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hi everybody in today’s video I’m going to show you how I got this metallic submarine makeup look I had a few other video ideas in my actually sat down and trying to film – yesterday they ended up being a complete fail so I’m not going to be uploading them I was gonna get ready and film something else but I figured you know what I’m going to record myself getting ready because I wanted to try acting me do a swamp clean palette by graveyard girl it’s really awesome and there was just so many like bronzy tones in it that I figured you know what I’m going to do that and pair it with like a cool new metallic lip I just got in the mail the Milani ones and also the Kylie metallic lips so I got the ones in like the similar shades but I ended up mixing these two for the lips because the Milani one although it’s so pigmented so amazing it’s not 100% realistic like I wouldn’t go out with just this one on so I mix the kylie one on top of it and the kindly one is a little bit more subtle so it just kind of was a perfect combination and that’s how we got the lips right here so if we guys want to see how I got this makeup look please keep watching to start off this look I am applying a concealer on my eyelid and I’m blending it in so originally I wasn’t going to do a makeup tutorial but after I did my face I decided to film how I was gonna do my eye shadow so I promised my next video I will be showing a full face routine I know a lot of you guys prefer that so to start off today’s look I am using the new palette that bunny designed with Tarte cosmetics it’s the swamp Queen palette and as soon as I saw all the colors I knew I wanted to try it out today and it just inspired me to create this all metallic look I’m applying the color SF s on the inner third of my eye I’m gonna be applying three colors on my eyelid so I’m going to be chopping it into three different sections next I’m picking up the color sassy bun and I’m applying that in the middle part of my eyelid and then I’m going in with the color sippy sippy and I’m applying that on the outer third of my eye next up I’m grabbing a clean blending brush and I’m just gonna blend out the brown shade a little bit then with a large blending brush I’m picking up the color natural peaches and I’m applying that up in my crease it’s a really light orange color and then I’m going in with the darker orange which is called Dogman and I’m applying that closer to my lid so it’s gonna give it a really pretty blended look so this is the first time I’m trying out this palette and I really really love it it’s super pigmented and I love all of the colors it’s right at my alley so I wanted to say congratulations to bunny it’s such a beautiful palette and I definitely give it my two thumbs up so I am just working on the outer part of my eyelid I use the little sponge just to get like a straight line if you don’t have any makeup on prior you can use a makeup wipe to clean it up and make it look a little bit neater but if you already have your face makeup on you can use a Beauty Blender as well and it does basically the same thing for eyeliner I’m using the color wicked by Sigma I do have a coupon code for everything on the Sigma site I will list that below for you guys to highlight my tear ducts I’m using the color Gator wings and then I’m also highlighting underneath my brow now I’m just going back in with the same shadows and I’m just darkening them a little bit so I’m using this small precise brush and I’m just making sure it looks super neat and I’m just repeating the same steps that I had done originally I just ran upstairs to double-check the brush that I’m using right here is by morphe it’s the m1 70 – 4 brush I absolutely love this you can use it for shout out or lips and I do have a coupon code for you guys for morphe as well so then I am doing the same thing with the brown as well darkening it and then going back in with my blending brush and then I’m just blending it out then I’m taking the same small precise brush with the brown and I am just drawing in my crease a little bit darker and sharper that way just looks neater from further away and then I’m taking my pencil brush and I’m just blending up that line a little bit to make it look more blended then with my blending brush I’m just blending again and going back in darkening again and yeah you guys get the idea so you just want to keep repeating that until it’s as dark as you want until you’re getting the right pigment that you guys want so it’s a process take your time with it on my lower lash line I am using the rose gold pigment from graftobian which is the most amazing pigment ever one of the videos that I tried filming yesterday was like the dripping rose gold lip that I had seen all of our Instagram and it just didn’t look good on me this is Coco I get useless like that I can focus on setbacks tonight the one spray shine highlight yes when comments Brett was leaving and he had to come interrupt my video obviously so back to the under eye I am using the color uncommon which is a pretty metallic purple and that is going on the outer half of the lower lash line so for lashes i am using strip tease by violet boss for mascara i’m using the tarte one in the gold packaging the one that i have been using all of the time i can’t remember the name of it off the top of my head and for eyeliner I found this honest Asya one I think it’s called like pure gold and I didn’t even know I had it but I wanted to try it because so beautiful when you swatch it it didn’t show up as much as I wanted in the inner lash line but I think it’s made for the outer part of your eye so it is a really beautiful shade but going in with my Kat Von D shade and light palette I am bronzing up my face last week and I went to the beach for the first time and I don’t even know how long and I got so sunburned so I’m actually covering up my tan lines with this sharp it was bad me and Brett were both bright red because we didn’t anticipate on in the beach so we were only out there for about an hour and we didn’t have our sunscreen with us so both of our white skin turned really red real quick but right now it’s turning into a tan which I’m really happy about so going in with highlighter I’m using this new glow kit by anastasiya I am picking up the gold shade on the top row and I am highlighting my nose these are always so pigmented and so creamy and so amazing I actually just opened the box today so I opened up this box and I open up the metallic lipsticks and also the eye shadow palette so that was what really inspired this whole look I was like you know what I want to try some new products today and I was really really happy with all of them which is really cool because I would have hated if I filmed this whole look and didn’t like how it turned out but I am just adding extra highlight then I have applied it in a long time I just feel like making this look super shiny so feel free to add as much highlighter as you guys want for lips i’m using the color natural by nyx and i’m just lining my lips as i normally would then i am applying the Milani lipstick originally i swatched these two on my hands the kylie and the Milani and I was going to use the Milani today because it was a lot more metallic looking and it just seemed more pigmented than the Kylie one so I did apply it on my lips and it was definitely more pigmented than I even expected so I applied this first I looked at it for a little bit and I was like you know what I need it toned down a little bit if I would realistically wear this out which I only like to show you guys looks that I would personally wear myself so I apply the Kylie lipstick over it and it just happened to be the perfect metallic finish so if you guys are in the market for either one it depends on what you guys are looking for I think they’re both really really great but it’s again all about preference I’ll show you guys the swatch of both of them next to each other that way you guys can decide if you want both or if you want one over the other so I actually really like how the matte lip looks I’m going in with my BH nude blush palette there’s a peach shade in it which I am using on my cheeks and then I’m just going to go back in with the lip liner I’m just lining the edges and I’m going to like fill it in a little bit just to add a tiny bit more of color on the outer part of my lips I don’t know why but I feel like naked if I don’t have a lip liner showing with my lipstick I don’t know weird I just have to always go back in with the liner so I’m doing that and I’m grabbing the bronzy highlighter from that same palette and I’m just applying a little bit on my cheeks and a little bit on my forehead just to yourself glow a little bit more why not I’m taking a little bit more of that gold highlighter and I’m just applying it on my collarbones so anytime I go out I always like to add a little bit of highlighter on to my chest especially if it’s showing all obviously only if it’s showing I just like the look of a highlighter on the boobs and on the chest so that’s all about preference it’s up to you guys if you want to try it go ahead if not you could skip that step and then to set everything I’m using the Gerrard setting spray and the color and the flavor whatever you want to call it lavender and yeah so that is it so this is the final result I hope you guys enjoyed this metallic bronzy look I feel like this is the perfect look for I’m night out and summer it’s super bronzy super glowy and of course the metallic lip is awesome I wasn’t sure how doesn’t feel about it but I actually really really love how it turned out so I hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching and until next time I’ll see you guys later hi everybody I am finally back with a new video I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve film for you guys I was condom last week with my sister or something really exciting that I will be sharing to guys and so soon like within the next two to three weeks tops so I can’t wait to share with you guys it’s been something I’ve been working on for the past nine months and I was just absolutely blown away at the times almost here you like to share with you guys because it’s something that I’ve wanted to do forever


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