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Glowing Makeup Tutorial with Giorgio Armani Makeup | Neiman Marcus

Glowing Makeup Tutorial with Giorgio Armani Makeup | Neiman Marcus

This is the look of the Armani woman who appears to be lit from within. Hi, I’m Tim Quinn, Celebrity Makeup Artist for George Armani Beauty. I’m here today to walk you through the five steps to achieving the signature Armani Glow.

So we’ll start with Maestro UV. You’re going to apply this like you would face cream, so with your fingers, and just smooth it to the skin. This has the dual benefit of giving you a primer for long wear, and also provides the added benefit of a UV 50.

Step two is Crema Nuda. Now the Crema Nuda is a revolutionary product in that it’s your skin care as well as a light tint. Using your fingertips, just smooth it and apply as you would your moisturizer, right under the eye area.

Instantly, you have corrected skin with a beautiful subtle glow that can be worn alone– this could be your stand alone foundation– and then layer Luminous Silk when you need a little more coverage. Now step three for your Armani Glow would be your Luminous Silk Foundation.

And this you’re going to apply with a blended brush. And you basically work the foundation into the brush and then sweep it and apply where you need it, right above the cheekbones, anywhere where there might be a little redness.

And it’s almost like air brushing. Now one of the playful parts of the Armani Glow are using the Fluid Shears. So we’ll start with Number 2, one of my favorites. And with this you’ll use a powder brush and just swirl the product into the brush.

And then start slightly above the eye on the temple, and then think of a shape of an S. You’re just framing the eye. Now finally I’m going to add a little extra sculpting and a slightly golden touch with Fluid Sheer Number 10.

And for this, I like to use a fan shaped brush. Just roll the product into the brush. And with this, you’re going to think of the shape of a three and framing your face. So starting at the hair line, slightly under the cheek bone, and then follow through along the jaw line.

So the hair line, under the cheek bone, and follow through. And then repeat on the other side. So the Fluid Shear will actually add a little golden warmth and some subtle highlight and sculpting. So I’m happy today to have used the Number 2 and 10 to achieve this subtle golden glow.

But I feel like every woman deserves to embrace their own inner glow. And we have 14 shades available that will take you anywhere from the red carpet to the big day, your daughter’s wedding, Bat Mitzvah.

Playful, light weight, use a brush, and you can never be overdone.


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