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Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial – BIRDS OF PREY

Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial – BIRDS OF PREY

The joker and I broke up I want a fresh start! Well, hello daddy’s little monsters, I’m Harley Frickin Quinn and I’m so excited to be doing this makeup tutoria!l I’ve been wanting to do a Harley Quinn look for so long and I just had to take the opportunity now with the new Birds of Prey movie coming out and I hope you enjoy it! So I’m going to start off with the skin and before foundation I’m gonna apply the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched face bace which is just amazing because it makes everything so smooth it’s like a moisturizer and primer in one So Harley Quinn has really pale skin so I’m going to use the palest foundation I have which is the NOTE mattifying extreme wear foundation in pale almond if you don’t naturally have pale skin I would really recommend that you use a high coverage foundation because otherwise your natural skin tone might show through in certain areas and then it’s just gonna look blotchy and horrible so I’m just gonna use this oval brush because it’s become my all-time favorite now because it just goes on so smoothly and really even Also make some in your neck as well so you don’t have big difference in color The concealer I’m using is the NOTE full coverage concealer in ivory So I’m going to do my eyes before I use powder and I always like to do this because when you apply the foundation it’s slightly wet so if you do powder it straight away it’s just going to soak into the skin and make it look more cakey whereas when it’s already dry you just powder lightly over the top I’m starting off with Bobbi Brown in ‘grey’ which is like a slightly.

.. it’s not grey grey it’s kind of like brown gray and I’m gonna use that as the transition color She has a bit of silver on her eyelid so I’m gonna use this kind of light silver color by Mac but I covered up the back so I can’t remember the name of it And I’m gonna make my eyes a little bit smoky and I’m gonna use this Bobbi Brown in ‘steel’ I really love this color you don’t have to blend it too much because her whole vibe is kind of quite messy so if it doesn’t look perfect that’s kind of good Blend it a bit though I’m using a black eye pencil all the way into the corner of the eyes Make sure you get into the root of the lashes I’m gonna use the other side, it has like a smudge thing I’m gonna smudge it I’m smudging it up and out I mean you can always glam it up by using false eyelashes but it doesn’t look like she used false eyelashes in the actual movie so I’m going to be true to the movie and not use eyelashes I’m gonna use the better than sex mascara by two-faced and now I’m just gonna go in with some light powder And for my contouring I’m going to be using the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder in medium and I’m just going to use my powder brush just to blend it a bit Harley Quinns eyebrows are quite dark and thick so I’m going to be using this eyebrow pencil by NOTE in brown it’s like a brown but it’s got a bit of a grayish color to it So now I’m going to do the face tattoos and an easier option for this is to order tattoos online they have quite a few websites that sell them, the exact ones that she wears but I’m gonna draw them on with gel eyeliner and one thing that you might want to take into consideration is that when you look in the mirror everything is going to be mirrored so you have to kind of write it backwards so I just have this tattoo that I’ve copied that I found online you just Google ‘Rotten Harley Quinn’ and then it just shows up and then I’m gonna use that as a guide for when I’m writing just to make that I write it correctly so it’s on this side and then I’m gonna try to copy it as well as I can If you have a friend nearby then that would probably be good because it’s kind of difficult to draw on yourself on the side of your face but you can give it a go I certainly will This isn’t going very well okay so the first time went crap so here we go again Here you go, it’s not completely perfect but I think it’s good enough and now I’m gonna draw her famous heart But you come to a Harley Quinn look without her signature red lips! So I’m going to be using this lip liner that is almost finished because it’s one of my favorites! It’s Bobbi Brown lip liner in sangria So this is me trying to sharpen this pencil! I think it’s time to get a new one Right at the end I’m going to apply some liquid lipstick This is by Kat Von D and it’s called ‘outlaw’ and I’m not applying it all the way out to the corners because I wanted it to be a bit of an ombre effect Then just to blend them a bit together I’m just gonna go over with the darker lip liner at the edges So this is the finished look! Have you ever done a complete makeover to make a fresh start when a relationship ended? Let me know in the comments! Make sure you give this video a thumbs up and press the subscribe button to see all my future videos See you next time!


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