Hello all ! Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings. So today I want to make a video tutorial MakeOver One-Brand Makeup Tutorial! Yeay! So here I am using some of the newest products from MakeOver And that, Oh my god! You guys have to see that later, Okay? So don’t take it too long, let’s start with the first one Okay, before you guys Please, ignore my pimples So first, I want to use this Hydration Serum For those of you who have often watched my video tutorials You guys know this, I’ve been using this for a long time Because of what? He made it moist, then he quickly “steamed” it “Recipe” The pervasive .

.. And this makes it look like “shine” all day long, seriously I’m finished, there are two or three bottles I like him with this So it’s like some kind of serum, but it can be the primer too So when I use this, it’s really fresh, oh my I feel really really fresh though It’s best for those who love serum Base Makeup before makeup If I suggest, just use MakeOver Because the price is also affordable ~ Now we flatten it and it is absorbed very quickly Continue now I want to use primer This primer, Velvet Mattifying Primer As usual I put it in my pores Because I have pores .

.. Beuh … And this texture is just as clear And I have heard too, he said this is really good for closing pores And this is a local-brand, cuy ~ Well, usually when I use primer to close pores I wear it as usual on press Flattened, pressed so that the contents of the pores are slightly filled Well, it’s like that We continue to use the MakeOver Foundation This is No.

9, Cream Rose So it’s a little yellow, but it’s brown Don’t forget to shake it first, shake before use I used it halfway first Well, it’s been leveled out like this everything Really leveled up I want to continue using Corrector Here, as usual my favorite too This is from MakeOver, Camouflage Creame Face Concealer This is like this, there are already a lot of things, cuy So here there are oranges, some are purple, some are green, some are a little dark brown, and a little light beige.

I usually use this one for my eye bags For the orange one Now I use the orange one for under eye bags We use the applicator Then I continued, I used the green one for red pimples So usually I use the green to cover the red ones Like for example your acne scars are red Or you have pimples that just appear, don’t like it red I usually cover it with the green one Well like this, there are still acne scars here, here It’s been like this, so I’ve blended everything together Next I want backing Here I use the newest product from MakeOver! This is the MakeOver Powerstay Mattifying Transparent Powder So the color is really clear and white Wow! I can’t wait to try Don’t forget, before you do the backing, you first blend under the eyes for those with fine lines What’s more, like me, the fine lines, blend first Keep trying to hold on like that, don’t blink Apply it immediately “Apply”, “apply, chew, apply” So usually for backing, I’m just under it I don’t know, “asa” like it down here Now let’s let it sit, like about 5 minutes I continued to delete the backing Sorry, this “uprat-apret” hit the headscarf ignore it Continue to spread it, I want to use powder This is MakeOver Powerstay Matte Powder Foundation So I want a little full coverage today That’s the Shade No.

n30 Natural Badge So this is a powder foundation So, for example, you guys want to go simple Like just using serum, use this OK! I continue to use this all over my face Wow! I already feel full coverage My acne has started to disappear, right? It’s been completely covered But if it’s texture, it can’t be, this is it It can’t be closed completely, because it is “bulging” that’s how it is Surely just looking Only the color is even Wow! Already! The complexion is like this We continue to use eyebrows Here I use an eyebrow pencil .

.. MakeOver Brow Styler This Eye Definer is Shade Americano It’s really funny, the shadenya is Americano Now what I like the most, there is an applicator like this Which is really easy in shape, of course Then there’s .

.. Ta-ra! There is a lift too, so you don’t have to bother carrying the applicator around So there is already this dear one Sudeh deh, very simple Now as usual I want to frame my eyebrows first Uh, no listen, tidy up first Ta-ra! Already done with the eyebrows, we will continue to the eyes Here I am the eye part, I want to use concealer first Let it be more pop-up Use this lightest concealer Even more, the eyeshadow is brighter “On” Is it glow in the dark? I put it all over my eyelids Next, I want to use the MakeOver Eyeshadow Nudes This is Dare To Go Bare Go “bare”, Scrooge And this is the color .

.. Beuh … The colors are all really pretty! Can’t wait to make a look, look, what is today? I’m using the applicator, okay? Since this applicator is good “beud”, I like it Here I want to use this brown one For di, what’s the name “tea, ceunah?” What is it ? For the “Kris”, for the “Kris” me So it’s like in the middle of the tutorial Let it be more defined After that, I blend the edges first Now that’s it, I think I want to make cut-kris style like that “Crazy”, cut-kris I want to use this concealer, the one with the lightest color For my eyelids, like half of my eyelids So it’s formed a semicircle Next I want to use this color, the gold one It’s actually really pigmented, it’s really pretty I just want more pop-ups, that’s the eye Then, don’t forget to blend everything, so there are no fine lines With my “sotoy” I want to mix the two darkest tips with this second one For the outside of my eyelids So the eyelook is like this! Dudumtudum ~ Then I didn’t forget to put it under his eyes too Same color as above, same “percis” just “mah” Alright! Now we continue to use the eyeliner Here I use MakeOver eyeliner MakeOver Hyperblack Superstay Liner This applicator is like this, really nice Now we apply it to the eyes Wow! This is exactly what he said Really really black There you go! The eyeliner is really really this thick It really matches what he said Superstay Liner And, this is Hyperblack Really pitch black, wuuu Next, let’s use the white Eye Liner from MakeOver This is the white one White Techno For down here, now Next, I put on this mascara MakeOver Ultimate Lash Mascara Gosh! So the applicator is like this Well, this mascara is really good Look at my lower lashes Then I continued wearing lashes Next, I want to use blush-on and contour Here I use .

.. This palette! It’s the Professional Highlight & Contour Palette So it looks like this, wow! So many, right? There are 8, there is a contour, there is a blush and the same for the highlights Now I want to use this blush-on, which is a bit peach but matte This one is a bit shimmery, and I want to use this one with a slightly matte finish Next, I want to use this contour, mix it with this one The last step, I want to use lipstick Here I use these two lip creams Melted Metalic Lip Cream, the newest from MakeOver So I want to use the same shade 304 and 302 304 for inside Yep & Ta-dam! This is the final look So you can use a makeup look like this Like for parties, for evening invitations Anyway, just adjust it what you want So like this, this is completely different from my previous videos, the makeup So, what do you think? I’m a bold makeup like this Am I like a red onion? Like that evil .

.. Hopefully you will never be bored to watch my next video And see you in the next video! Bitch! Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings. I love you, everyone!


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