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glass skin makeup & skincare ลุคผิวกระจก ฉ่ำๆสไตล์เกาหลี สวยเหมือนถ่ายโฆษณา! ✨ | Babyjingko

glass skin makeup & skincare ลุคผิวกระจก ฉ่ำๆสไตล์เกาหลี สวยเหมือนถ่ายโฆษณา! ✨ | Babyjingko

Hi guys! Welcome to my channel. Today I’ll be doing glass skin makeup tutorial finally!. In this video, I’ll show you both skincare products and makeup items I used. My skin looks healthy both bare face and after putting on makeup.

The tutorial is very simple and I’m giving a lot of techniques. Let’s get started! Usually people who live in cold countries will prep their skinwith lotion, heavy moisturizing cream, or facial oil. However, in Thailand most people have oily-combination skin and the weather is humid hot.

These days we still have to wear a mask when going outside. If we apply products that are too thick, apply another layer of sunscreen, and then put on a mask our skin won’t be able to breathe and this might clog our pores and cause acne.

So, I recommend putting on one layer of hydrating skincare items with light-texture, such as essence or serum. And then follow with sunscreen so that it won’t be too thick on your skin. Or if you have dry skin, you can apply moisturizing cream on certain areas like cheeks or around your nose.

Another formula I recommended is using a hydrating toner after facial wash and then apply essence and sunscreen so you don’t have to apply cream in case it might be too thick. For today I’ll be using only this essence.

I recently posted on my ig story about how good it is because I love it so much! This is Lancome Clarifique Dual Essence, new product from Lancome I want to recommend! I had a really good first impression with this product.

I’ll show you my before-after first use of this essence. After applying it, my skin was so hydrated and glowing! This inspired me to create a glass skin look. This products received 3 prizes from Japan @cosme in 2020.

THE BEST FIRST GRAND PRIZE, THE BEST LOTION, and THE BEST HIT SKINCARE NO.1. The reason I chose this product to prep my skin is that 97% of the product is clear essence and the other 3% is oil. This doesn’t make your skin oily at all but it really hydrates your skin and secure the moisture within your skin, making your skin glow! To use it, you’ll have to shake first and then pour it out.

There’s a whisk in the bottle that helps mixing the 2 phases. When you shake the bottle, thousands of micro-bubble will occur which help the product to absorb better and deeper. After clear essence and oil mixed together, it will look clear like this Very lightweight and gentle on your skin.

Not sticky at all! It also has a natural scent of French beech bud. In terms of technology and active ingredients part this essence has Enzyme technology as a key to brighten your skin which comes from French beech bud and a super anti-oxidant, grape seed oil.

These help reduce dark spots and keep your skin hydrated for a long time. It also gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells on your skin for a smoother, softer skin texture and more radiant look. I personally love this product because the texture is lightweight and absorb very well, making my skin look radiant And it’s not sticky at all even though it gives my skin a nice glow.

This is my real skin! The product alone gives immediate hydration and glow without the need for other skincare steps. After I continue using this, my skin is brighter and my pores look smaller! As I told you, in cold countries beauty influencers apply a lot of skincare layers for a glass skin look.

Some of them even use facial oil, which is not always suitable for Thai people’s skin. So I think this Lancome essence is perfect for skin preping. It also works well on sensitive skin. No silicone, perfume, mineral oils, and artificial colors.

In my opinion, this essence totally worth the money in this year. I’m definitely gonna put this on my favorite skincare of 2021 list. The essence is 150ml 3,300 baht, pricey but you can use it for a long time.

I’ve been using this for a while now but it’s reduced only a little. If you’re looking for a good essence that improves your skin radiance and tighten your pores This is the one. Let’s putting on makeup! First, I’ll apply a tinted sunscreen that helps with the glow.

Even if my skin looks glow enough, I’ll make it glow even more with this sunscreen and then use a foundation that doesn’t give too much glow ’cause if you use a glow foundation, your skin might look too oily throughout the day.

We want our skin have enough radiance that it looks even better during the day. My skin is so glowy! For foundation, I officially made a comeback to this baby, Lancome Teint Idole. I love this so much but I haven’t been using it for months I recently used it and fell in love again.

This one makes your skin look nice all day! Few days ago I uploaded an ig story that I used this foundation. My skin looked flawless. I learned from TikTok that if you spray a makeup setting spray before blending your foundation, your skin will look nicer! I’ll apply only a thin layer.

If there are spots, I’ll use a spot concealer to cover them. We don’t need a full-coverage look for glass skin makeup. We only just want healthy-looking skin. I love this makeup sponge (Thai brand) so much, the shape is perfect.

I’ve been using it a lot lately. I’ll apply another thin layer on my cheeks. Let me zoom in for a better close-up of my skin. Next I’ll use a spot concealer. Put it on any spot you want to cover. Then I’ll use orange concealer to cancel my dark circles.

Here’s how my skin look right now. (satisfied!) Next I’ll apply powder with a powder brush I’ll apply on the area where it can get oily or the area that I apply concealer. Don’t forget the outer parts and jawline ’cause your hair might stick if your skin is greasy.

For the nose area, I’ll apply powder with a contour brush. Use a sponge to apply on the area with larger pores. Gently press the powder. Then I’ll use the same brush to apply powder under my eyes. For eyebrows, I’ll use a clear brow mascara.

Gently brush your brow. I only brush the front part upward and brush the rest of it the way it naturally look. Next I’ll fill in my brows. Use a spoolie brush to brush your brow’s hair to make them look softer.

For eyeshadow, I’m using brown-peachy colors for a natural look. I’ll apply this color all over my eyelids. If we’re going for a glass skin look, eye makeup and lips don’t have to look too glossy because our skin should be the main point of this look.

I’ll apply under my eyes as well. Next I’ll use this color on the outer corner of my eyes. Don’t forget this part. This will make your eyes look prettier when you smile! Apply on the inner corner as well.

Next I’ll fill in my lash line with a black gel liner. Use dark brown if you have one. I only have black, so I’ll use it. I’ll use this brown color as a soft liner. We already filled in the lash line, so we’ll look down and draw a line like this.

Just a soft line. Let’s curl our lashes and apply some mascara. Apply it naturally. Next I’ll draw an aegyo-ssal. I’ll use a lip product as blush. I chose this beige-nude color. Apply on your cheeks like this and use a sponge to blend it out.

I applied it all over my cheeks like this Then I’ll put more on the front part, using my finger. For even more glow, I’ll apply a liquid highlighter of my cheekbones. And on my cupid’s bow. Next I’ll apply some contour.

For lips, I chose the colors that match my lip color. I already had a tinted lip balm on my lips so I’ll apply only a little bit. Then I’ll use this red color that has some glow. And lastly, we’ll finish it off with a setting spray.

Here’s the final look! Hope you guys like it’cause I really like the way my skin looks. I actually forgot to film the ending part… Anyways, don’t forget to give a thumbs up and leave some comments. I’ll see you on my next video.



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