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Grace VanderWaal Reaction – I Think it’s Gonna be Alright – Requested

Grace VanderWaal Reaction – I Think it’s Gonna be Alright – Requested

greetings everybody how you doing today welcome  to my channel here on youtube on a fine monday   morning 7 22 a.m in the morning up and out  of getting it done welcome to my reaction   channel if you’re new to the channel everything’s  a requested reaction so please leave some comments   links discord instagram twitter email gmail  comment section so i’ll pick it up hopefully   down the road we’ll get to check it out always  looking forward to new requests each and every day   and then we have days like every monday where  i get the rollouts and patreon requests great   support there on patreon thank you my friends for  subscribing to me there i appreciate that big time   we are rolling with another patreon request coming  in this morning from a man eric thank you eric for   the support and he’s a big grace vanderwaal fan  and he feels there needs to be more grace in my   channel so he gets in there and he takes care of  that and the way he knows how to take care of that   and i appreciate that nonetheless grace vanderwaal  quarantined wip track i think it’s going to be   all right i think this is an instagram video  or a periscope video i think eric mentioned   uh something that was a work in progress let me  see if i can pull that up um work in progress   she wrote this at 16 saying it on instagram  uh september last year from her dorm room   yeah so i’ve seen a couple of things from  her dorm room which has been outstanding so   that’s awesome she’s able to do that she’s got  the confidence just just to hit that play live   button that’s cool that’s outstanding i know how  how hard it is for me to hit that start recording   some mornings so it’s great she’s  able to do that mad respect for that   let’s roll let’s check it out let’s have a  listen i think that everything’s gonna be all right it makes me never want to speak well i guess you didn’t notice all throughout the   [ __ ] my smile was the last time  you’ve seen the child like this okay sneaking in that part i’m gonna back it  up cuz i like that saxophone i think about   the kick in outstanding i love the filters  you use it on the instagram filter here nice   scale back graphics really nice nice tone  just simple backtracking music to have   something to flow along with so wonderful  the lyrics are coming at you hard nice and   truthful just beautifully done just spurred a  moment probably so if i feel good right now let’s   fire up instagram live go live for a few minutes  make this happen i don’t know if that’s the   case or not but outstanding quality outstanding  ingenuity innovativeness is to get it done that’s cool love that but i’m thinking everything’s gonna be alright who’s he talking about anybody  know cause when i was crying maybe a close friend i wish you couldn’t hear me well she is 16 now so i got to remember  that because i’m thinking you know   the videos i’ve seen are 13 14 a little younger  you know and she’s saying some words she didn’t   say there so yeah it’s good man she’s feeling  she’s living life man telling truth that’s good   passion you know deep down inside man makes you  say what you want to say when you feel the need   to say it outstanding and to do it  in this format nice song like that   i’d love to know who she’s talking  about if you have any idea let’s go   oh that’s it okay well that was quick ended  look at that shot up there with the haircut   lots of great stuff coming up from this girl grace  vanderwaal once again eric coming in with a quick   peek on this quick video on this monday morning  my friend thank you appreciate that big time it’s   always a good time you’re grayson this is actually  probably the oldest i’ve seen her now 16 i think   so outstanding looking forward to seeing more  from her absolutely cannot wait always a good time   i love the raspiness of her vocal there i  just i love the feel of that it was just like   spur of the moment for me for her to get that dot  had something to say felt like saying that singing   it and she went and she nailed it outstanding  hey the girl can get it done whenever wherever   just let it happen my  friends hope you enjoyed that   i did hit that like button let’s thank eric  again for getting grace a little more active   in my channel i tried to get her in it’s  just i do so many reactions now it’s just   i got to keep it leveled out somehow and keep  that type separate from that type you know what   if you know what i mean but outstanding loved  it we’ll be back again monday maybe sooner we’ve got one planned each monday but we  have our next one so let me sneak that in   anytime soon you never know have a great day love  you all man thanks for the support hit that like   button if you enjoyed that grace attitude if not  let me know my friends stay happy stay healthy   most important right now you got to stay safe  until i see you all again soon it’s probably   going to be sooner than later have yourselves a  great day take care and i love you all peace out


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