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Heidi N Closet’s 70s Makeover Challenge Look | Makeup Tutorial | RuPaul’s Drag Race

Heidi N Closet’s 70s Makeover Challenge Look | Makeup Tutorial | RuPaul’s Drag Race

– Hi, guys, it’s me, Heidi N Closet, from “Rupaul’s Drag Race,” season 12. Today, I will be recreating my ’70s glam runway look from the makeover challenge, it’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s so simple to do and fast, and I’m so happy to do it for you.

So watch me go from this, to this! (bell dinging) (upbeat techno music) The first thing I like to do is my brows. Now, this is a little trick that my grandmother taught me, it’s very old-school, it’s uh, uh, and then we’re done.

I’m joking, I’m joking, actually, we’re gonna go in with my glue stick, really get up in there. And then you want to have a nice little metal comb, metal comb, get up in there, get all the excess gunk out of there.

Get out of my Christian household. Okay, and then I like to take a makeup wipe and get all that excess off. Let’s get blown. (hair dryer whirring) I do about four to five coats of this. I am from Ramseur, North Carolina, I just call it the sewer, it’s a place where we’re outnumbered by the wildlife, like chickens and cows, there’s really nothing out there to do, the closest drag scene is probably about 35 minutes away, so.

A nice little country town, though, if you want to sit on the front porch and… Sit on the front porch. (hair dryer whirring) Next we’re going to use some, I guess it’s color corrector, to block out all the color, because no one wants to look like Willam, girl.

(laughing) Oh, my God, she’s going to kill me. Now I’m gonna take my old trusty makeup sponge, and gonna just. You know, can’t just leave that all caked up on my face and stuff, you gotta blend her out.

(upbeat music) Foundation time, I like to in with a highlight first, and this is called a T-zone. Now, if you’re watching for a professional makeup tutorial, you’ve come to the wrong place, I’m no professional.

People ask me how I do my makeup, I say I put it on, pray, and just hope for the best. Then I’m gon’ blend that out, with the same sponge, just different end, so we don’t get the colors everywhere. I use two different color highlights, this one goes over my brow, ’cause it’s a little more full coverage, it just has that extra thickness that I desire.

Ooh, all kinds of wrong. Blend her out. Now I’m going to use a contour color down here, around the forehead, and try and marry all the colors together. You wanna look semi-human by the time you’re done.

(relaxed upbeat music) Put it on my neck. Blend her out. I do take it onto my ear a little bit, that is one of my biggest pet peeves, is when I see someone’s face all beautiful and stuff, and then their ear is 10 shades lighter.

It breaks up my fantasy, and I want to be entranced. Gon’ do a little (grunts) for you. You liked that, didn’t you? Bring it down, bring it on down. Now that I look like my colors aren’t blended together, then you blend it.

That’s the sound. (cheek clicking) (chuckles) What’s wrong with me? See the difference? Semi-blended, how I looked on the show. That’s one thing I will never be caught for again, not having blended, I just refuse, I will not go back.

I was wonderin’ where Heidi was at, but she’s coming out of retirement now, look at that. I am highlighting my chin a little bit. My chin doesn’t have a shape, it’s just kind of there. A lot of my outfits have collars or stuff that comes up by my neck, and I like to set it with this translucent powder, so it doesn’t get on everything.

These lights are lovely, oh my God. I can see all my pores and bad decisions over the years, wow. What is? (laughs) It’s time to move on to my favorite part, the powders. We’re gonna use my old trusty sponge.

She’s on her last leg, she’s been through some things. She was around on one of the great wars. She still gets the job done, and I’m too poor to buy new sponges. So we gonna use this one till the wheels fall off.

I’m using banana powder, that’s just the name of the color, banana. Because I like my potassium on my face. Ooh, that came out wrong, too. Oh, God, oh, my grandma’s gonna see this. (laughs) The powder is so strong, the smell is, it reminds me of home, because my grandmother wears the same powder.

Now I’m ’bout to contour this, I’m ’bout to give my face some shape, ’cause I made everything real flat, real flat. And I have my trusty handy-dandy piece of cardboard, it’s probably got more makeup on it than I do.

(laughs) It’s a really good guideline to help you with everything, and gettin’ all your angles and lines straight. Miranda is a handy-dandy trusty piece of cardboard that I have had for over a year and a half now, she’s a loyal friend, so I have not thrown her away.

She’s still the same piece of cardboard she was a year and a half ago, she just wears a little more makeup. She stays painted, mainly because if I wash her or use a makeup wipe on her, she’ll collapse.

We don’t tell her that, because she’s a good woman. Isn’t that right, Miranda? And then we gonna chisel this forehead down. Now that it looks like I haven’t accomplished anything with that brown powder, we’re gonna use a darker brown powder to really set it in.

This is a different brush, ’cause I like to change brushes in between stages. Ooh, she could cut glass, honey, unh, she’s cut. I use this darker color, I don’t bring it all the way down here, like I did the other brown, I leave it around the edges.

So it really like gradiates, radiates, gradiates? It’s like, it’s a gradient of color going from lightest to dark. I have a more boxy jawline than Heidi does, so you want to take it right here by this ear, just blend it on down, ’cause we gonna create a shadow as if that’s not actually your jawline, that’s just how small your head is, that’s what we’re giving.

I’m sure some of y’all are probably starting to notice that one side of my face is slightly different. Symmetry is hard. But, if you’re that close to see that my face is uneven, you probably owe me some money.

We’re gonna go in with another powder in here, to really define the difference in color from this to this to this. Gonna just go up in there underneath that contour. I also like to hit up right around here, and then I like to hit it up with just a little bit of blush.

I only use a little bit of it, because I don’t wanna look like a clown, anymore. Get up in here with it. I don’t know what about my skin it is, it just eats color. So this won’t be this bright by the time I’m finished.

And now that that’s done, it’s time to move on to eyes. (upbeat music) I’m going to go in here and get all that extra makeup off, because we want a good clean slate for this. We’re gonna go ahead with a primer.

Blend it off. So when I do my eye, I like to go in, usually with two colors, one light, then one dark. Then I go with a black as well, to deepen it up some more, and then I just try to marry the colors together.

So for the darker color, I like to use it on the inside, and then on the outside, like underneath, I use it on the outside. Now that that’s done, I’m gonna go with a touch of black. Mysterious, yes. Now that I’ve put all this stuff up in here, we gonna go in and clean all this up.

So we’re gonna use that same primer that I used earlier. Get in there. But you don’t need a lot, you don’t need a lot. I’m ’bout to go up in here with a huge black wing and cover up a lot of this, too.

So really, this part is for me to clean up mostly this right here. Get in there. This actually reminds me of the time when I was playing in makeup at my house, and my grandmother caught me. I lied and said it was for a play at school, and she believed me.

And then she wanted to become involved with the play, and I was like, no no no no no no no no no no, but then she started tellin’ me how I shoulda done my makeup, ’cause she’s one of those women that wears makeup every Sunday to church.

She basically taught me how to paint like a old church lady, and it all makes sense now, doesn’t it, yeah. Thanks, grandma, for teaching me how to do my makeup. Life stories with Heidi N Closet, you’re welcome.

This is the point when I go and eat something. (laughs) No one likes a hungry Heidi. She’s a monster when she is hungry. Now we’re gonna go in with my second favorite part, which is the liner. I use a lovely traditional black cat wing that a lot of drag queens and even people who aren’t drag queens use.

(relaxed R&B music) And then I go in here, to the center, and I start the line, and then I just pray that I can connect the two. Oh my God, did they just connect? They did, oh my God. Now you just gotta fill it in.

Mysterious, something else. Then I go under the eye, because you can’t just not. Using the little stick thing that I use for my liner, sometimes you may have missed some of where it should go, and you can just go over top of it, and the powder will conceal it.

I like to go in with a white eyeliner, to clean up this edge, and I go here and put a little bit, too. And then the last thing I’m gonna do to this eye is I’m ’bout to set this powder with white, now, because I want the contrast between the colors and the lid itself to be drastic.

So much cleaner, you like that, don’t you? (driving upbeat music) We’re gonna go in on my face again, we’re gonna hit it with a different color powder this time, it’s a pink powder that I like to put on the highest points of my face.

That’s right, now, we’re building on to brows. I like to start it down here, basically go through where my natural brow is, and then end up laying on top of where the tail of my brow is. It’s decent shape.

She’s about to touch up these brows to make them even. Now you’re gonna wanna hit those brows with some powder, so they will sit and not melt off during your night out on the town, honey, ’cause no one wants to just go like, oh, where’d my brow go? I have this trusty little highlighter schtick, and it’s basically white, and this is how I highlight my nose.

Now, those same browns that we used earlier for contour, I use right here. Up to where my eyebrow and my eyeshadow. Blend it out little bit on my nose, blend out just a little bit on my nose. And then we go back in with the darker brown.

Oh, you see how she’s startin’ to get pinched? I’ll just blend out the edges just ever so slightly. Make sure you use a clean finger, ’cause you’re about to go in that highlight, and just dab a, so it still has some width to it.

So we take that pink powder that I was using here, here, and here, and now apply up here. Now we have a lip to do. I use my lovely, lovely, lovely like, burgundy lip liner, I almost use this for almost every lip that’s red-based, or even purple-based.

Being that I have such luscious natural lips, I just line what I naturally have. Ooh, y’all can’t take that on. Time for a red lip to go right over top of ‘er. Paint up to the liner. Burgundy lip liner, and I like to smudge it in around the edges, just a little bit, just to give some dimension to my lip.

It almost gives you a pouting moment, like you’re mmm. There’s the lip, all right. We’re ’bout done. Now that the lip’s done, we’re gonna blend off all these powders. And we’re even gonna hit these now, ’cause she’s been sittin’ long enough, honey.

Also, I have this trademark little, I like to give myself a little mole. Right there, I use liquid eyeliner to put it on, I also use a marker. Anything that’s black, really, I just put it on my face. That came out wrong, (laughs) God.

We’ll just hit up a little bit more blush, just a slight dusting just to reapply. And now, it’s time for some shimmer highlight. We’re gonna hit this, these cheeks. Oh, there she is. Oh, hello, hello, gorgeous.

And I also like to hit that chin, just a little bit, not a lot. Because we’re not tryin’ to draw attention there, but it’s still one of the high points of your face, so you kinda wanna try and keep it with the rest of your face, honestly.

‘Cause I’m also gonna put it on the bow of my lip a little bit, just a smidgen. And then I’m also gonna put it on up here, just a smidgen, not a lot, gotta be careful with this, ’cause she can get dangerous real fast.

And also, along the bridge of my nose, just ever so lightly. All right, and now, I think, lashes. Like to keep my lashes in a little box, so I can keep up with ’em. (laughing) You know, I like to use the same lash 30 times before I throw it away, ’cause I’m poor.

I like to use a big lash on top, of course, and then I like to use little itty bitty, they’re not individuals, but like little sectioned-off ones that are like, pre-cut already. I just use some glue. I call it wave ballin’, I don’t know if that’s the technical name for it or not, but.

I am takin’ a brush, any random brush will do, you’re gonna put it on the back of your lash, where it’s gonna be adhering to your face, and do a light coating. Be careful not to get it too close to your eye, because the fumes will get in your eye and bother your eye, and we’ve come too far to have a watery eye at this moment, thank you very much.

Oh, is it on? Oh, I think that’s on. And now we’re gonna go in and put on the bottom lashes, one by one. Plop it up in there. Now you wanna hit ’em with a quick coat of mascara. And the final step for my makeup is, take a bath.

And when I say take a bath, I mean sprayin’ your face with some settin’ spray (spray bottle spritzing) (exhaling) You’re gonna look real wet, and that’s fine. And just fan it and let it dry. Now that the mug is done, I’m a gonna throw on this look, and I’ll be right back.

Ow, here she is, this is my makeover look from “Rupaul’s Drag Race,” season 12. I love this look so much, ’cause it’s sparkly, it’s glamorous, it’s the ’70s, and it gives you all that you need and more.

I hope you enjoyed watching me beat this mug into submission. I hope to see you all on the road! (smooches) (whistling) Out!


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