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hitsuji • makeup tutorial | NYX Face Awards Türkiye Entry 2018 (english cc subs)

hitsuji • makeup tutorial | NYX Face Awards Türkiye Entry 2018 (english cc subs)

Hello everyone, it’s Anzu! For today’s makeup, I only used red, pink and white. I was inspired by sheep for this makeup. I found this headpiece at home and was like, “yes!” With the inspiration I got from it, I created this makeup.

I hope you will enjoy it. Then, let’s begin. I’m using a toner to prepare my face for the makeup. To get a seamless look in the end, I am using a makeup base. To have a base to work with for the face paint, I am using a white jumbo eye pencil and use it on the wider areas of my face.

Then I will blend it with a brush. On the base I prepared, I’ll apply the white face paint and blend with the same brush. To lock the paint better on the places that are easy to smudge or get wrinkly, I’ll use a white powder.

I’m getting a pink shadow and apply it on the inner down part of my brows, I’m countouring the nose as I blend the color outwards. I will keep blending the shadow downwards so I can achieve the innocent, shy look.

I’m applying the jumbo eyepencil on my brows and blend it with a sponge. For the errors, I will brush my brows with a white mascara. Now, I’m working my way up with the pink eyeshadow, even using it on the brows.

And as I go out, I will blend the eyeshadow down and down. I’m applying the same eyeshadow on the bottom part of my eye as well, and blend them together. I’m shading the inner corners with a darker pink.

This will give the sadly raised eyebrows look- even without eyebrows! If there are any rough patches on the eyeshadow on the outer part, I will soften it with a white eyeshadow. Now I’m getting a light pink to use on my eyelids and blend it with the rest of the eye makeup.

I’m blending the top inner part way more up. I’m going back to the pink shadow and I’m using it on my nose, But only the bottom part of my nose, because I’m trying to imitate a small, cute nose of an animal.

I’m also using darker shades to blend all together. For the eyeliner, I’m doing a regular wing, slightly downwards, And on the bottom part, I’m drawing it slightly inside. I’m applying the white eyeliner on my bottom lashes as well, It will connect with the eyeliner visually, and give the impression that the eye is wider.

I’m applying on the top of my lashes as well. Now that I’m bff with the jumbo eye pencil, I’m highlighting the inner corners of my eye as well. I’m using a liquid blush and blend it with a brush. Using a red lipstick only on the top lip, I’m blending it out with a brush.

Next step, I’m stealing food from the SHAMELESS ppl that are eating in front of me. They should have eaten it somewhere else. I’m concealing my bottom lip’s outer corners with a white facepaint. With the same pink eyeshadow, I’m coloring my bottom lip- only in the middle.

I’m using the same pink to draw a line to connect the lips with my nose. Using a red liquid lipstick, I’m putting small dots on the inner, top of the eyeshadow and blend it again. It will help to shade it.

With the same lipstick, I’m drawing small dots on my eyebrows. Staying in the blush only, I’m drawing some white freckles. I’m lining inside the pink eyeshadow on the top of my lip, then I do the white freckles on the tip of my nose.

I’m drawing smaller dots on the red dots. I wasn’t happy with the shadings I did on the bottom part of the eye, so I added some more red to it. For more natural and random freckles, I’m using my finger to spray the white eyeliner on my face.

I’ll add more detail on the red eyeshadow as well. I’m shading the lip by using a darker lipstick and blend it. I’m getting some colour from the lipstick I used before with an eyeliner brush, and I’ll be drawing more freckles, but only on the white part of the makeup.

As the last step, I’ll highlight my nose and chin. Like this, the makeup is done, I hope you liked it, and that you saw that it’s easy to do actually, So if you try it out, please show it to me on Instagram! Because I love seeing them! Then, I’ll see you in my next video!


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