… so i was supposed to buy the toner that  has like the little flower petals inside it and when i took this off the shelf in  sephora i thought that it was that one alas… i am wrong… it’s just a normal looking toner! at least it smells good though smells the same as the one  with the rose petals inside it i guess the only difference would be maybe  that it doesn’t have rose petals inside it you can use it as a mist i guess or  you can use it like onto a cotton pad but i guess that’s kind of cool handy but it doesn’t make up for the fact that  i’m an idiot and i bought the wrong toner let’s just try it out at least wow that’s actually quite nice feels very soothing it is cool that it does have this spray thing but it really doesn’t help   because the second thing that i  actually bought today was my mist spray so now i have like three mist sprays! lovely! this one is just something that i use like  throughout the day though when my skin gets dry i don’t use this as a toner like  before i put on my skincare products   because i feel like it doesn’t  do a good enough job for that so i usually use it like 10 times throughout  the day when my makeup’s getting crusty so um yep that was the end of my haul anyway i think i’m gonna finish this vlog   here because i’m getting really  hungry and i need to cook dinner it’s like eight o’clock now so yeah  thank you so much for watching this video and i hope you have an awesome day unlike my day i hope you don’t have as  bad luck in your day as i do stay happy stay healthy and  i’ll see you in the next video! bye!


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