Hi, Sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel I hope everyone is have a woderfull day so far And I am actually really excited for todays video, because I am doing a tutorial which I have not done in a very very long periodically periodically time so, I am going to do some makeup It’s gonna be really fun, and, good, and, fresh hopefully in todays video I wanna do a recreation of the kinda purple painted look that Sister Ariana Grande was wearing in her newest music video for God is a Woman I was listening to it literally yesterday And since the song release And I had already fell in love with the song but when it came time for the actual music video OH MY GOD Probably some of the best visuals I have ever seen.

So beautiful So stunning Ariana literally looked THE BEST IN THE ENTIRE WORLD I know she just switched makeup artists recently which I am very very excited about She is working with My King My Father Makeup By Mario Who I absolutely love and she has been looking absolutely phenomenal recently There was one scene in the music video where she is in this like milk bath of like Blue and Purple and Periwinkle paint and she had it all over her face and it was literally one of the most stunning visuals I have ever seen EVER And so for todays video that is exactly what we are doing God is going to be a Sister also after the makeup look is complete God is a Woman has been stuck in my head literally non-stop for the past several days straight so I figured it could be fun, and I’ve never done this before to maybe sing the song at the end of this video I’m a little bit nervous, I’m not going to lie I’ve never done a full actual cover before but I guess there’s a first for everything and I love Sister Singing and I also love makeup.

So that could be good Maybe, Hopefully, fingers crossed since this video is definitely going to get demonetised from singing a copyrighted song I would like to thank todays video sponsor which I am actually really excited for because you guys know I dont really do sponsorships that often and I am really excited to announce that todays video is sponsored by Quidd Quidd is a new awesome app that is blowing upright now where you can collect Cards, Giffs, Stickers and more all for free Quidd has the biggest library of stickers in the entire world and it has memes and giffs and all sorts of fun things about your favourite movies, TV shows and of course your favourite YouTubers as well So, I’ve teamed up with them today to create the James Charles sticker pack there’s so many cute stickers in there and it makes perfect sense for this video as well because I tried out this look a few days ago and I posted it on Instagram and you sisters were literally freaking out and it just made perfect sense because I then turned this look into a sticker and it is now available for download to you guys you guys can download my James Charles sticker pack as well as a bunch of other ones send them to your friends as well be enabling the Quidd imessage app, and its just so much fun they also have a ton of new features that you guys should definitely check out, one of them being shelfies we do love a good Shishter Shelfie so dont forget to check out Quidd for free by downloading it at the link below just to clarify before we jump into this video because I am not trying to deal with a million hate comments about it, um, me and Sister Ariana have had some tea in the past it was over a year ago it is over and done with and even in the original video if you know what I’m talking about I made it very very clear that through this drama Ariana was still one of my all time favourite artists literally in the entire world, I think she is so talented this new album has been insane so far and it is not even fully out yet.

So, that being said I have nothing but love for her and the end of the day I am a makeup artist and this makeup look was absolutely stunning so I am going to recreate it nothing more, nothing less. I would love to sit down with her one day, hopefully do her makeup and talk about these things because I still love her no matter what in the entire world but I’m not trying to deal with a ton of angry Ariana stans lets move on, I’ve moved on I’m sure Ariana does not care, shes too busy releasing hit singles So, lets jump into the video Alright guys so starting this video right off I already have my base fully on and complete lets be real you all know that I use the same products every single time so there is no point in showing it and this look is definitely going to be heavily focused on the eyes, the lips and then everything going on in this general vicinity So, it would be easier to start off this way.

And I want to start off today with the eyes because we’re doing a Sister Cut-Crease and I am super super excited. Alright guys I just zoomed you in for a real one so you can get all up close and personal and see all my pores this is kinda scary but do you know what, um, life is scary.

So, I’m going to use the Norvina eve-shadow palette today to do this cut-crease. This is brand-new from Anastasia, Beverly Hills. I am literally obsessed with this, the shades in it are absolutely stunning and definitely match the tones of this Ariana video, so, lets go right in.

This cut-crease is going to be Super Sister Simple today and I’m going to start off with a Morphe M513 brush, this is my all-time favourite fluffy brush for a transition shade. Of course you can use Code ‘JAMES’ for 10% off.

I’m just gonna dip into the shade ‘incense’ first this is just a kind of light mutual-toned brown and I’m just gonna start off by blending this in my crease region to start shaping the cut-crease. Since this is going to be a cut-crease and I need to cut the crease I’m going to be blending the shadow actually above the crease OH MY GOD This is going to be another video that I’m going to have to put a crease counter in it.

🙂 To make sure that the shape is, good, and fresh, and round, I’m just following the natural eye shape going going right above the crease line and blending it outwards towards the tail of my brow and kind of bringing it back up over here and also pulling it in towards the inner corner and kind of tucking it right into that nose contour just to tie everything together and so there’s no harsh lines I’m next going to grab my Morphe M433 this is a slightly smaller crease brush and I really like this one because its a little bit more precise I wish they would make a smaller version because this is my favourite brush in the entire world and I’m going to use this and I’m going to dip into the volatile, and I’m going to use this to deepen up the crease just a little bit.

I’m going to go in lightly and make sure to focus the shade on kind of the bottom portion of where I drew the cut-crease to begin with I definitely dont want to bring this up as high or it kind of eliminates that whole like ombre effect from the cut- crease portion up to like the blended portion.

Why am I like having trouble doing a tutorial today? I haven’t done this in so long, huh, life is crazy. How do you literally explain makeup? Just like do it. Okay, it’s looking good so far! I’m going to grab the M513 again dip into a little bit more of the shade incest Incest? In- did I just say that? REPLAY— Incest Incest Incest OH MY GOD Incense.

Next to finish up this cut-crease I’m going to grab an M506 which is just a little tiny like little pointy fluffy brush. Like I said they need a smaller M433 but I guess this one will do that’s like my all-time favourite trio for a like good and fresh smokey-eye or cut-crease or anything I’m just going to dip in the shade with the slightest bit of black literally like the tiniest bit.

For some reason I literally can not find a super dark brown eye-shadow right now Don’t ask um, I’m just going to use this to deepen up the very very bottom of this crease right before I go ahead and actually cut it.

Then dipping back in with my M433 and blending it out for a real one. Then one last time dipping into incense om my M513 and just going right over those edges one last time to really make sure everything is blended out.

So now that we have all the crease colours laid down it comes time to actually cut the crease and this is actually looking pretty clean so I’m not going to be to careful about this especially because we’re going to line it anyways, but, I am going to grab a flat concealer brush and then just a regular concealer.

This is of course Tarte Shape Tape and I’m just gonna carefully go in and- -cut the crease. I forgot how boring makeup tutorials were Jesus I’m going to start right above the middle of the eyelid because this area is always the absolute hardest for me for some reason.

This crease shape is not exactly what I was going for, but, you know what, um, its- -the thought that counts in life sometimes and that thought is- -really counting right now. I’m just gonna take that excess concealer and kind of blend it down right on to the eyelid just to kind of prep it for literally nothing because we’re just going to put a light colour shadow on top of it.

Once that crease is all cut I’m just going to take a Morphe M224, this is just a flat packer brush, and dip into the shade base in the Norvina palette and I’m just going to lightly go over the top of that concealer to just set it in place before we go ahead and line it.

So, now that everything in set in place this is actually looking pretty good so far so I’m really excited. We’re about to go ahead and put that little line of purple right underneath that to cut the crease even further.

I’m going to grab the Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Self Control’ I feel like this is a very good colour for the look today, and, I’m just going to plop this on the back of my hand. Then I’m just going to grab my tiny liner brush, this is the Morphe M250-0 literally barely even there, Hello and I’m gonna dip right into that liquid lipstick and super super carefully line that crease.

If your liner ends up looking literally the absolute worst, like mine does right now somehow not somehow actually I’m not surprised. I’m just going to grab that flat top concealer brush once again with a little bit more concealer and tap of the excess because I really dont want these two thing to mix together but I’m going to go in and cut that crease again Ok, so I jut went ahead and I fixed the liner about 87 times to get this shape for some reason I was putting my crease in the wrong shape like I said it’s been a very very long time since I’ve actually done a makeup tutorial on camera so I’m a little bit Crusted, Dusted, and, Rusted today but we’re going to get through together, so, now comes time for the actual liner to kind of complete the upper eye-shadow.

I’m just going to grab my small little liner brush and I’m going to dip into the ‘volatile’ shade from the Norvina palette, it’s just a dark brown I’m just gonna start off by sketching a simple little wing.

Then using that same liner brush to begin to just once again a little bit of black eye-shadow I’m just going to kind of tight-line that wing to add a little bit more definition to kind of make it look like a little bit of a smokey-wing, and, to make sure that the lashes blend together, um, just because brown and black are not the same colour GOD I literally am, what is this tutorial? So now I am going to move on to the lower lash line, and to this I just want a pop of that light purple shade kind of to match with that liner, but, I really cant find a shadow that actually looks like this colour, so, what I’m going to do is, I have a little bit of that liquid lipstick left on the back of my hand from doing the actual liner and I’m just going to grab an M433 yes, this will kind of ruin it and make it crusted, but, I have literally 27 of these so it’s ok and I’m just going to dip into this on the back of my hand and just kind of tap off any of the excess product and I’m just gonna go right in on the lower lash line and kind of blend in that colour I know that I’m going to be popping a purple highlighter right on the inner corner as well so to kind of serve as a base I’m gonna grab the excess of that shadow liquid lipstick Hello and put that in the inner corner as a base so the highlighter for what is going on with this video? OH MY GOD using a tiny sponge brush, this is the M508 I’m going to dip into a cool toned purple shade.

I’m going to use this to connect out the winged liner, and, then further tight-line that lower lash line just to add a little bit more dimension and to kind of pull everything together to highlight my inner corner I’m going to grab the Anastasia Glow Kit, this one is ‘DREAM’ I’m going to grab the shade ‘celestial’ in the bottom left hand corner because it is the most purple metallic highlighter I have ever seen in my entire life, it is so stunning, and I’m just going to pop that in the inner corner right over top of that purple base OH WOW you are kidding HELLO Then last but finally no least to finish of this one eye I’m going to grab just a little bit of highlighter on a flat top brush, and just put it right on the top of the brow bone, OH MY GOD, HELLO that is so pretty, just to tie everything together and to really give that brow good lift and, you guys that is one eye of this look all complete THANK GOD it’s been quite a while since I have filmed a tutorial so excuse my poor teaching skills but I’m going to go ahead and do the other eye off camera quickly and I’ll be right back to finish off the rest of this look.

All right guys I’m back and both eyes are complete I just threw on a pair of ‘Lili Lashes’ in the style ‘Miami’ you should know at this point they are my all-time favourites use code ‘JAMES’ for 15% off your purchase I’m going to go ahead and finish off the face, so, I went and grabbed the MAC blush in the shade ‘Cheeky Bit’ and a Morphe E4 brush, this is my all time favourite blush brush.

This is kind of a metallic pink blush but you guys know I dont really do these types of blush very often, but, I feel like they will match very very beautifully together with the purple and blue tones that we are going to have going on oh yeah, that looks really good love that I’m going to use a little bit of that excess and also dip into the MAC blush in the shade ‘peaches’ which you guys know is my all time favourite, and, go in right on top of the nose for a fake freckle moment alright, so, to add to the fake freckles quickly I’m going to use this new MAC, like, liquid brow thing which I am literally obsessed with, this makes it so easy.

This is the ‘Shape and Shade’ brow tint in the shade ‘lingering’ I’m just going to use the little booty end first and kind of make some little dots right over all my freckle region just to kind of create some dimension and then we’re going to use the other end which is like a marker use this to draw on dome more little dots and freckles I’m gonna grab an M501 brush and dip into the shade ‘Wild Child’ from the Norvina palette it’s just that metallic pink shade.

I’m actually going to use this shade as a highlighter on my cheekbone. That is so pretty Alright so next we’re going to move on to the lipidy-doodahs and I’m going to start off by using the Anastasia new liquid lipstick in the shade ‘violet’.

This I believe just came out with the Norvina collection and this colour is literally so beyond stunning I’m just gonna use this as a base for all the other colours I’m going to layer on top So now on top of this base we’ve got I’m just gonna layer on some different little like splotches to kind of mimic that whole cloud like affect that Ariana had on her lips so just using that Jeffree Star lipstick that we used as liner before, a white gel liner and also the Anastasia lipstick in the shade ‘paint’ Ok, guys, oh my God, literally, hello wow, this tutorial went so fast, ok the look is literally complete, so, I’m gonna go ahead and take some setting spray this is just the cover effects ‘Dewy Finish’ setting spray and I’m just going to give my face a good Sister Spritz I’m looking really nice and radiant So, technically you could stop here and wear this makeup look out, I mean, this is very beautiful but we are going the full shebang, Ariana Grande painted moment realness I am so excited for this, so, what I am going to do is grab once again the same exact liquid lipsticks that I used on my lips and put kind of a large amount of the lip on my actual hand so it’s like a palette I’m literally going to take a huge brush, this is the MAC 190 brush and start sketching in lines on my neck and face definitely trying to vary the colours as much as I possibly can make sure everything looks even I’m literally just sketching these in completely too on the left side of my face hopefully this looks good probably gonna put a little bit on my ear as well just to make the look feel complete Alright, Sisters, that is this Ariana Grande inspired, God is a Woman, or, a Sister, makeup look complete I am literally obsessed with how this turned out like literally, hello so good, I feel so powerful, literally, like a God.

But this video is not yet complete because not only did I want to do some glam for you guys, but, I also felt like it would be really really fun, since this is inspired by Sister Ariana to also do some Sister Singing, so, Ariana sweetie I am sorry in advance once again, but, lets jump right in.

You, you love it how I move you You love it how I touch you, my one When all is said and done You’ll believe God is a woman And I, I feel it after midnight A feelin’ that you can’t fight, my one It lingers when we’re done You’ll believe God is a woman I don’t wanna waste no time, yeah You ain’t got a one-track-mind, yeah Have it any way you like, yeah And I can’t tell that you know I know how I want it Ain’t nobody else can relate Boy, I like that you ain’t afraid Baby, lay me down and let’s pray I’m tellin’ you the way I like it, how I want it And I can be all the things you told me not to be When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing And he see the universe when I’m in company It’s all in me You, you love it how I move you You love it how I touch you, my one When all is said an done You’ll believe God is a woman And I, I feel it after midnight A feelin’ that you can’t fight, my one It ligers when we’re done You’ll believe God is a woman I’ll tell you all the things you should know So, baby, take my hand, save your soul We can make it last, take it slow And I can tell that you know how I know how I want it But you different from the rest And boy, if you confess, you might get blessed See if you deserve what comes next I’m telling you the way I like it, how I want it And I can be all the things you told me not to be When you try to come for me I keep on flourishing And he see the universe when I’m in company It’s All In Me You, you love it how I move you You love it how I touch you, my one When all is said and done You’ll believe God is a woman And I, I feel it after midnight A feelin’ that you can’t fight, my one It lingers when we’re done You’ll believe God is a woman, yeah, yeah God is a woman, yeah, yeah God is a woman, my one Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh When all is said and done You’ll believe God is a woman YOU’LL BELIEVE GOD God is a woman YOU’LL BELIEVE GOD oh, oh, oh, oh It lingers when we’re done You’ll believe God is a woman Alright, guys, that is all I have for todays video.

I really really hope you enjoyed this little Ariana Grande God is a Woman inspired makeup look. and also cover. I have never done this before so please let me know if you guys enjoyed this video by giving it a big thumbs up down below and show your support if you want me to do more song inspired makeup looks in the future I would definitely love to do that it just brings my two worlds together that I absolutely love, being, Glam and Music and these videos are so much fun for me, so, I really hope you guys enjoyed this.

I enjoyed filming it If you have not already don’t forget to click that big red ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button down below and come join the Sister Hood I would love to have you in the family. It is a pretty lit time, not going to lie.

and also click that ‘BELL’ icon so you can be notified every time I upload a brand new video If you would like to follow me on my makeup journey you can follow me on Instagram and twitter they are both just @jamescharles and my Snapchat for more behind the scenes type suff is just jamescharles with an extra s after charles this weeks Sister Shoutout goes to Sister Haili.

thank you so much Haili for always following and supporting me, I love you literally so so so much and if you guys would like to be next weeks Sister Shoutout don’t forget to always retweet my video links when they go live on twitter Alright, Sisters, that is all I have for todays video thank you once again to Quidd for sponsoring I love them so much don’t forget to check it out by downloading for free using the link in the description down below thank you, Sisters, for watching and I will see you in the next one.



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