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well hello everyone welcome back to my channel so this video is a little bit it’s different and it’s not i was just for some reason really inspired to do a video kind of like a throwback makeup tutorial in the way that i used to do so much that i kind of like lost lost the fire for for a long time um just teaching makeup in my videos i think a lot of people have said that you know i instruct well on my makeup tutorials um and that people learn a lot um when they watch my videos so i just kind of wanted to go back to basics and like do that again so this look i in this video i’ll be walking you through a to z how to achieve it and also giving you tips for um makeup application just like i said back to how i used to do makeup tutorials really making it about the the instruction the learning i actually have fun playing with makeup again like i lost that for a long time but i really enjoyed this so i hope you guys do too keep watching to see how i achieve this look since this is a darker eye look i’m gonna start with the eyes first wipe and then move on to the face for my eyes i’ve used this before and i really love it because there’s so many colors in it and it’s very affordable it’s by wet and wild it’s got all these pretty colors in here it’s got a good balance of neutral and colorful actually so you can do a lot of different looks with this normally i would put my concealer over my lids as a primer but today i’m actually using this trio from vanity makeup cosmetics this would be my concealer that i’m going to use later so i’m actually going to use this to prime my lids just with my finger giving it a nice smooth canvas for that eyeshadow to go on i don’t know why my lighting is like snap crackle popping right now so if you hear noises that’s my light this is nice and creamy when you’re blending it out and then it dries down so first up of course is going to be my transition shades and i think i want to use i think i’m going to start with this one actually it’s kind of a lighter neutral but i can build over with darker ones and this i’m going to build into my brow bone and blend it into my crease as well very light shade we’re just getting started so that’s a nice light shade to begin with i’m going to build over this i’m going to keep that same brush actually this blending brush and you know what why don’t we go into this right here um this sort of brick tone it’s still matte anytime you’re building transition shades make sure you’re always using matte colors if you use a shimmer the lighting is gonna kind of play with the lights and darks of the shimmer so it’s not gonna look like a smooth canvas it’s gonna look like there’s too much variation in it so something matte is always ideal you see how lightly i’m just going in and kind of distributing that shade just very lightly with the very tip of the brush and even the way i’m holding the brush see i’m not a makeup artist but i’ve always painted my whole life and the way i paint like this is the same way i paint on my face like i hold the brush the same way just very light that’s where the pinky comes from guys all these years we’ve been making fun of the pinky it’s for a purpose it just like makes everything light you don’t want to be like holding onto a brush like this you want everything to be super light so that is a good base to start with i just put the lighter shade closer to my brow bone but still blended it into the crease and then went in with a slightly deeper transition shade a transition shade is going to be any range of a medium neutral color it could be more warm it could be more ashy it could be more cool actually what i’m going to do is i’m going to go into the lid and nothing’s going to look blended for a minute but instead of working from the crease in i’m going to start at the lid and then blend my way out so i can do this with my finger i think so i’m going to take that olive shade and i’m going to just press that into my lid from inner corner to outer corner and just blend into the crease as much as you can blend with a finger so if you want to know how far to go up with this just look directly into the mirror and see where your eyelid naturally creases and that’s sort of where you want to stop and that that’s where you can blend with the other colors in your crease so this is where i’m going to stop let’s just clean that off my fingers so we’re going back to a brush this is the smith 235 one of my favorites especially for a smoky look but let’s deepen this a little bit and go into this brown dark brown matte here and when you’re loading up your brush again try to keep everything really concentrated at the closer to the tip of the brush because that’s really you’re not gonna you know use the entire length of the brush on your lid so just try to keep it at the very tip so this again we’re just going to add right here to this outer edge and outer corner and then start to blend it with the crease and if it starts to mute the green too much toward the center no worries because shimmer shades are just like that you can layer over anything and it will be like the prominent shade just again concentrating right at that outer edge and then sweeping inward i kind of dump the color right here first you see it kind of dot it on first and then start to sweep inward that way you’re concentrating most of the color exactly when you want where you want it and then the rest you can just blend and then you just don’t want to go past your initial transition color you can go back with that first brush and just blend and you know eyeshadow isn’t all about just blending um it’s also about placement placement is just as important so when you see me doing this this little dotting motion i’m placing the color anywhere that it looks like it’s like needed any spot that looks bare or doesn’t match the other side you’re just doing this by kind of just dotting it on i do want to go back to that first blending brush and grab a little more of that brick shade because i think it actually looks really nice with the green and use that to blend into the inner part of the crease just kind of gives that warmth all right that looks good to me now i’m going to go back in with my finger grab more of that olive shimmer and then go back and just you see that just reinforces that shade since i’ve added darker colors it kind of brings back that pop of green and shimmers blend much more easily than mattes do so that’s a little advantage so that shimmer green you really want to focus mostly at the center of your lid exactly where it lines up with your iris because when like i said when you’re out and the light naturally hits your face that highest point of your eyelid is gonna catch that light and it’s gonna bring a lot of like dimension to that green so again just adding to the center and then blending out with that darker shade i’m kind of covering whatever is left here so i think i’m actually happy with this simple clean green smoky so i’m going to wipe off everything that fell on my face and move on to the base so for the base as i mentioned this is going to be a hi-lo look i would say if you’re going to spend money on one thing in your makeup routine if you’re going to splurge on one thing i would say it should be foundation foundation is harder to nail and i think the more development that goes into a foundation uh the usually the the better it turns out so i find that the more luxury brands do a better job um the tom fords the hourglasses the um you know pat mcgrath charlotte tilbury um ysl you know they do a really really good job of nailing foundation so to start my base i’m going to use a primer and you know i don’t use a primer unless i absolutely love it this is by dominique cosmetics you guys know kristin dominique she did a collab with jade marie jdwady180 on instagram she’s an aesthetician so it was like the perfect collab to do a primer and a face mist this primer is so wonderful the consistency is beautiful like it’s just so first of all that cucumber comes through immediately but just the way it feels on my skin is just so it’s like my skin is drinking it’s like drinking a glass of water it just has such a nice slip and i feel like it’s just really hydrating my skin so i love this primer just light weight too it just feels you know sometimes primers feel like this like like a layer of nylon sitting on your skin i don’t like that i like it to feel like just it’s hydrating my base and it’s ready for like a dewy finish so for my foundation i’m using the tom ford traceless perfecting foundation this is one of my favorites they actually just came out with a newer one which i love but i think it’s a bit light for me right now so i’m going to use this one the color i’m using is sable i’m using a tom ford brush as well to apply so i’m just going to stick a little bit stipple into my skin this is one of my favorite foundations it just has such a nice wear it feels lightweight it covers extremely well anything that’s lightweight but is going to provide good coverage while still looking like skin is an a plus for me i went hiking and i got a little red in the chest didn’t realize that was going to happen i hardly ever get red but for some reason my chest area is extremely white so i didn’t think to um spf there so a little uh a little flushed there so see as much as i’m like applying this it doesn’t really look like i have foundation on it’s just such a good formula but i feel like it kind of like works with skin to give it that coverage but to really still maintain the integrity of the look of skin and another thing i’ve just seen on it’s like a trendy thing on instagram but when people do oh it’s trying to sneak away again when people do um full face routines and it’s like they’ll take a brush let me see where’s my flat brush they’ll take a brush and they’ll do like paint on a bunch of foundation one you’re wasting product and two it’s just not necessary you don’t need that much to achieve a nice result that’s why i go back a couple of times i only like pump like a little bit each time and if you’re stippling it into your skin it’s kind of just like melting in and spreading out on its own it doesn’t need to be this mask that you put on unless that’s what you like but if you want to key if you want to want to save a product and also just keep it looking more just fresh and natural do it that way just little by little stipple it into your skin and if you need more go back and get more i’m going to move into contour actually next and we’re going to use that flat brush i showed you um again this is from vanity makeup cosmetics uh this is their sculpting glow palette in the medium trio so you’ve got your your contour your conceal and also your highlight so i’m gonna take that contour lord does i need it right now i’m just gonna give myself a little a lot actually a lot of definition here just a bit there with these 22 pounds i just i’m really struggling lately with um just mostly this area so i’m going to try to define that a little bit more i’m taking that same brush because it already has foundation on it so it’s going to blend really nicely and i’m going to use that to blend this out now when you’re blending contour blend down and up do not blend i’m sorry down as in like along the hollow but don’t go down toward your jawline if anything go up and lift and then blend that out and i only put a bit here because my face is wider so i try to narrow it out a little bit all throughout not a ton of contour for me on my forehead because it’s i don’t have a big forehead so again on this side we’re going into the hollow and up my hair just really has a mind of its own you cannot tame this mane all right so we got a little more definition which is what i needed now i’m taking a smaller flat brush a synthetic brush and i’m going to dip into this concealer shade right here in the center and we’re just going to really highlight and conceal this center part of my face so i’m actually just going to use this brush to blend out to make this as precise as i can so see for a full coverage look like this a product like this really does a nice job of creating that defined sort of airbrushed looking center of your face it looks really pretty in pictures obviously it’s a heavier look but actually you know it doesn’t feel or look heavy on my skin i’m looking at it obviously in person you can’t really tell on camera but it doesn’t really look heavy you just get that impact because it is such an opaque concealer this chair makes my back hurt so bad obviously if you have issues of like darkness under your eyes um before you go into a step like this um you can do something like a coral or a salmon peachy shade depending on your complexion under your eyes first to neutralize that darkness and then you can go in with a lighter shade just putting this light of a shade over darkness is going to get you like a gray kind of ashy look so you definitely want to neutralize first and then lighten up so i’m actually going to take this brush again and i don’t feel like it’s completely blended the concealer and the the contour right now so there’s nothing left on this brush but if i just dab this on the edge of the concealer you see it’s just going to blend it out a little bit better leftover product on your brush is your friend you can use it for so many different things i’ve even taken leftover and when i say leftover it’s just really just residual products left on the brush i’ve taken it and like blended out my eyeshadow edge so you can use it for a lot of things so i’m going to take this by persona cosmetics it is our super blush in georgia really gorgeous color it’s like a nice soft peach i’m gonna take this brush favorite but one of my favorite brushes of all time this is the smashbox buildable blush i think it’s called it rubbed off but i’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called so i’m just gonna use this to just dab on a little bit of blush see i took the product and i used it for both cheeks i’m not gonna go back and grab more blush because i want it to just be really soft and i also want to maintain the the concealer the that brightness of the concealer so before i highlight i am going to go in and obviously set that cream concealer i’m going to use the cover fx perfect setting powder this is i would say probably my probably my favorite um setting powder it’s really good it’s talc free it’s never failed me so i’m just gonna use this brush or this sponge here and just go into these center parts under my eye and then down the sides of my nose just to make sure i don’t get greasy because it is a cream product all right now we’re ready for a little bit of highlight the last step in this palette is this right here but i’m just going to dab that on to the high points of my cheek here and then kind of just continue on in a c formation along my temples it’s really subtle you could go extra with this it’s definitely buildable but i’m gonna keep it pretty subtle so nice all right so final step for the face i’m gonna use the mist so this is the same collection as the primer from dominique cosmetics so i’m just going to give my face a spritz it’s a super super fine mist so let’s go ahead and finish up the eyes hit that bottom lash line and then add anything else that it needs so i’m going to go back to my palette here so i’m going to take a smudge brush here and i’m going to start with that transition shade that we put in the crease i’m gonna go right here into my bottom lash line as my kind of like my starter color my base maybe i just leave it like that kind of like that reddish tone with the green it looks kind of cool so one thing you don’t want to do with your bottom lash line which i see a lot and i’ve had makeup artists do it on me sometimes and i’m just like horrified is i don’t know where they teach this because it’s so opposite of the look you want to get but putting darkness at the outer corner here if you put darkness out here what’s that going to do what illusion is that going to create it’s going to make your eye look like it’s turned downward we don’t want that we want it to look like it’s being pulled up and kind of like you know snatched so if you want to achieve a look like that take a dark brown mat and put that in the inner corner here so if you’ve got darkness in here it’s going to drag down the inner corner and if you’ve got darkness up here it’s going to drag up that outer corner so you have this opposite pull in the directions you actually want if you put that darkness here it’s just going to drag your eye down so don’t do that just put a little bit of that darkness right here and then kind of just blend it out you don’t want to just plop it on there not blend just blend it out towards the end so i’m going to take a tiny brush a little smudge brush so we’ll grab that one there i’m going to take that and just pop it into this inner part just for a little extra little extra something and i don’t want this to go up too high so i just added a little something just to the inner corner for a little extra jazz now i brought an eyeliner because i thought i was gonna do some like mega smoked out liner action but i’m actually not going to because this on its own is just so pretty i don’t want to mess with it i think once you put liner sometimes it becomes overpowering i like to pick either is it going to be a liner focused look or is it going to be a shadow focused look this is a shadow focus look so i’m going to take a liner and use it in the inner rim of my lash line and my waterline this is one of the best affordable liners you’ll find it’s by pixie it’s their endless silky eye pen um in black they have it in brown they have a couple in a couple colors it’s just a really it rivals any luxury eyeliner super soft glides on it’s blendable stays on so i’m gonna try not to poke myself in the eye i’m just kind of nudging this into the inner part of my lash line okay so i got it in all the way from inner corner to outer corner moving on to mascara mascara you can use anything mascara is the kind of thing where you can find a bomb drugstore mascara a lot of my favorites are high-end but i also have a lot of favorites that are in the drugstore category um this is more high-end this is legendary lashes by charlotte tilbury but in the splurge category mascara not so much and no falsies with this look because you guys know how i feel about a really pretty eyeshadow look and blocking the view with some chunky lashes so for my brows i have something high-end and something affordable so this is by rimmel i think it’s an okay product um the only thing is you really have to it’s called their brow pro micro it’s a pen that actually works really nicely it creates like these real hair looking strokes which is exactly what you want out of a product like this but if you don’t hold it in a certain position it starts to run out of the product and it’s not that user friendly so i have to finesse a little bit and then this is by hourglass one of my favorite brow gels it’s their arch brow gel pretty excellent product i’m actually going to start with the brow gel which is not typical but i kind of want to like put the brows in place and then see where where i want to fill in a little bit if at all so get those brows to stand up nice and tall especially with the look like this you want them to look fluffy okay so i’m going to take the pen and just lightly fill in a couple of spots that’s better and finally moving on to lips this is also going to be high low well sorry not high low medium range and low i’m going to use a kkw liner and a lipstick but then i have a wet and wild gloss that’s really pretty so i’m going to leave it up to you if you like it more matte or more glossy so the lip liner i’m using is the 2.

5 nude they did a really good job with these lip products like a really pretty range of nudes like every nude you can possibly want it’s not really lining lining i’m more contouring so now going in with the lipstick this is their 3.

5 nude blend that in with the uh the liner so you can keep this matte with uh just like a basic nude like this this kind of like matches the transition shade in the eyes or you can go into a nude gloss this is by wet n wild and it’s a it’s called send nudes i’m just going to layer over i actually prefer this i think it lightened it up just a little bit and just the gloss i think goes really well with the eye look and that does it for this look i know a lot has changed on youtube and things are pretty different but this is kind of nice to kind of go back to to my roots i hope you guys enjoyed this look please let me know what you think in the comments and i will see you in my next video


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