Hi, guys! It’s James Charles and welcome back to my YouTube channel. First off, I just want to say thank you guys so much for two hundred thousand subscribers! That is so ridiculous and I am so thankful for all of you guys.

I know I have not been the best YouTuber in the past and I know I keep saying I’m gonna try.. ..and now I really truly am because now there is so many of you guys watching.. ..and I really wanna make sure that I am putting the best content possible so.

. Thank you guys and I am so excited to put out more amazing videos.. ..and show you guys so many tutorials and show you all what I have in store. However, that being said, a lot of my past videos have been.

. ..some crazy, out-of-the-box looks, which I know you guys– and myself, obviously– love! So for today’s video, I really wanted to tone it down just a little bit.. ..and do a more classic, but still gorgeous glam look.

Which is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. I’ve created this dark cranberry smokey eye with double glitter liner.. ..glow, of course, with this dark purple lip. I absolutely love how it turned out! As always, all products and discount codes will be listed in the description below.

. And if you wanted to see how I created this look, make sure you keep on watching. To start off this tutorial today, I’m gonna begin with my Morphe 35o palette.. ..in one of the light orange shades on my Morphe m441 brush.

This brush is great for blending out creases and that is exactly what I’m doing. So I’m just putting this shade right into the crease using windshield wiper motions.. ..and circular motions to really blow this color out.

You want everything to be nice and blended. I’m then going with the darker orange shade on my m433 brush.. ..and I’m defining the crease just a little but more. Same type of motions– there’s gonna be a lot of different colors going into this eye.

We really wanna make sure everything is seamlessly blended together. And then with that excess color, I’m just going back in and I’m going to shade in the eyelid. Same brush, same exact color. Once we have those colors placed on there, I’m going back into the m441.

. ..and the light orange transition shade and I’m gonna buff forward those edges. To really make sure everything is nice and blended out. To begin my lower lashes, I’m going with my m433 and the dark orange shade.

. ..from the 35o palette and I’m going to begin to buff it into my lash line. I’m not gonna go all the way into the inner corner, however we are gonna.. ..be putting a poppin’ highlighter over there and I really wanna make my eyes look nice and open.

Same thing from before, I’m using my m441 in the light orange shade.. ..just to buff forward the edges just to make sure everything is super-blended out. We really don’t want any harsh edges with this and it’s really gonna come in handy.

. ..when we add the purples, which is gonna be RIGHT NOW. I’m going in with the dark purple shade from the 35b palette. Friendly reminder, you can use code JAMES for ten percent off all Morphe products.

I’m just using my m433 and just brushing the shade all over the lid, just to create a nice cranberry color. Repeating that same step again, I’m going back into that dark purple shade.. ..on the m443 and just tossing that shade lightly onto that lower lash line.

I’m, once again, not focusing that on the inner corner but rather the outer.. ..and kinda creating that V-shape that we know and love.. ..like all of my J-Charles eye tutorials. *laughing* To finish off the eye shadow portion of this look, I’m going in with my m562 brush.

. ..and the red shade form the 35b palette and dusting this in the crease. This is really gonna help the orange and the purple blend together.. ..and kind of create this, like, blended, sunset, smokey eye type of situation.

You get what I’m saying. You know what, we’re just gonna move right on with the liner. I’m using the Morphe gel liner in slate and my m250. Dust your brush to create this sharp, on-fleek wing. I am drawing this wing pretty thin, because I am gonna be doing a double-liner.

. ..and I’m gonna be using glitter, so I’m just gonna try to keep this.. ..pretty, like, subtle so it’s not, like, over-attacking my eye. This voice-over is seriously a mess. I apologize. It is very, very late at night.

I just returned from my trip, so give me chance. And I also ordered a microphone as well, so these voice overs are soon gonna be a lot better quality. Um, yeah, I heard you guys talking about it and I promise I’m working on it.

Anyways, I’m not taking my m213 brush and taking that dark purple shade that I was using before.. ..and buffing out that black liner that I put in waterline.. ..just to create a nice, even transition and make that bottom waterline super-duper smokey and dark.

Then to make sure that it’s nice and blended out and that I don’t have a black eye.. I just going in once again with my m562 and the red shade from the 35b.. ..and just buffing over that line, super-duper lightly.

For the double-glitter liner portion of this look, I’m going in with my Mac Mixing Medium.. ..on my Morphe gel-liner brush, obviously not the one that had the black liner on it from before! And I’m just dipping it to my Copperella Glitter from Violet Voss.

I figured this glitter would match absolutely perfectly with the cranberry and the red tones.. ..and it did– I really, really love how this looked. I’m just super carefully laying that glitter right over-top the black liner.

. ..being pretty careful to avoid fall-out. But to fix it up, I’m going in with my NYC liquid liner, obviously in black. This liner is super-duper opaque so it really helps to cover over any fallout on that black liner from the glitter.

After putting on mascara, I’m just quickly popping on a pair of false lashes. I honestly don’t remember where these are from. But if I can find the name, I will leave it in the description below. I’m been wearing these for a few weeks now and I do not remember.

I lost the box, but they are pretty similar to House Lashes Iconics.. So, definitely check those out if you have not already. And that is one eye all completed! I’m gonna go ahead and do the other one off-camera.

. ..then we can go ahead and get started on on the rest of the face. Bam! Thank god for movie magic. For my highlighter today, I’m going in with my m501 brush from Morphe.. ..and my Anastasia Illuminator in So Hollywood.

You guys know this is, like, my all-time favorite combo for glowing, golden skin. To finish off this look, I’m using my Ofra liquid lipstick in the shade Queens. It is this beautiful, dark purple shade.

I absolutely love how this paired with this look. Yeah.. that made sense, right? Okay. Anyways, this color is so bomb and you can use code JCHARLES for 30% off all their products. Definitely would recommend you checking them out.

And, that is the look! Alright guys! And that is the completed dark, fall-inspired makeup look. Perfect for the upcoming holiday season. If you guys enjoyed this video, please don’t forget to give it a big thumb up down below.

. ..and subscribe if you haven’t already! I post videos every single week! If you would like to keep up with me on my crazy makeup journey.. ..don’t forget to follow all of my social media accounts! My Twitter and my Instagram are both just James Charles.

. And my Snapchat is James Charles but with an extra “s” at the end of Charles. Yeah. Alright guys! Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time. Byee! [beep] *gasps* Oh, wait a second. That’s not a mole, that’s purple lipstick.

*gasps* Tell me I just did that entire into with purple lipstick on my cheek. Oh. I’m gonna *bleeping*


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