Hi, my beautiful love’s! And welcome back to my channel. If you are new to my channel, my name is Faiyza Beg. This is a very special video. About a month ago, I had published a giveaway video. and the feedback on it has been SO PHENOMENAL! It was a must for me to make this video for the giveaway announcement.

This video is for the giveaway announcement indeed. But before I start, if you have not subscribed to my channel as yet, then please subscribe and turn on the bell notification, so that you can immediately know whenever I am online.

because EVERYBODY deserves to look beautiful! And let’s get started! Our giveaway video has been watched all around the world. I am VERY SURPRISED to get such a GREAT RESPONSE worldwide. We have received entries from so many different countries which I was not expecting, to be very honest.

I’d like to mention that we have received entries from the USA, where I live… UK India Afghanistan Qatar Saudi Arabia Norway Philippines South Africa New Zealand Brazil Mexico Malaysia and Germany. Like, I am so SHOCKED to receive so many entries from so many different countries.

It’s just SO SPECIAL!!! So, seriously, guys, thank you for sending your entries and for watching the video as well. Thank you so much! Next, um… I read all your BEAUTIFUL comments and those comments are so lovely.

.. I… seriously, guys… I love you! Thank you so much for such beautiful messages and DMs… IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME! And you beauties, YOU ROCK! You guys are so SWEET! I wish this pandemic, as I have said before, would end soon so that we could meet.

.. one day… right? Maybe a meetup, or something like that I would really love to meet you guys. YOU GUYS ARE SO SWEET! And um… I completely understand… um…. Some people commented that since I am offering a giveaway in such a difficult time of the pandemic It means a lot to some people and it brings a smile to their face.

I am so glad that I can bring a smile to your face. It makes me VERY HAPPY! So, it’s a small gesture. um… And I just… I just wanna say thank you, guys! So, now, um… Since you have written such BEAUTIFUL messages and comments you posted below on the previous video I want to group them together and read them too so that we can learn about others’ ideas too so that we can learn why are they saying what they are saying.

and what their reasons are for it. So, I have grouped a few comments over here. So, I am just going to read all of them right now, right? First of all, I have received so many messages that said that you wanted to enter for the giveaway so that you could improve your makeup while learning from my videos.

So that means, of course, a lot to me that I am able to teach you something. and for those who have commented that I teach very well So that MEANS SO MUCH TO ME!!! And again, like, just like I have said before that I love when you express such appreciation because when you are teaching and.

.. when someone learns from that it makes me so happy that my hard work pays off. So, for that, I want to thank you again. And… Some people commented that they have been following me since the time of “Good Morning Pakistan” So that means a lot to me as well.

THANK YOU so much for staying subscribed for sticking around and being a part of the family. Thank you so much! And then… I have all the comments written down here so if you see me looking down, then I am reading from it.

And especially Oh my God! You guys are so SWEET! Some comments said that I am an inspiration for you guys. Just… when you express so much appreciation… It’s so sweet! I cannot explain what it feels like to learn that you see me as an inspiration and that I am inspiring you.

IT MEANS A LOT TO ME because… That’s… That’s quite heavy! So I hope… I hope that you are able to achieve all that you want to do in your life! And thank you for looking up to me like I’m your mentor, I guess.

.. I can say that. And some commented to tell me that they wanted to open their own makeup channel and they want to learn the craft by watching my videos and then want to open their own channel. So that means a lot to me as well! Because again, it’s like a mentorship, it’s like a.

.. you want to open your own channel after learning… for that, it means a LOT! And also, perhaps the most beautiful of the messages and I LOVE THIS, I LOVE THIS, I LOVE THIS!!! That the parents who want to win the giveaway to their daughters because they want to become makeup artists and want to pursue the artistry that involves it it’s so sweet of such parents to be thinking about their children like that.

The thought that my children want to become something so I could win this giveaway and make their dreams come true. So that means a LOT! I LOVE how you are supporting them! And I hope if you keep on supporting your children like that you will see how much they progress in their work.

The support of parents means the world to a child so that they give their best in whatever they do. So, AWESOME! Awesome job, parents! [Laughs] And the sweetest bit was that some men wanted to win it for their wives and daughters.

It is so sweet that they want to get so involved in the lives of their wives and daughters that they would want to gift them makeup giveaways after winning. So I think it’s so sweet. Such gestures are not as visible in our Asian culture as it is in the Western culture and we should normalize it because there is nothing wrong with it.

This only goes to show that your husbands and fathers want to get more involved in your lives. It’s so sweet. So, again, we should normalize this. And I hope that it will become normalized in our culture gradually.

And especially the comments by daughters who wanted to win for their mothers. THAT IS SO SWEET! So, it’s just… It’s just so sweet. Every single one of you is so AMAZING! The way you have expressed your thoughts, the way you have posted your comments, it is SO, SO, SWEET! I LOVE IT! I love seeing that some people commented that they wanted to win the giveaway so they could donate it to a women’s shelter where the tenants are underprivileged.

That is SO SWEET! There was another comment by a person who wanted to win so that they could gift it to their daughter-in-law and to their daughter as well. They wanted to gift it to both because both of them had a passion for it.

That is also very, very sweet, like… This mindset can entirely transform our society and culture for the better. And let me make… hmmm… a beautiful mention. Let me give a shoutout! Yuscha and Muskan.

Thank you so much! For sharing my channel with your friends and for posting such beautiful comments. And for also sharing my page on Instagram with your friends and family. And it’s SO SO SWEET for that! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME! And I LOVE YOU guys from the bottom of my heart! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! And I hope that you would have loved this shoutout.

I hope it would have brought a smile to your face. I hope, Muskan, that your last comment that “Aapi, if you take my name, it would make me very happy,” so I hope it really brought a smile to your face.

I, uh… You must send me your picture on Instagram so that I can see your LOVELY smile. And please share my channel with your friends and family so that it grows and so that it makes future giveaways possible for me.

So, because of all the beautiful comments, making this video was a must. Just publishing a post on Instagram about the winners… it doesn’t do justice to your devotion. So that’s why this video was a must for me to make, right? And, I also needed to discuss a few things I needed to share and mention a few things that we will have more future giveaways but for that, I need your support.

Please share my channel with your friends and family. The more this channel grows, the more giveaways I will be able to offer. Right now, this giveaway is 100% not sponsored at all. It is completely offered by me.

So that I could give something back to you to bring a smile on your face. So, you must share it with your friends and family so that future giveaways are possible too. Alright, let me mention before I announce the names of the winners that you must NOT unsubscribe.

Because it adversely affects my channel and I have built this channel to this point after a lot of hard work. IT’S A LOT OF, LOT OF, LOT OF WORK, guys! So, please, don’t unsubscribe. You should do the opposite.

You must share it with your friends and family, so that this channel can grow. Also, there will surely be future giveaways but if you unsubscribe, your name will be put on a “No Entry” list which will prevent you from sending your entries for future giveaways.

So, I would recommend you not to unsubscribe. Okay, and, let me give you a hint… that in the future, I might be working on another giveaway. So, I am sure that you would like to stick around for that so could learn about it when it happens, right? I have just given you a hint about that.

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for. The names of the winners… Who they will be? So, let me finally reveal those names. And all of you must support each other, right? Um… HERE WE GO! Okay, the first winner.

.. The first winner of the giveaway is… Hoorain Aijaz from Karachi, Pakistan. Again, let me name the winner again. Hoorain Aijaz, from Karachi, Pakistan. Her comment was that she would gift the giveaway to her sister.

So, Hoorain, you have won the giveaway. I have your address. I will contact you by email or via Instagram, and then we will coordinate for the shipping, right? Okay… Okay, now… The second winner is.

.. Ira Fatima Khan from India. [Giggles] Ira Fatima Khan from India. She is our second winner. And her comment was that she would gift the giveaway to her mother. So, that is so sweet. Again, keep on sharing your love with each other.

It is so SWEET! Um… Again, those who did not win… I’m REALLY, REALLY SORRY! I feel BAD from the bottom of my heart! Just like I have said before that the more you could help grow the channel, the more I will be able to offer giveaways in the future.

Again, share the channel with your friends and family. Subscribe. And keep on watching the videos, so that more giveaways are continued. Um… [sighs] so… I am sending LOVE to you guys!!! SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU GUYS!!! I REALLY LOVE YOU GUYS ALL SO MUCH! Thank you so much for your BEAUTIFUL comments, for subscribing, for watching, for everything that you guys are doing.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! And A VERY BIG virtual HUG! And A VERY BIG virtual JAPPHI! From me to you. And take good care of yourself. And see you in the next video. Till then… LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Muah [Blows a kiss] BYE!


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