Home Makeup Tutorials Gigi Hadid Makeup Tutorial/or HOW TO TRICK ZAYN

Gigi Hadid Makeup Tutorial/or HOW TO TRICK ZAYN

Gigi Hadid Makeup Tutorial/or HOW TO TRICK ZAYN

hey guys so this is my gigi hadid makeup tutorial I’m in the middle of applying my foundation I just got today is the best way to say hi I have put my blue contacts again I’m going to use light yellow concealer she has pretty square jaw here and her chin is a bit flat her eyebrows are super high and somehow I will have to lighten my own brows I don’t know how yet but we’re going to put a lot of light concealer around my eyes her eyes are very small and they are very far from each other powder now I’m going to contour my face you know most of the times she is very tan dark brown powder on the sides of my face her forehead is pretty small and very rounded like that up to here I’m going to use a smaller brush and I’m gonna do my cheekbones they vary round it and they go from the top of the ear like that then I’m going to lift it up a little bit let’s do my nose narrower like this and then here it’s much shorter and then it goes pretty straight and then she has some shadows here on the sides that smooth shadow and blend it I’m going to lift my nostrils up I will add a little bit of a concealer on top of my nostrils here to lift them up and then make this shadow also I would have to lighten this area as much as I can because she doesn’t have any shadows here and she has like a lot of space between her eyes and her brow somewhere from here and they go all the way up to here yeah I might come back and do them a little bit different but now I’m going to go to my eyes all I have to do for my eyes is just to pull them away from each other I don’t want to make them bigger or rounder I’m gonna take that gold color and I’m going to apply it all my lids darker color bronze color and I’m going to apply it on the sides of my eyes gonna pull it towards my temples that bronze color a little bit all my own lashes and a bit here on the side and I’m taking that white eyeshadow and I want apply it in the middle and then I’m making that space white – it makes my eyes a bit smaller and further from each other that’s what I need a bit more of that gold because on camera I look super white I’m going to use mascara only on the outer corners of my eyes just where I darkened it and I’m gonna pull the lashes that direction touch a bit in the middle but mostly here just to touch my bottom lashes scoop its both with white pencil then here it’s very important that I lighten here she has rounded chin here here she has some puffiness here she has some puffiness – her lips are also down turned like mine I’m gonna make them bigger darkus tough she has some light puffiness here where her mouth this one is pearl shimmer I’m going to lighten all that area here on my nose here a bit of Malik’s above my upper lip I’m going to add some contouring powder here on my chin so it would not be this pointy add one little gap here let me do it a little bit round it I’m adding some darker strokes here she has that shadow under her lip brown shadow and I made those beachy waves thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my Instagram Facebook and in my next video


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