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Half Harley Quinn Half Joker Halloween Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Half Harley Quinn Half Joker Halloween Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Harlequin and the Joker has been really popular characters this year and I decided instead of doing one or the other why not do both so I put together this hair of make up looks with both of them and here’s how I did it let’s start from the very beginning I went ahead put my hair up so I could just focus on the makeup I started out by applying the Joker’s tattoos I did the cheek forehead and hand these kind of look a little bit more faded in the movie so I did them first and then covered them a little bit with foundation later and then it’s time for the eyebrows I covered my eyebrow using a glue stick layer and once that was dry I added powder and then another glue stick layer and powder I did that several times until my eyebrow hairs were completely covered my biggest tip for this is take the glue out as far as you can away from the eyebrow so it’s harder to see where the crease is after the final layer I added some salmon concealer over my eyebrow to cancel out the darkness and after setting that I went over with a layer of the whiteout concealer to make sure this was as covered as possible and then it was time for foundation I took the lightest shade of the Kat Von D lock-it foundation and I mixed it with the locket concealer and whiteout I only did a little bit of the concealer I just wanted to white it out a little more and then I applied that all over my face to me Joker skin is light but it’s not completely white so I wanted to keep a little bit of a skin tone in there and as you’re doing this you obviously want to go over your ears and your neck if you accidentally end up putting too much foundation over your tattoos you can go back with a damp sponge and just dab over the area until you can see the tattoo again which I kind of had to do and then after all that is applied you can set it with some powder I made his eyebrows car with a light gray eyeshadow on an angled brush and then I did one on my forehead where the glue from the eyebrow covering met my forehead so you couldn’t see where that line was easily then I tried to make my jared leto cheekbones with a light gray eyeshadow I just went really high up in the hollow of my cheek to make it as high as possible and then I did that vertical line near my mouth which is a very like skill in a part of the makeup then you also want to outline the side of your jaw you want to make sure you’re going under so it’s not like a beard but you definitely want to help chisel your jaw out again so you can achieve the jared leto sculptured face look then i contoured the entire side of my nose to try to bring out some length in it and I also went into the bridge of my brow a little bit for the eyes I started with a reddish tone brown eye shadow through my crease and underneath the eyelid as well it makes a grungy a smokey eye of all time I took a really soft eyeliner and I lined my top lid and my bottom lid very thickly and then I grabbed the NYX eyelid gloss I put this on my top and bottom lid and this makes everything just really slider out so I grabbed a pencil brush and just like spread it around made as big of a mess as I could like you kind of like put on a bunch of eyeliner and then you were out partying for like three days in a row I have no idea what that’s like but I’m assuming this is what it would look like if you Tim I ended up adding another layer of eyeliner in there as well because it started to shear out a little bit as I blended but basically you get to just make a mess use your fingers use a pencil brush do whatever just smear it everywhere make it look crazy finally for the lips I used Kylie cosmetics lipstick in leo to underline my lips and make them look a little bit smaller I also ended up topping it with a lighter red lipstick just to kind of make it a touch brighter and that is the Joker’s makeup let’s move on to Harley Quinn for Harley I used the same Foundation and concealer but I used a lot more of the concealer in the mix so that the foundation was wider and more full coverage I thought that was really true to her makeup in the movie it also helps separate the two sides of the face then I set everything with the translucent powder and moved on to some contour I used a light gray powder to kind of contour my cheeks at their natural shallow point which is a little lower than the Joker’s and then from my nose I just outlined the top of the bridge and then around the nostril to give myself a little bit more of like a cute girly nose on this side I finished off the base by adding some hot pink blush to my cheeks and then I went on to her little marks that she has on her face I did her heart beauty mark and then I wrote rotten across the underside of the cheekbone and you do this in all caps and then I just put a dot on either side and once it’s done you add little kind of feet or caps to every straight and cornered edge and that gives you the typeface that she has and that is her little tattoo II thing then for her eyes I used a hot pink powder over the lid and into the crease and blended that out then I added it to the lower lash line and then I dragged it down the face a little bit on either side of the heart beauty mark and then I went in with a darker red or paint and blended that closer to my lash line but it still went a little bit up the lid and into the crease I also added that to the lower lid as well then I used a bit of gel liner to create a small wing on the upper lid and I lightly lined the outside of the lower lid and then I went over all of that with a black eye shadow and really smudged it out then I finished the eyes off with some mascara and false lashes on the top and then moved on to the brows but the brows I went just a little darker than I normally would on my brows and I made them look a little bit more arched than my brows and normally are finally I’m gonna create really full red lips using colourpop’s lipstick and bossy and then I’m going over that with a lip gloss she had kind of matte and glossy lips throughout the movie but I thought the glossy looks great and also helped me view that little smudge that she has kind of throughout the movie my very last step was to take half of her puddin necklace and glue it to myself using spirit gum it actually stayed really well this was from Party City and yeah it wasn’t a problem at all and that is the makeup done let’s move on to hair obviously I started by splitting my hair in half and putting Harley Quinn’s hair and a ponytail so it was out of the way then for Joker I just grabbed the top part of the hair and clipped it up this is kind of like the part where a guy would have longer hair and then for the part of a haircut where the guy would have shorter hair I pulled that back into a low ponytail to create more volume on top I grabbed the Garnier texture tease this is a texturizing hairspray so it helps to add volume but I also used it to help me tease a little bit so I could get even more volume in the hair then I just smooths everything over the top and backs you have this nice volume on top and I went ahead and held my place in the back with a bobby pins answer erupted the style to add the beyond the zone color bombs zone or green hairspray and I thought adding the green in now and then raking my fingers through it would make it look more realistic but I think you might not need to do this step you could just keep going on to the next step we will get to the green later so to finish this faux undercut I braided the hair that we swept back with the hair from the ponytail and I’m braiding all the way down and then securing it with an elastic then once it’s secured I’m actually going to fold it up quite a few times and bobby pin it in its little folded position then all you have to do is split the hair that’s over the ponytail open so that there’s a little hole in there and stick the braid up and through that break in the hairstyle and that way it’s gonna hide underneath all the other hair and it’s just gonna look like a faux undercut once you’ve got it there you can bobby pin it several times um and if the part where it’s supposed to be slicked back became loose go ahead and slick that back again and bobby pin it in place to really polish up the sides I use the Garnier pure clean finishing paste and I use it to serve really slicked back the side so it looks like I have very short hair there and then longer hair on tops like Joker did and then I really went in with that green hairspray it is so pigmented it’s really impressive but because it’s okay that’s it if you recreate this I would recommend waiting till the very end of everything to put the green on so it doesn’t end up transferring via your fingers to other part of your look and that’s it for the Joker now let’s finish off Harley Quinn’s hair after brushing my hair out I decided to go ahead and go in with my white hair spray this is the streaks and tips highlight spray and I see white from Sally’s Beauty and I just sprayed that all over the place and then put my hair up into a really high pigtail and then sprayed my root area again and sprayed my pigtail against make sure everything was as light as I could get it then I decided to make an ombre so I started with pink hairspray this is the beyond the zone color bombs and airhead pink which you can also get at Sally’s Beauty Supply I did this for the half of my ponytail like the bottom half and then I went in with the beyond the zone and ruthless red and I did that for like the last third or fourth of my pigtail so that you have this face from white to pink to red which just felt so Harley to me finally I didn’t have a red hair cuff so I decided to spray a small piece of my hair red and then wrap that around the base of my ponytail and pin it in place to kind of fake having the little red ponytail comes without both the Harlequin and Joker side of this look are done this was a really fun look to do and I think it’s a great creative take on a costume that a lot of people are gonna be wearing this year so I hope you guys enjoyed it be sure to subscribe for more hair and makeup tutorials for everyday and I’ll see you in my next video which is going up next Saturday I’ll see you then mwah


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