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Golden Makeup Tutorial | ALEXACHUNG

Golden Makeup Tutorial | ALEXACHUNG

okay we on let’s do another beauty tutorial this time from my Manor tis the lair right then I literally never brushed my hair but let’s give it a go and my mom bless her it’s always like you gotta brush your hair and I’m like no that’s the look okay so today I’m gonna try and do some kind of golden beachy summer situation even though we’re in England and it’s technically winter but you don’t need to know that so as ever let’s prep the skin her Laura Mercier I’ve used it a thousand times okay let’s just get in there shall we so basically I have this Pat McGrath gold eyeshadow which is very beautiful and incredibly potent woah it is like actual gold leaf this isn’t ever coming off oh yeah I probably should have prepped my eyelids or something but Housekeeping’s here hi can you come and help you with this gold eyeshadow please I don’t know if you stay in hotels very frequently but one thing I find is they love to wake you up really early with a knock on the door housekeeping and you know what kind of person you are based on how you react to that are you someone that’s like get out all right you like come in oh my god it’s down my face okay oh yeah there you go get rid of that perfect then I’m gonna curl my lashes OOP it would be nice if I had brow mascara with this but I don’t know if she have any with me today so that’s not gonna happen but actually I might do a brown line inside on the bottom of the ice I am creating this look for you today I’ve never worn it I just thought maybe it would be nice to be like a golden ease summery kind of gal because I have that I made that’s kind of like a cream Daisy print and I think it would be very pretty with a I don’t know South of France situation I don’t think this is what they were in the South of France I’m gonna try and do a little bit of a bronzer so I have this Charlotte Tilbury sculpt and highlight here we go just gonna use the sculpt Teesside mmm yes I have been on holiday thank you for noticing I feel like I need some concealer I’ve used that finger for gold so now I don’t have to use a different finger I like to put my concealer on my quite sizable eye bags another thing I like to do sometimes is if I’m very tired get some ice cubes and put it in the sink with some water and just kind of splash that on the head I don’t really own makeup brushes so I apologize for the multi-finger situation they just seem like too much work like you have to wash them you have to condition them like and like I already have hair for that so yeah I kind of have about two brushes I’ve had for a long time and that’s that so I’m gonna try English beauty it’s called by Charlotte Tobruk so I want to do like a nudie nudie lip I think this is really nice but I think also I need a bit more kind of shimmer so back to the old deal backstage glow face palette and maybe I can use the top ones I’ve been so afraid of in the past oh yeah strobe white strobe gold so this brush is very nice really soft it’s red and it’s by chassé dough and it has the antibacterial squidgy at the end so you can do this for your concealer so you’re not getting fingerprints in there I think as well another thing is maybe I need the gold in the inner corner of the ice and we’re back to that eek approach with caution it’s very hardcore oh my god new rave sick no I mean come on I’ve blown it we all make mistakes and this has been one of them maybe it’s okay because it looks like I’m crying glitter I’m gonna do some more brown teddy eyeliner actually because I quite like it underneath and maybe it’s nice up here and I don’t have a brush so I’m just gonna blend it with a q-tip I’m such a rookie at this that if you have any tips for me I would love you to write them underneath this and maybe I can learn from your experience eyebrows and then if I want to feel very hydrated this is a different moisturizer it’s so Saluja sooo I got in Korea because I was told about how fantastic all Korean beauty products were and then I became panicked when I was in Korea for like 48 hours that I wouldn’t know what to buy so I ended up at the airport just kind of doing a bit of a smash-and-grab and this was one of the things I got and it’s very rich and really nice so I’m just gonna put it in the palms of my hands and go like this and then do one of these maybe I’ll do a little cute hair ribbon today to match my gold so cool girl Sam McKnight spraying it to rush it up this is literally a life save us at the end of the day when your hairs gone all flattened greasy I’m not making accusations here when mine goes like that I put some of that in it and it sort of saves it and then a little bit of backcombing at the crown I used to want to be a hairdresser I don’t have the talent for it not that that stops me trying everything else under the Sun get that bouffant on even if you got thin hair just trick them into thinking you’ve got thick ooh yeah it’s the hair song okay I’m gonna do like a little half-up half-down situation like I’m in the sixties or one of the sixties that’s the hair now I’m going to get dressed for you final check this is my lip cheek pink situation called modest I look gorgeous listen I’m not going to lie to you this glitter is already down my face it’s probably gonna drip even further but it’s got that certain janessa quoi devil-may-care party animal spirit to it so I wish you the best of luck this summer with this glitter mess I as I like to call it thank you so much for watching make sure you comment below if you liked it didn’t like it thought it was alright any other looks you like me to try and please because I love you listen enough around let’s just go let’s go bye you


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