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Giant Mouth Monster HALLOWEEN SFX Makeup Tutorial | Maquillage Monstre | Simple Symphony ♡

Giant Mouth Monster HALLOWEEN SFX Makeup Tutorial | Maquillage Monstre | Simple Symphony ♡

Hi everyone and welcome to this new video in which I’ve transformed myself into a giant mouth monster. I took great pleasure in making this video although it kind of gave me a hard time because I had to put a lot of effort into it to get the result I wanted.

So, for the first step, I made the prosthetic by mixing liquid latex with some flour. to give it more consistency and I’ve applied it all around the mouth of my face cast. It was the first time for me using this technic to create a prosthetic so, with hindsight, I realize that my mixture wasn’t pasty enough but I made it right by incorporating some cotton wool to it afterwards.

For the teeth, I sculpted them out of polymorph plastic I’ve already shown you in a previous video how to use it so, I’m not gonna show it again in this one, but honestly, it’s not difficult at all. The only thing you need is patience.

I lay, one by one, my teeth on the mixture and cover the top part with it to hold them in place. I finish by applying some cotton wool on top and I smooth everything with liquid latex. For the lower jaw part, I used a a flat surface on wich I built a sort of structure with cotton wool and liquid latex.

Then I placed the teeth one by one into the structure to hold them in place. I let everything dry for one night before applying it on my face. So, when you prosthetics are done, they should normally look like something to this.

It was the second time I was doing this makeup I find it, personally, quite technical I had to tinker a lot, so the first time was a complete fail but the second time was a succeed. I stuck my upper prosthetic to my skin with some pros aid glue.

Then, I applied some liquid latex with tissues all around to melt the edges of the prosthetic with my skin and to have it hold properly to my face as well. I repeated exactly the same steps for the lower prosthetic part and I didn’t hesitate to lay down several layers of liquid latex and tissues to make sure that the prosthetic would stay in place and that the edges would melt into my skin seamlessly.

Just a quick reminder that you shouldn’t hesitate to join me on my social medias, Instagram, snapchat, … You’re very welcome there. The more, the merrier 🙂 For the part that connect the upper and lower prosthetics parts I made them out of gelatin, so I didn’t film when I was doing it but it’s not complicated at all.

Basically, I dug a thin canal into a block of plastiline and I poured some gelatin inside. I had tried to make that part with silicone and wax beforehand. But the aspect of it looked quite bad. Also, silicone and wax are quite expensive products when you compare them with gelatin So, I reckon that was the best solution.

Gelatin is also very flexible so it was following perfectly the movements of my neck. Then, I used my everyday foundation that I’m not gonna recommend you for this kind of makeup because it has oxidize itself on my prosthetic making it look all orange.

With this SFX bodypainting cream from Nyx, I filled up the inside of my fake mouth and then, I use a reddish color from my Supracolor Kryolan’s palette to create a transition with the black. The, I’ve mainly used my Skin Illustrator alcohol activated paint to color and texturise the rest of the makeup I started with the teeth to give them a yellowish tone then I colored the jaw.

I couldn’t tell you which color from the palette I’ve used on wich part of my skin or prosthetic because I’ve mixed so many different colors together to get the color I wanted right. The aim here is to give as much details and texture to the prosthetics to make them look more realistic.

I’ve used different type of brushes and a sponge to give some texture to the makeup. Between each tooth and on every upper part of the teeth, I’ve applied some black alcohol activated paint. Again, it’s important to do so, to give more dimension and a kind of “dirty” and “altered” look to the prosthetics.

Then, it’s not because I am a monster that I can’t wear a sexy makeup. So, I started by contouring and warming up my complexion with the “Hoola lite” from Benefit. And then, with the Kat Von D’s Alchemist palette, I highlighted the highest point of my face with a pinkish undertone powder.

For the eyes, I make it simple, a beautiful smokey eyes, some eyeliner and a pair of fake lashes. The best for the end I used this fake coagulated blood from Kryolan on the top part of my teeth and then, I used some fake blood, a lot of fake blood actually .

.. I finish the look with the finishing touches and here we go for the final result. I really hope you enjoyed my video, do not hesitate to like the video and subscribe to my channel to support me. Feel free to give me some Halloween makeup ideas for this year in the comment section.

I see you soon in a next video! Byyyyye 🙂


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