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Half Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial!

Half Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial!

hi guys so today’s video is going to be another Halloween makeup tutorial I wasn’t actually planning on doing any more and because I didn’t have any ideas and I was just going to do some kind of autumn makeup looks and which I’m still going to be doing but last night I was just kind of practicing for what I actually wanted to guys for Halloween and I posted a picture on Instagram and of I depended half of my face like a skull and a bunch of you really liked it and I just thought why not do a tutorial on it because it was fun and I know a lot of you will really like this look because it’s so cool so firstly I’m going to pop in some contact lenses I always put these in first because my eyes water afterwards and I don’t ruining the makeup and so I always should put them in before I start any makeup I am going to prepare ting this side as the skull so I’m going to put it like a white contact lens in this side I think and I was going to leave this side normal but I have these amazing kind of aqua blue contact lenses and I don’t know why now so I’m going to use them too I might just pop one in this side okay so as you can see I have applied my contact lenses the white ones I was going to use and they I don’t know something must be wrong with them like I put them in my eyes and they felt like they were really scratching my eyes so I have applied this kind of mesh lens to the side I’m going to paint the skull and I’ve applied this kind of aqua color one which is still quite natural so anyway now we can start on with the actual tutorial so the main thing that you’re going to need for your skull face painting is a white and a black face paint so all you want to do to start off with is pin half of your face white if you want to do this as a full face you can do just do what I’m doing on this side and replicate it onto the other one I’m just taking a flat foundation brush to put the main color on and then I have this sponge and which I’m going to use afterwards to kind of even everything out so I’ve just taken out that recontact lens because it was kind of irritating me and I didn’t need it in the important one is the one on the school side so I’m leaving kind of the main eye area clear because we’re going to be filling that in with black litter on anyway I just apply one layer let that dry and then go over and do another layer now take your black face paint and I’m taking this kind of thin it’s like a paintbrush and obviously you need to take some water and I’m just going to start with the nose so I can’t really explain what I’m doing if you just watch and try and replicate someone’s alarms going off so you just want to do kind of a black teardrop shape on your nose to start with and then very lightly so I’m just kind of going from my ear and just kind of drop under your cheekbone and then take it up slightly I’m really sorry I think my camera kept cutting out line but basically all I’ve done is kind of draw underneath my cheekbone and then go up a bit and you’re basically creating kind of an a socket for your teeth to fit up in top and then you’ve created this kind of bond here and then you’re just going to fill this part in so you want to make sure that your lips are covered in white facepaint I always forget to do that part and then take your black fin spoon kind of draw it in between your lips and then we’re going to start drawing a line up towards here while we’ve just drawn to create your teeth and then I’m going to start drawing the teeth so drawn a line down the center of there and I’m going to start drawing in the teeth now the top don’t have to be symmetrical to the bottom just kind of draw equal spaces and right the way up so then what you want to do is kind of start curving out these lines and it’s going to create the kind of shape as the tooth goes up into the roof of your gums or your cheeks or whatever and so either side of the lines you just draw and draw a curved line like and then you want to take the majority of the color off of your brush and start in between the teeth just start dragging color up and stop blending out and just do the same to the bottom and then when we drew the C shape before you just going to start coloring that in I’m fitting that in towards all the teeth and then take some off spen on a slightly larger brush but we’re going to start going around the eye and what you also want to do is take a black eyeliner and line your waterline on top waterline just so that everything in that eye area is black and there’s no flesh showing at all so now we have all the many shapes set out we just want to do a little bit of shading just to make it look a bit more 3d so I’m taking that small brush again and some more black face paint and lightly just sketching out and then taking a clean brush you just want to drag that down and blend it out so it looks a little bit mark a shadow and there you have your finished at half a school face and you can go ahead and do some makeup on this side just my everyday makeup and I will be right back so guys this is a complete finished look I think this is so cool I think it’s a really nice way to do a kind of skull face Halloween just half of the face and half side at your normal side if you do recreate this look then please tweet me Instagram me send me the picture in any way because I would love to see your recreations I always do I appreciate it so much when you guys recreate the looks I’ve done please like this video if you did like it it helps me out a lot if you haven’t already and thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you all in my next video bye


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