Hi guys, welcome back to my channel and we are  here, yet again for another Halloween makeup look. and I know that this year, we are probably  not gonna have a lot of Halloween parties or whatever. But I thought like it should still  be fun! You know something to look forward to   something to dress up to, so this year I decided  to go with something pretty safe, something that   everyone can do at home without having to go  out to buy costumes or anything.

My Halloween makeup look this year would be, transforming  myself into an ABG, which is an Asian Baby Girl. Basically, they’re characterized by cut-crease, thick nice juicy lips, arched brows.   Something a little bit more baddie, it’s more  of like a girlier version of an Insta baddie.

  Personally, that’s my take on it la. So I actually  did an ABG kind of look previously on my channel   but that one was really focusing more on like  glowy skin so I doused myself in highlighter.

This time, I decided not to do that something a little  bit more different, focusing more on the eyes, the entire outfit, the entire look and I even brought  some fake blood to make it Halloween-themed Hope this look turns out well.

I even got the outfit  ready and everything so let’s get started! Starting with primer, I’m using the Make Up For Ever Step one primer and I’m just priming my face   making sure it’s smooth and I’m using a glue stick.

Yes, I’m gluing my brows because I want them to   stick straight on so that I can conceal and then  be able to change up the shape. So, I see this very   commonly used in drag queens so I just decided to  try it out myself but it was really really tough   and I sent the whole room into a room of laughter  because they saw my face after that.

But yep, it’s   just a whole process of just like layering tons  of glue and then concealer, glue and concealer. After which, I took a sponge and piled on the  powder because I wanted to bake to make sure that   I had a super flawless canvas and also to make my  undereyes stand out more.

Then taking my Milani   soft and sultry palette, I really think that this  is a great eyeshadow palette for people looking   for an affordable drugstore alternative, and I’m  just covering up my brows.

Honestly, I just wanted   to make them a little bit more arched. Then, priming my  eyelids, so this step is very important especially   when you’re using very very strong eyeshadow  colours. It makes your eyeshadow just pop and I’m   just cutting my crease over here uh just taking  a small little brush and a matte brown shade.

Honestly, it’s really up to you, you can choose  the colours that you want but I realized that   most ABG’s always tend to stick with the browns or  like copper then to make sure that the crease is   cut a little bit more defined, I’m applying  concealer, the same concealer the NARS one   and then very gently blending it out using a  brush.

I’m also taking the eyeshadow all the   way to the bottom to balance my eyes out and make  sure that you kind of retain that cat eye look by   putting on some eyeliner. So I’m using EM Cosmetics  eyeliner and of course, not forgetting falsies.

Falsies are super important. I think it’s like very  necessary and once you put the top, you want to   balance it out with mascara at the bottom as well. So I’m just lining my lash band and making sure   that they’re not seen.

And next up, I’m applying  a little bit of glitter all across the eyelids, just to make them pop a little bit more. Next, taking my trusty old Fenty beauty matchstixs  for contour. I always bust this one out whenever  I’m going for that very chiselled, very western   very tanned kind of look.

This product is perfect  because it’s got a nice grip to it. You know   it’s not too shifty but at the same time it’s very  pigmented and it matches my skin tone very well. Then taking it and applying it on my lips as well  because I want to make fuller lips and this is a trick if you want your lips to a little bit fuller, you can shade it with contour and then it will look like it’s super pouty and super juicy.

Blush  time so I’m using orgasm X, this one has a little   bit of shimmer and it has a very nice nudish colour. I’m using this shade because I don’t want to take   too much attention away from the eyes and the lips.

Top it off with some lip gloss and you are set! Alright, this is the makeup look done  and I’m gonna put on some fake blood, accessorize myself a little bit more and  apply some fake tattoos. Okay, so i got some   fake tattoos.

Err… I don’t know where should  I put it? Like here? Can I just put here? Here? All right, I’ve got some fake black  from Daiso. This was two bucks, so worth a shot. I’m just gonna go like, like here maybe, like three fingers.

Look like someone scratched me you know. All right guys! This is the end of the look. I tried my best with the blood but I hope you   guys are having a great Halloween and  I’ll see you guys in my next one! Bye ~


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