Home Makeup Tutorials Half Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners | ABH Soft Glam Palette

Half Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners | ABH Soft Glam Palette

Half Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners | ABH Soft Glam Palette

hey guys so for today’s video I’m  doing a super in-depth video on how   I like to do my half cut creases  on myself in this video I go into   a lot of detail about brushes a  technique shadow placement picking   up shadow on your brushes all that  good stuff so if you’re a beginner   or new to eyeshadow this video is  perfect for you I think this half   cut crease technique is so so beautiful  it complements so many eye shapes and   so many face shapes I do have another  video on my channel that focuses more   on the center cut crease so that  halo eyed look so if you’d want   to see that video I’m gonna link that  down below for you and if you want to   learn exactly how I do this half cut  crease go ahead and keep on watching so I wanted to show you guys what my  face looks like when my eye and face is   completely relaxed so I’m just looking  straight ahead and this is what it looks   like my eyes are slightly hooded you can  still see part of my lid but you can’t   see my entire lid and I have just a lot  of extra skin right here so that’s when   my eye looks like completely relaxed  but naturally I tend to just lift my   eyebrows when I’m talking when I’m  filming I’m always looking my eyebrows   it’s just something I do so this is  with my eyebrow lifted this is just   how I talk and I know a lot of people  do this too so this is what my eyebrow   lifted and my face is like tight you  know so here’s lifted relaxed but I just   wanted to share that with you because  I know my eyes aren’t completely hooded   but they are slightly hooded we’re gonna  get right into this and I’m going to try   to be as detailed as possible and try  to explain everything that I’m doing   and why I’m doing it first off for my  brushes today I will be using my Sigma   favorites brush set that I created with  Sigma so my brush that has my 5 a go to   eye makeup brushes in it I totally  think that you can use this brush   set to create any eye shadow look and  especially a half cut crease which is   what we’re doing today so I already have  foundation on and my eyebrow is done   obviously and we’re going to prime the I  I personally alternate between something   like a Mac Paint Pot and a thick liquid  concealer you can really use either them   but today I’m gonna use concealer and  I like to use concealer because it does   help hide any veins and redness on your  lid so you can use a brush a finger a   sponge to blend this out and you want to  make sure you get this all the way into   your inner corner right in here and also  your outer corner out here I tend to   miss this area sometimes now I’m gonna  set my lid in place with the powder I   like to use a translucent powder this  is the RCM a no color one you can also   use something like a foundation powder  that matches your skin tone or even a   skin tone colored eyeshadow so I’m gonna  take my sigma e35 and just dip it in my   powder and you just want to set all  that concealer in place especially in   your crease so now my eyelid is set and  it’s ready for eyeshadow for my palette   today I’m using the honest on Xia soft  glam palette just because I know that a   lot of people on this one and I’m gonna  be sticking with neutral shades today   you can do a half-cup crease that’s  literally any color combo I do half   cut creases all the time on my channel  and you’ll see that I can use as so   many different colors to do a half cut  crease but today we’re gonna go easy and   go neutral so I’m gonna start with the  transition shade I’m gonna take orange   soda on the sigma e35 from my brush set  and I’m just gonna blend this back and   forth in my crease this is just going  to give you a nice little wash of color   and we’re gonna build this up so what  these shades I’m placing in my crease   I’m making sure to bring it all the way  into my inner crease right here and all   the way out here you don’t want to bring  this shade right underneath your brow   but you can see I’m pretty close  to my brow but I’m not touching it now I’m gonna switch to a deeper  shade and a more tapered brush so   this is a sigma e25 it has a little  bit of a tapered point at the top you   can see it’s a little bit flat and  less fluffy than that first brush   I used here are them together for  comparison so again this a 25 is   in my brush set but if you have  really really small eyelids and   need something even smaller I’d  recommend the Sigma E 27 so this   is the e 27 and it’s an even smaller  version of the e 25 so I’m going to   pick up the shade rustic on my e 25  so I swirled the tip of my brush in   the shadow then I’m going to tap off  the excess so you can see the shadow   is on the tip of my brush and we’re  gonna start to deepen up the crease so this brush is a little more precise  in the first one I use so it lets me   place the shade more directly in my  crease and again you want to make   sure you get the shade all the way into  your inner crease especially right here   because you want that to peak through  when we do the actual cut crease and   just to show you here is when my eye  looks like relaxed and I’m blending now   I’m going to take a little bit more  of that first orange soda shade and   I’m gonna blend right on top of that  rustic shade to help soften any edges all right so right now the colors of  my crease are pretty much done what   I’m going to do now is work on the outer  corner of my eye and then we’ll do the   cut crease so I picked up more of that  rustic shade and I’m using the side of   my e25 now you can see it’s not just the  tip it’s on the side and I’m gonna stamp   that on the outer corner of my eye  and connect it into my outer crease I’m doing about two to three layers   of the shadow out here to  get it as dark as I want now I’m gonna take a little bit  more of that orange soda shade   and I’m going to use that to lightly  blend right here in the center of my   lid where that dark brown is  meeting my blank lid so just   right here just because I want  this to be a little bit softer now at this point I like to go back  to my first fluffy brush my e35 and   I have no extra product on this brush  but I’m just gonna lightly blend over   everything okay now it’s time for the  part you’ve all been waiting for the   actual cut crease I’m sure you’ve seen  this technique before it’s nothing new   I’ve been doing it on myself for years  but I’m just showing you guys more in   depth on what I’m doing so I’m gonna use  my Tarte shaped tape concealer again you   just want to use any kind of liquid  concealer that’s a little bit thick   I’m going to show you some other ones  I’ve used for this technique covergirl   trublend urban decay stay naked makeup  revolution conceal and hydrate the   essenti Beauty concealer and the Too  Faced Born This Way concealer I’ve   used this one a lot on my channel pretty  much any concealer like that will work   perfectly for this i’d recommend not  using a pot concealer you want a liquid   now let’s talk brushes for a second  for my cut crease brush my favorite   is the sigma lo5 lip brush so this was  technically made for the lips but for me   it is perfect for cut creases because  it’s nice and small it’s so small and   flat and precise it just lets me get  right in here to make a nice line you   could use something a little bit bigger  like a typical concealer brush this is   the one that I use so here they are for  size comparison you can see this one’s a   little bit bigger I’ve seen some people  go even bigger than that and use a brush   like this this is a Sigma e 58 there’s  a little size comparison there you can   see it this a 58 is much larger than  the lo5 so for this technique I think   the smaller the brush the better so I  just place a little bit of concealer   on the back of my hand and I’m gonna dip  one side of my brush into that concealer   and what you want to do is kind of  look down and place some concealer   on the bottom part of your lid but  you do not want to get it on your   eyelashes okay so I have a good amount  of concealer on my lid and then I like   to look up and around and there we go  so where that concealer transferred to   is exactly where I want my cut crease  so I’m just taking whatever’s left on   my brush and I’m gonna start to kind  of connect the dots here and I like   to do pretty small motions for this  again smaller the brush the better I   recommend getting really really close to  a mirror for this step but I obviously   can’t because I’m filming this and you  just want to create a Halfmoon shape and I just like to move the concealer  around to get it exactly where I want   it I still didn’t pick up any  more concealer I’m just using   what was on my brush and I like to  go a little bit more than halfway it’s like right here would be  halfway back just go a little   bit farther and then I’m gonna wipe  off that brush on a little towel and   I’m gonna Pat along this line right  here you can also use your finger for   this step but again I like small  brushes so I can be more precise so you can see now I have this nice  cut crease a line right there so now   you can pretty much apply any shade you  want on top of that concealer I’m gonna   use a shimmer shade just because I  like how that looks you can put a   matte shade on top of the concealer  but I’d recommend setting your eye   first with some kind of translucent  powder or foundation powder first   because putting a matte eyeshadow on  top of a sticky concealer is gonna be   a big mess so I’m gonna use my same  brush that I was using in the shade   it glistening and I’m just gonna  apply that on top of the concealer   at this point you could switch to a  larger lid brush since like the hard   work is done but I already have this  brush out someone’s gonna keep using it but see how I just use the edge of this   brush just to nicely go  on top of that concealer now I’m gonna go back to my e25 with  no additional product on it and I’m   gonna blend right where that matte Brown  meets the shimmer just to soften this a   little bit and now I’m gonna switch  to a Sigma e30 pencil brush and I’m   gonna take a darker shade so I’m going  to take Cyprus umber right so I have   that shade on my brush like that and  I’m gonna Pat this on my very outer   corner to deepen it up even more and it  gives the eye more depth and dimension now this next step is optional but I  think it makes the cut crease pop even   more but this step can be a little bit  tricky and it takes some time getting   used to and getting it like perfect so  I’m gonna take the little cut crease   brush I used and just wiping it off  again making sure there’s no shadow   on it right now and I’m gonna take  more of that rustic shade right on   the tip of my brush I’m gonna show  you what I’m gonna do first I don’t   have it on my brush right now and I’m  gonna use this to outline at the top   of my cut crease so you can see some  of that Brown is peeking through but   going over it again is gonna make  it pop even more so I’m literally   dipping the tip into the shadow and  you don’t want too much product just   a little bit and I’m going to very  carefully outline the cut crease see how that just makes like the  slightest difference and just makes   it pop even more like I said it’s  optional but I think it looks good   now we’re pretty much done with the top  lid now let’s do the lower lash line for   the lower lash line and recommend using  small brushes like the Sigma e30 for the   longest time I was using fluffy brushes  like my e35 on my lower lash line and   it just gets all over the place it looks  messy so like this brush is too big for   my lower lash line it’s not precise at  all so I recommend using a pencil brush   like the e30 or you can go even smaller  and take the e21 smudge brush this is   also in my brush set but I’m gonna stick  with the e30 so I’m gonna take more of   that rustic shade and I’m gonna blend  that on my entire lower lash line and   I’m using the tip of the brush for this  which is exactly why you want a pencil   brush then I’m gonna take a little bit  of orange soda again and just use that   to lightly blend right underneath that  dark brown and then I’m gonna take the   darkest Brown that I used Cypress  number and I have this on the tip of   my brush and I’m gonna focus this on  the outer part of my lower lash line now I’m gonna do it one more step with  eyeshadow which is highlighting the eyes   so now I’m gonna switch to the e21 for  my brush set it’s just a nice little   small brush and I’m gonna take the shade  at tempera and I’m gonna go right in my   inner corner and I also like to go right  under my brow right here okay now I’m   gonna pop on just a basic thin black  line of eyeliner my current favorite   eyeliner is the house labs liquid one  and Punk so that’s how I’m gonna use you   could totally use like a pencil or gel  formula but this is the one that I like all right so there’s my thin line of  eyeliner I’m gonna go off camera and   pop on some mascara and lashes all  right I popped on some lashes I used   one of my current favorite styles  right now which is the makeup geek   Ava lashes I just think these lashes are  so beautiful and here’s the final look so you can see that now my eyelid looks  much bigger and I have much more space   to work with if I wanted to play with  like multiple colors on my lid or do   something fun and crazy I think this  is such a flattering look for so many   face shapes and so many eye shapes it  just looks beautiful doing a half cut   crease can be pretty tricky if it’s  your first time trying it but don’t   get frustrated if it’s not right on  the first try it took me years to   get this technique down honestly all  you got to do is keep practicing and   if you feel like it looks weird on  yourself maybe try bringing your cut   crease out farther maybe towards here  or even farther inwards you could also   try bringing the cut crease even higher  if you wanted honestly I probably could   have gone a little bit higher today  but this is totally fine I just want   to encourage you guys to try this  technique and don’t get frustrated   with yourself this is probably the  most in-depth tutorial I’ve done on   my channel in my whole life so I hope  you guys learn something new or helpful   as always I’m gonna link every single  product I use down below including the   brush set that I use and if you want  to check out any other Sigma brushes   or products you can use my code Angela  bright to save 10% in that code it does   not work on the brush set but the  brush set is already 20 percent off   the retail price if you were to buy  those five brushes individually so   either way you’re getting a good deal  so I hope you guys enjoy this video   thank you so much for watching and  don’t forget to Like and subscribe


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