Home Makeup Tutorials GLAM MAKEUP UNDER 1,500 PESOS! ♡ affordable + aesthetic makeup tutorial.

GLAM MAKEUP UNDER 1,500 PESOS! ♡ affordable + aesthetic makeup tutorial.

GLAM MAKEUP UNDER 1,500 PESOS! ♡ affordable + aesthetic makeup tutorial.

hi, guys! it’s aji. so for this week’s video in  celebration of me hitting 1.5k subscribers i’m going to make a video of makeup under a budget of 1,500 pesos. so for foreign subscribers, 1,500 pesos equates  to roughly around 30 dollars.

this whole face costs only 1,500 pesos or 30 dollars. before this video starts make sure you’re already subscribed to my channel, okay? i create lots of affordable makeup looks, i do reviews, sometimes vlogs.

so yeah. be part of the squad and make sure to subscribe  to my channel. okay, so if you want to know how i achieved this glamorous brown makeup look then just keep watching. a little disclaimer, i didn’t include the tools in the budget because that could easily cost you around  600 pesos and more.

so i’ll remove those things from the budget like the beauty blender, eyelash glue, and the brushes  so with that let’s start this makeup tutorial   so with that, let’s start this makeup tutorial. i also won’t include contacts in the budget because it’s a necessity.

i need it to see. but for this look, it’s very optional. i’m using the wildcat brown from fresh lady. for the best look since we are under  a budget, i won’t be putting on primer. i don’t really think it’s necessary.

but to  start this look, i’m actually going to start off   with eyebrows. and for eyebrows i’m going to use beauty  glaze eyebrow gel. this costs around 65 pesos.   super affordable and you get a lot of product.

my eyebrows are, once again, uneven. but honestly, what’s new? i’m going to use this focallure big cover liquid cocealer. this is 98 pesos. we’re done with the brows, let’s move on  to foundation. and for foundation, this is one of the best performing, super affordable   high coverage, all day foundation that i found.

this is the stay max foundation. if you watch my videos, you know that i always use this especially for days that i’m heading out. very pigmented, i like it. so for this, i’m going to use the imagic blending sponge.

that’s only a small amount of product and see how covered and even my skin is right here on this area. let’s move on to this side. i actually feel like this is too much product so let me move it here.

i don’t even feel like i need concealer but since i can still sea my shadows i’ll put on a little just to brighten my undereyes and then i’ll highlight. also using this. the same concealer i used for my brows.

see. super glamorous, high coverage face. our face is a little shiny and if you want your makeup to stay for a very long time   you’re supposed to use a powder and usually you apply it on the areas you conceal but i got used to applying it all over the face because i’m very oily.

and the powder helps the makeup stay longer. i’m going to use this flawless loose setting powder by focallure. this is 170 pesos. honestly you can buy something cheaper. this one this is 1.5 ounces of product.

if you’re on a stricter budget, definitely get this. set the face very lightly. a light pressing of powder will do. so this time i’m actually going to switch it up. i’m going to do the face before i move on to the eyes.

and for that i’m going to use this sweet mint palette. if you’re on a budget, contour palettes like this is the way to go because they’re affordable and it already has all the color you need especially this sweet mint palette.

if you’re my shade, everything you need is definitely here. you have this golden highlighter shade. you’re cool toned, you have this. you have two different tones of blushes. you have a peachy one, a cool toned pink one, then a bronzer and a contour.

as you can see, the bronzer is well-loved because it looks so good on my skin. this is the difference if your face is bronzed versus not bronzed. obviously no life, no color and no warmth. i actually didn’t use to bronze.

i thought contouring alone was enough. but bronzing really hit different. next, let’s move to contour. it’s more concentrated on the inner part of the cheeks. it looks like it has a shadow so your cheekbones look higher.

i look like a clown right now because i don’t have my nose contour yet but we’re going to use a flat angled brush for this. i’m honestly not really good at contouring my nose. that’s the nose bronze. i know it looks intense but it’ll soften later with some baking powder.

yeah, extreme nose contour. but i’m going to take some baking powder  and this cute little sponge right here i’m going to press it to the sides of the nose. i’m just sharpening up the nose. i’m also going to sharpen up the jaw contour.

see, how cute. we look stupid. so for this look i’m going to use the  sunrise palette from focallure. this is 330 pesos on their website. i unfortunately got it from some shop from another shop in shopee.

and i bought it for 420 pesos, so yeah. #feeling scammed. i work with colors a lot, these palettes are super helpful. and it’s affordable, honestly. it already has concealer, glitters, different kinds of shimmers and the mattes are very good.

after that, there’s a concealer shade which is called limitless. i’m going to use it to slightly cut the crease. i’m going to take the shade  champagne which is this kind of color   very shimmery. i’m going to take  that on my finger and apply that on the concealer.

there. that’s how it looks like. very shimmery, very glam. then to blend that out, so the transition to the darkest color is smooth. i’m going to take the shade marigold. so finally, i’m going to take the shade  chocolate martini again.

the darkest brown. and buffing that in to really deepen the outer corner of the eye to add dimension. so that’s the first part of the eyes. next, using a big fluffy blending brush. i’m going to take the same shades we put on the lid, the same matte shades.

first, with the shades give me mocha. next, himalayan orange. then next, using that same pencil brush— chocolate martini on the outer edge. that’s it! super simple, but still it’s very glamorous, very smokey.

it’s good for events. so next for the eyeliner. it’s from novo black i want to use the black but since it’s missing, i’m going to use the brown. this costs 88 pesos. affordable and the colors are very pigmented.

i don’t think i can put on off-cam so i’m going to do my eyeliner off cam and i’ll be right back. now my eyeliner is finished. um, next we’re going to move on to mascara and for mascara, i found this wet and wild max volume waterproof hydrofuge mascara.

this is what i used to use before. now i use different mascaras but still i find that this is the best one. of course, you can get other drugstore mascaras like maybelline, stuff like that. i think maybelline has one for 150 but this is 125.

i got it from shopee. and as you can see, this is the difference, it’s super black and it removes the shadow on the ye. as compared to this one that has powder, it caught the dust of the eyeshadow. i’m going to do the same on the other eye.

that’s it for the eyes. next, i’m going to dust off the bake. i feel like the blush disappeared, so i’m going to bring it back. just a little. so that’s the face so far. for finishing spray, i’m going to take this phoera matte finishing spray.

honestly, it’s not a matte finish. but it’s good for setting the face especially when you powder as much as i do. it gives the face a little life, and it brings out the color more. the face looks wet but it will dry up later.

so while waiting for that to finish, i’m going to glue down my lashes. so it can have time to dry. let me cheat a little, okay? this is 150 pesos and i think if we include the entire price of this, it will go over budget.

but since you get 5 pairs for one pack and one pack is *150. i’m going to take one pair and list it as 30 pesos. i’m going to use the pair right here, it looks like these ones. so while waiting for the lashes to dry since  my face is a little dry already, i’m going to take the same contour palette we used a while ago.

and use this shade sunlight as my highlighting shade. for a more accurate application of the highlight, i’m going to use a smaller brush. now that that’s done, let’s put on the lashes. so that’s the difference of lashes.

this is the look but it’s not done because we have to do the lips first. for the lips, i will use this pinkflash lipstick, this is in n05 cookies. when i reviewed this, i based it on the price of 198 pesos.

but thankfully, some people commented saying it’s only 65 pesos when you buy it from other shops. thank you for those who commented. i’m going to finish up, the rest of my face. i might contour because i feel like my face is still too round and i’ll be right back.


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