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Glass Skin Makeup Tutorial for Acne Prone Skin with Blemishes | What’s TRENDing

Glass Skin Makeup Tutorial for Acne Prone Skin with Blemishes | What’s TRENDing

let me tell you four secrets that you need to know to portray to make glass skin for acne prone skin types high restrained errs that come back to is 20v I’m URI I used to do some makeup tutorials on which 20p I studied overseas for a bit and I’m so excited to come here for this video the glass cam video with chawla got so much love from you guys so from the video from the comments people the most requests theme today we are going to lash in makeup tutorial for acne prone skin with blemishes so we have invited a very special guest Linda hi guys so I’m really excited to be here I’ve been a huge fan of wishtrend TV and written product and I’ve been dying to try the glass skin makeup trend but with acne scars and blemishes it can be a little bit difficult so I’m really excited to get my makeup done but the amazing theory thank you for you so before we start let me tell you four secrets that you need to know to portray to make glass skin for acne prone skin types secret tip number one make sure to add a skin care product that can help to control Sabon so that makeup can go on smoothly without the civil getting in the way number two wait between each skin care steps to make sure that each skin care product has soaked involved number three the key point of glass skin for acne prone skin is minimal product and maximum blending number four remember to start covering the areas that you want to cover the most then spread out to other areas for example start with the parts of the face with acne acne scars blemishes and darkened spots step one after cleansing we’re going to use clear simple preparation unscented toner and a cotton pad to wipe away any remaining sebum leftover makeup and waste this essential oil free version is light and refreshing texture that is easily absorbed into the skin which is perfect to portray the glass skin because we want something that will work well under makeup while hydrating skin deeply at once second step now with the clean canvas we are going to use the newly launched Claire’s midnight blue calming sheet mask as I mentioned in the beginning it’s really important to use a product that helps to control serum for skin with blemishes this is a perfect product that helps to control sebum and helps to calm inflammation beings to the tea tree oil it also has a cooling effect so it’s great to use before makeup thanks to the light and fresh texture third step next we’re going to use a pea-sized amount of Claire’s freshly juiced vitamin e mask as a moisturizer this is a perfect cream to portray that dewy and well hydrated glass skin look but if you use too much of it it can look really oily melted in your hands then spread it evenly and dab this has excellent brightening effect and adheres to the skin well thanks to its putting like flexible texture okay so for first step I’m going to use a pink based primer with a hint of pearl this is a product that helps portray skin as if the shine comes from within the skin this has SPF in a two so we’re going to use this in place of a sunscreen for Linda on her cheeks there’s acne and acne scars and a little bit of pigmentation however on her forehead and temple area it’s clear from blemishes so for the forehead and temples we are going to use a product that is super mild and it doesn’t clog pores so for those with acne prone skin will not have to worry about further breakouts from mica also the texture of the BB cream is buildable so it’s great for touch’ makeup as well next for Linda’s dark circles I’m going to use a concealer with a reddish base to cancel out the darkness because this product is not excellent for coverage but it does help for you to look more lively and healthy thanks to the reddish base now I’m going to cover Linda’s acne and acne scars on the cheeks and also the darken spots like the side of her nose and mouth as well this concealer also has a super mild formula so it’s great to use when covering the biggest parts of your face that you want to cover or the parts that still have not been covered I’m gonna use a small brush to conceal the parts with the concealer that has stronger coverage I’m going to use a blush with a little bit of pearl to help skin look more healthy and lively to portray a natural look for glass skin use a highlighter on forehead nose cheekbone eyebrows with a brush number seven that will be using an eyebrow mascara brush just to accent Linda’s natural beautiful eyebrows number eight to portray a natural glass makeup look I’m gonna use a beige shadow with just a hint of pearl for the eye shadow number nine now we’re going to use just a little bit of mascara to accent her eyes number 10 for the lips let’s use a lip gloss with a very natural color then use a brighter colored red lip tint and middle of the lips only with slight gradiation to make your skin tone look more bright and healthier number love it and as a last step to lock in the moisture of skin we will be using this tear tear missed terra voila and we’re done with the makeup like I really like this care that you applied all my skin I felt really fresh not sticky at all and really I give me a lot of like a glow so my skin look really really healthy and the makeup which is nice like really you can see the glass skin but still it covered my acne pretty well it doesn’t feel heavy at all which is nice thank you very much if you have any questions of the makeup product or tips please let us know remember you are beautiful inside


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